This Week’s Extras

Last Friday, November 8, Princess Beatrix attended a Science Symposium in Leiden in a layered straw hat in shades of blue. On Friday, she commemorated 30 years of children’s rights at the Peace Palace in The Hague in a vibrant green hat. 
Last Saturday, Princess Yoko and Princess Akiko donned eerily similar hats. For the kendo competition at the 68th National Youth Convention, Princess Yoko wore a short-brimmed ivory hat with tall crown and wide melon-hued silk hatband . To opene a national health festival in Princess Akiko  an ivory hat with wider kettle brim and soft peach silk hatband.

The Duchess of Cambridge in a black headband studded with sparkling beads from Zara last Saturday evening at the annual Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall
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Another outing for Queen Margrethe’s royal blue beanie hat with black patent leather cuff brim on Wednesday to present “The Queen’s Clock” military award. This hat’s staying power amazes me.
Princess Beatrice supported her cousin, the Duke of Cambridge at a gala for the charity Centre Point in London Wednesday night in an embellished bandeau.
Princess Hisako in a tweed suit and hat with lace trim Wednesday to open an interior design show in Tokyo.
Queen Silvia met with Pope Benedict at the Vatican on Friday in an exquisite black lace edged veil.
Brace yourselves- there’s a lot of new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Black felt hat with wide brim, silk hatband and beautiful red silk poppies by British milliner Tracey Hillel
Love how this neutral taupe felt hat is elevated by lovely pleated silk trim. By Spanish milliner Eugenia Jiménez
Wonderful orange and fuchsia sinamay percher backed with flowers by UK milliner Inna Walker
Winter white felt beret with fantastic jewel tone, swirling pheasant feathers by British brand Layla Leigh Millinery
Striped felt bandeau headpiece with scarlet ombre velvet chrysanthemum by Italian milliner Giulia Mio
Fantastically unexpected lines on this royal blue felt hat with folded ribbon hatband by Czech milliner Jolanta Kotabova
Magnificent interwoven pinwheel headpiece by Australian milliner Angie Jackman
Periwinkle blue felt stylised trilby with modern felt flower by Czech milliner Jolanta Kotabova
Perfectly proportioned ivory felt beret with a little sparkle from Scottish milliner Maggie Mowbray
Australian milliner Jill Humphries takes bandeau headpieces to a whole other level with this pink straw & crin design 
For our dear gents, two perfect fedoras in darker and lighter blue by Danish brand Hornskov København
Winter white felt folded cloche from New Zealand milliner Anel Heyman
Adore this take on a bucket hat- perfect shade of red with a woven crown. From US milliner Genevieve Rose
Aqua crystal encrusted percher with curling dyed feathers by British milliner Victoria Grant
Fantasy halo headpiece of flying jeweled butterflies and lace& leather covered saucer by Irish milliner Deb Fanning
Fabulous Dior brimmed hat in stripes of sequins by Australian milliner
And two show stoppers from from Australian milliners- from Amanda Smith, an amazing hand embroidered pentaptych (5 panel) headpiece and from Erin Bridget, a fabulous Dior brimmed design with stripes of sequins and

Empress Masako sparkled regally last Sunday in a parade through Tokyo from the Imperial Palace to their residence in the Akasaka Estate to mark the recent enthronement.
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Congratulations to Flora Ogilvy, who announced her engagement Wednesday to Swedish-born Timothy Vesterberg.
Sweet snap of Prince Carl Philip with Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel, shared on Swedish Father’s Day
Congratulations to Ayako and Kei Moriya, who welcomed a baby boy this morning. He is a first grandchild for Princess Hisako.
I’m curious- how many of you have carved out time today to dig into the third season of The Crown?!

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14 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Again, a query about Camilla’s hat. Is this one going into the blue or purple inventory? To me the hat looks blue and the fluff purple.
    Embed from Getty Images

    Camilla’s hats are certainly keeping us guessing.

