Sussexes Visit Field of Remembrance

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the 91st Field of Remembrance outside Westminster Abbey this morning.

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While the Duke predictably wore military uniform with cap, the Duchess wore a new percher hat. In deep midnight blue velvet felt, the hat’s teardrop base, which curves down around the face, is punctuated with a knotted bow. The hat is completed with a an overlaid birdcage veil in large honeycomb weave, dotted with crystals.

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The design hits just the right note of subdued solemnity at an event such as this. The colour is particularly brilliant, its deep hue a fittingly somber alternative to black that looks lovely on Meghan and will equally suit future, less sober engagements (how great would this hat be on Christmas Day?). It’s such an expertly balanced design and I admire how the veil adds texture and the faintest hint of sparkle around Meghan’s face.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. It is OC-630 from AW 2019. Coat from Sentaler. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of this new hat today at Westminster Abbey?

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26 thoughts on “Sussexes Visit Field of Remembrance

  1. Glad to see Meghan back in fantastic form! I love everything about this (color, design, hair) and while I haven’t always been a fan of how Treacy has done veiling on hats like this, Meghan manages to pull it off so well. My only very, very minor complaint is I wonder what it would look like if the hat was pushed back slightly so it was just above her eyebrow instead of covering part of it.

  2. This is a very attractive hat, and it really suits her, but I personally find it a bit “light” for the occasion. Perhaps if her hair were up, or the ensemble were somewhat more tailored? In my opinion remembrance events warrant a something a bit more somber.

  3. Hello there,
    I absolutely adore the style and colour of this hat.
    I am, however, confused about the description „velvet felt“ – because the two are contradictory. Neither describes a material (velvet could be cotton or silk typically, felt will often be wool) but both describe a type of fabric. In velvet, fibres are sticking upright in a very orderly manner while in felt all fibres will be tangled and mashed up into a uniform mass of sorts. The two really don‘t go together. From the sheen in the photos my guess would be velvet, since felt is often more dull in appearance, but that‘s just a guess.

  4. the hat is nice but she would have looked much better with her hair pulled back, maybe in a chignon such as Catherine rocks.

  5. Love the color, shape, veil and crystals. The blue velvet is dynamite against her black tresses. Perfect choice of color and style for this occasion. I look forward to seeing her wear it again (and again and again hopefully!).
    I agree with Hat Queen that it would be perfect for Christmas Day, especially with a luxurious blue velvet coat (swoon).
    I have a feeling this hat will be a strong contender for best new hat for 2009.

  6. What everyone else has said, really. Lovely hat, beautiful colour, will look forward to seeing it again. The top half of the coat is nice, but I very much dislike the narrow belt and the way the bottom half of the coat doesn’t close. And is the hat worn just a touch too far forward (it’s slicing the end off one of her eyebrows)? A tailored coat in matching blue velvet, now there’s a thought!

  7. Love it! Agreed with everyone about the velvet, subtly sparkling veil, and twist. This is one of her best hats yet. HatQueen has a great idea about repeating this one for Christmas.

  8. I love this hat, my favourite now!. The colour is perfect, this particular shade of blue does not get lost against the darkness of the Duchess’s hair. Veil is subtle enough with the scattered sparkles.

  9. I thought this hat was absolutely perfect for the occasion, and though any dark hat is going to be a little lost against dark hair, the veil added just enough extra depth to keep that from happening,and the blue velvet had a wonderful hue in the outdoor lighting. It will be interesting to see what this hat might look like with her hair up or back, if she ever wears it that way in the future, but I thought that for this occasion, it was wonderful with hair down. Agree that this is the best of her small hats to date.

  10. Enjoy the entire outfit and the Colour is perfect. Agree with others , I would like to see it with her hair pulled gently back. I think the hat would show even better than.
    Side note: I just purchased some Prince Harry and Meagan tea. I will think of her in this outfit when I have the first cup.
    Midnight blue for this solemn ceremony was a good choice.

  11. This is a gorgeous hat. The colour and the ceiling do it for me, that veil just really lifts it and makes it such a beautiful piece with a whimsical edge. A look that has a bit of edge, but is still very appropriate.

  12. This is a really lovely colour, isn’t it?Or at least it is in this lovely velvet which interplays with the light. I like the hat very much, although I look forward to seeing it with Meghan’s hair up or partially up, as I think the hat would be worn to better advantage like that. But a really excellent addition to her hat wardrobe.

  13. She looks lovely. TLo thought it was too small, but I think it’s the perfect size, and her gorgeous waves balance out the bulky coat (which I would like in my closet, please and thank you). She’s experimented with hats and doesn’t always look comfortable in them, but this is firmly in her wheelhouse while being just eye-catching enough and perfectly setting-appropriate. Well done.

  14. I really love this hat! The beautiful depth of colour of the blue velvet with sparkly lace is stunning. Although not so very different from the small hats she has worn before, this is by far the best yet!

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