This Week’s Extras

Early last month, Princess Hisako and Princess Tsuguko took in events for the 74th National Sports Festival in a pair of pale hats. Princess Hisako also kicked this week off at the National Dietary Improvement Conference in Miyazaki in a very interesting hat with black brim and patterned burgundy silk crown and leaves at the side

Lady Kitty Spencer attended the Melbourne Cup Monday in a dark blue stemmed beret percher with leaf studded veil by Awon Golding and on Tuesday in a soaring brimmed black Stephen Jones creation.
Queen Sonja welcomed Slovenian president on a state visit on Wednesday in a powder blue and grey felt hat with cutouts across the front. At first glance, I thought it was a repeat but it’s new- and surprisingly close in appearance to its predecessor. 


Embed from Getty Images

Also on Wednesday, Empress Masako arrived at the Imperial Royal Palace (to rehearse the upcoming Daijosai ceremony) on Wednesday in her almond silk covered bumper hat. On Thursday, Princess Akiko wore a grey hat with interesting upfolded brim on a visit to Fujinomiya to open the 7th World Tea Festival. 

Queen Margrethe opened an exhibition on Germany yesterday at the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen. She repeated her deep purple felt hat with sidesweeping brim and side bow.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Fantastic fuchsia textured straw pillbox with oversize, flying pink bow by Australian milliner Irene Moore
London-based Irish milliner Philip Treacy’s lavender velvet felt trilby with silk hatband and fringed bow
Black straw hat with beautiful bias folded brim and feather trim by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Graphic royal blue cutout origami halo bandeau by Australian milliner Lauren Ritchie
Black felt percher with crin ruffle and black and white feathers by British brand Hostie Hats
Whimsical lilac straw pillbox with statement silk allium flower trim by Australian milliner Victoria Henderson
Angular purple felt hat with the most fantastic folded ribbon hatband by Spanish milliner Eugenia Jimenez
From Australian brand Jack and Jill Millinery, a cheeky yellow straw brimmed cap with horse bit trim
Simple black felt cloche made special with added applique floral vines. Made by US milliner Jennifer Hoertz
Red felt button percher with impressively sculpted trim by British brand Gillys Millinery
Shell-shaped percher hat in striped tan and pink silk abaca with feather by Spain-based milliner Donna Hartley
Incredible gold bandeau headpiece with ombre stacked feather plume by Australian milliner Wendy Scully

And from Australian milliner Jo Peterson, this black disc edged in pink crin with amazing string art trim.

15 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Princess Akiko’s hat is probably the grey hat she wore to the SDF award ceremony in 2015.

    Glad we finally got to see the upfolded brim:

  2. Hisako’s two hats and Akiko’s upturned wide-brimmed cloche all win this roundup for me. Nevertheless, the only hat I actually had issues with was Kitty Spencer’s beret cocktail hat, which looked a bit comically oversized for my taste; scale it down a bit, and it would be perfect.

    Thanks HatQueen for the great weekend extras like always! Looking forward to the coverage of Remembrance Sunday.

  3. While Hisako’s burgundy is my favorite of the Japanese hats this week, cheers to Akiko for her fun design. Sonja’s new blue is an improvement over its predecessor, which did indeed have a “Vulcan” look, as HatQueen said.

    The shot of Lady Kitty in the blue beret made me wonder whether we’ve seen royals wearing hats with strapless dresses? Probably not, since strapless tends to be evening only for royals. Can anyone think of an exception?

  4. Lady Kitty looks stunning, first time I have been able to see what she was wearing. The hat is marvellous. She wears it beautifully. Love her outfit. She is a beautiful woman

  5. Always glad to see your inspired choices, Shanon. The lavender trilby would be gorgeous for Mathilde. Since Charlene so rarely wears hats, how about the Myra van de Korbut for Max? If she is going to ignore my many suggestions to patronize our Wies, she could at least support another Dutch milliner,

    • I would love to see Queen Maxima wear our beloved Wies, along with other wonderful Dutch milliners. She would look dynamite in the Myra van de Korbut. I just thought it was a very chic style the Monegasque Royals tend to favor.
      I originally liked the lavender trilby for the Duchess of Sussex, as I think lavender would look amazing on her, but she usually favors the navy and black hats.