    • Hi Maja, what an interesting question. Velvet is notoriously difficult to photograph well, since the sections of the pile which are in shadow reflect almost no light– they soak up light like a black hole, making the velvet look overall a lot darker than it really is.
      When looking for a true representation of colour in a photo, shots taken in full natural filtered daylight (not too sunny or glary- the conditions shown in the pic below are ideal) tend to be the most accurate. The other thing to look for is other people in the shot, particularly their skin colour. If we see that the skin colour of not one, but several people in the shot is redder, or more orange, or more pale or bleached, than you would expect to see in real life, then that indicates that all the colours in the pic will be skewed and inaccurate in the same way.
      In the pic below, the skin of the bystanders faces looks realistic to me. Prince Charles’ face looks ruddy, but that is his natural complexion which always photographs as pinker than other people’s. Luckily there are many different colours in this photo for comparison, including a number of blues, which are handy to compare to Camilla’s ensemble. Camilla’s outfit looks very different from these blues, so I would guess that her outfit is indeed purple. The purple of the velvet of the hat may not be perfectly matched to the purple of the feathers, however. It is not easy to colour match 2 different materials when one is fairly translucent (feathers) and the other is velvet, which is much less so.
      Embed from Getty Images

  2. We need to see Beatrix’s jade hat more often! It’s such a beautiful color for her and a great design, although I am less enamored with her pom shawl.

    I’ll join the group saying the poppy portrait hat would be great for one of the royals to wear for Remembrance Sunday sometime. I think the first fedora from Jolanta Kotabova with the wider brim would be an unexpected and great hat for Meghan to wear. That Amanda Smith pentaptych headpiece is an amazing piece of art and would love to see that at Ascot, although I suspect no royal would be bold enough to wear it unfortunately.

    Both the Emperor & Empress looked fantastic in their Western-style regalia. And congratulations to the Moriya’s on the birth of their child; I’m certain Hisako will be an awesome grandmother.

    Finally, I haven’t gotten to The Crown yet, but you know I will this week.

  3. It’s fun to see Princess Beatrix and her Suzanne Moulijn creations out and about.

    Cheers to Baby Moriya! Princess Hisako seems as though she’ll be an adoring grandmother.

    So many inventive designs this week. The pentaptych — wow! The embroidery looks exquisite. Fascinating to see the sequined stripes on the Dior shape.

    Count me in on The Crown. I’ll be watching for the Investiture hat and what I assume will be a lot of turbans. Based on the glimpse in the trailer, it looks as they didn’t get the shape of the 25 Bells quite right, did they?

    • Too right mittenmary, the 25 Bells reproduction is sooo unlike the real thing. Like a lot of the costumes and jewellery in The Crown. No matter, it’s a treat to see the genuine buildings up close and inside – Clarence House, the Palace, Balmoral, Windsor Castle etc – immersing myself in those iconic locations for an hour’s episode is so satisfying!

  4. I will be watching The Crown today!! Very excited!

    Incredible look and stunning jewels worn by Empress Masako.

    – how lovely would it have been had the Countess of Wessex worn the black felt hat with wide brim, and beautiful red silk poppies by Tracey Hillel for Remembrance Sunday services. Beautiful, poignant hat.
    – I would love to see Queen Maxima in the orange and fuchsia sinamay percher backed with flowers by Inna Walker
    – I would love to see one of the British Royal ladies wear the winter white felt beret with fantastic jewel tone, swirling pheasant feathers by Layla Leigh Millinery on Christmas Day. I think the Duchess of Cambridge, Autumn Phillips, Princes Eugenie, Countess of Wessex or Countess Snowden would look amazing in this beauty.
    – Love the colors on the blue felt hats by Jolanta Kotabova. Maybe Princess Elisabeth of Belgium and Queen Mathilde?
    – Prince Daniel would look great in the darker fedora by Hornskov København. Prince Carl Phillip for the lighter shade?
    – Oh wow! What a stunning winter white felt folded cloche from Anel Heyman. CP Mette-Marit would look incredible in this for the Nobel Ceremony.
    – I’m all for the bling on the aqua crystal encrusted percher with curling dyed feathers by Victoria Grant. I’d love to see Autumn Phillips whip this out for Christmas Day church service. So fun!

    • Shanon, I agree about the poppy hat — it was MADE for the Countess of Wessex! Maybe she’ll buy it for next year. I picked the Layla Leigh white beret for the Countess of Sussex since she likes this shape, but it would be splendid for any of the royals you suggested. And how about Jolanta Kotabova’s periwinkle trilby to replace Queen Margrethe’s beanie?

  5. The two show stoppers from the Australian milliners are marvellous. Lovely photo of Flora and her fiancé, she looks radiant, congratulations.

  6. To answer your question, I’d already watched three episodes of The Crown by 10:00 am today, but now it’s time for a break. More later! Joanne

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