  6. Lady Kitty Spencer’s Stephen Jones hat is wonderful, reminding me of the wings of an Australian “flying fox” (nectar-sipping fruit bat) in flight. There is a colony of these adorable, amazing creatures not far from my home in Sydney. I would definitely wear this hat! but with a black-and-white ensemble.Embed from Getty Images
    Princess Akiko in her jaunty “slouch” hat brings a big smile to my face. The slouch hat in Australia is a national icon, having long been army dress uniform – I’ve got a photo of my dad wearing his during his service days — so I can’t help loving an upturned side brim.
    Queen Margrethe’s purple hat is looking just as stylish as ever. However I do wish the Queen had worn light-coloured jewellery – earrings, necklace and brooch – as she did in her earlier wearings of this ensemble. Queen Elizabeth always wears pearls and contrasting brooches, and the white accents soften her strong monochrome outfits, which could otherwise look too stark next to her white hair, light skin and blue eyes. Queen Margrethe’s complexion seems paler than HM’s, so accents from white jewellery near her face (her pearl-tipped hat pins look great! would have a lovely effect.
    HQ, your hat picks are great, as always.(The hat you picked by Victoria Henderson( 6th down in your list) won 2nd place in Australia’s Millinery Award competition, see it in the video below). I’ve been overdosing on beautiful hats locally, enjoying watching the news of 5 days of fashion competition at the annual Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. I found the millinery comp really fascinating, so I hope this link to it will play for those of you not in Australia, as it’s on a local TV channel: . The commentary is uninformed, but you will see and hear Australian milliner Lisa Tan, one of the judges; and of course, you’ll see world-class millinery, impeccably modelled and presented. No wearer issues with dodgy placement, messy hair or incompatible outfits and accessories at this level! It was fun to note the newest hat trends, and to pick my favourites and then compare my picks to the judge’s final choices. Just to give you a taste, here’s my favourite hat, The “Sia” which placed third. Jaw dropping!
    Scrolling down on the same site, many more beautiful hats can be seen in the ->Melb Cup Day, ->Derby Day, ->Oaks Day competition playlists, where the entrants are judged on their outfit as a whole. If you don’t want to watch the videos of the heats and preliminaries, just select the “Final” for each day:and there are other comps as well, which I’m still working my way through… :).

    • Great comments mcncln! I love the Victoria Henderson hat. It is so whimsical. Sadly, I am unable to view the video in North America, but thanks for adding a link to yet another wonderful Australian milliner for me to peruse on a snowy Sunday. Stunning, fun designs!

      • Thanks from me, too, mcncln! The Stephen Jones is a major hat, but Lady Kitty wears it well. How fun to have a major hat event to follow!

  7. My prize for best royal hat goes to that beautiful burgundy creation worn by Princess Hisako.

    Also loved that amazing pink and black saucer! Thank goodness for racing events that allow milliners to give full rein to their creativity!

  8. Queen Margrethe looked stunning in that colour. Love this type of hat, the little bow, its gorgeous. Queen Sonja looked very striking in her outfit. The coat and matching hat looked divine. The combined colours I would never have put together, brown boots and blue coat, but it works beautifully. Love her hat, she looked so elegant.

  9. Beautiful construction on Princess Hisako’s patterned burgundy silk crown with leaves at the side. I think it’s a really clever way the scarf is added for contrast. Really quite beautiful!

    Lady Kitty looks stunning in the Stephen Jones creation. The beret percher is beautiful as well, and she wears such vastly different styles so so well.

    Queen Sonja looks lovely. Her jacket and matching hat are beautiful and the color is great on her.

    Bravo Princess Akiko! Great flair on her hat and she wears it so well! The color is great. She looks fabulous!

    Queen Margrethe looks amazing in that color. Love the hat so much!

    The photo of CP Mary and Prince Christian is so sweet. What a wonderful young man he is! Lots of affection there, which is lovely to see.

    – I love the lavender velvet felt trilby by Philip Treacy. Such a stunning color. Queen Mathilde? I’m trying to go outside my normal trilby suggestions of Autumn Phillips or Zara Tindall. I think Queen Mathilde would look dynamite in that color.
    – I think Princess Charlene would look so chic in the black straw hat by Myra van de Korput.
    – Very interesting royal blue cutout origami halo bandeau by Lauren Ritchie. CP Mette-Marit? (I know she’s not wearing many hats due to her neck issues, but maybe a bandeau would work?)
    – I could see Princess Beatrice in the black felt percher with crin ruffle and black and white feathers by Hostie Hats.
    – I love the rich red felt button percher by Gillys Millinery. Princess Eugenie?
    – I could see the Countess of Wessex in Jo Peterson’s black disc edged in pink crin with amazing string art trim. Perfect for Ascot!

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