Fête Nationale Monégasque 2019

Members of Monaco’s royal family gathered today to celebrate their country’s national holiday.

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Princess Charlene was in winter white from head to toe, topping her trouser and coat ensemble with a tall-crowned felt fedora. An ivory silk hatband gives a slight bit of contrast to the beautifully executed design.The hat tops a very sleek, modern-minimal look for Charlene- a look that stood out amidst the darker, winter-hued ensembles worn by other family members.

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I like the hat simply because it’s unexpected- its classic shape and pared-down aesthetic is consistent with Charlene’s millinery style while it’s excellent placement, angled slightly on her head, give it an air of mystery and effortlessness that makes it impossible to classify as boring. I’m less certain about the this hat with this ensemble- the trouser and fedora combination feels a bit business-y (although who’s to say that’s not perfectly appropriate here?) and the absence of colour makes the overall look bit cold and stark. While today’s all white (with Princess Gabriella’s all-red ensemble) seems to have been a nod to the two colours of Monaco’s flag, I’d love to see this look again with the coat swapped for one in pale blue or millennial pink, just to see if a bit of colour contrast elevates it.

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Designer: Akris, made by Milan millinery house Gallia e Peter. Clothing by Akris
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Gabriella made her millinery debut today, looking very sweet in a cherry red unstructured felt beret. While placement of the beret wasn’t optimal (and she eventually dropped it off the balcony!), Gabriella has many years ahead to perfect such things. The reflection of Monaco’s national flag through Charlene and Gabriella’s white and red outfits was a thoughtfully patriotic touch.

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Designer: Akris, made by Milan millinery house Gallia e Peter. Coat by Akris, dress by Dior.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Prince Jacques was dressed in a miniature uniform of the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince (Prince’s Company of Riflemen), the infantry branch tasked with protecting the Royal Palace. The winter dress uniform includes a blue cloth helmet with red and white dress plumes.

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What do you think of this first trio of hats today in Monaco?

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12 thoughts on “Fête Nationale Monégasque 2019

  1. The first photo I saw of Charlene from this event was on the balcony when she wasn’t wearing a hat, and I was worried she didn’t don one at all! I’m glad I was wrong and to see her looking so chic in this fedora and outfit. All that said, I do think wearing all-white (including gloves) washed Charlene out unfortunately as she is paler and blonde.

    The twins looked great in their respective national outfits, although I do wish Gabriella’s beret had been styled a bit more and not just sitting flat on her head (and then she likely wouldn’t have lost it either!).

  2. I have always loved Charlene’s minimalist monochrome aesthetic, and her hat is perhaps the most perfect fedora I have ever seen.
    That said, this outfit has a proportion problem. In portrait-style pics the Princess looks fabulous, but the full length photos show a straight-line coat with virtually no waist or hip details, which is too long for her. The issue is compounded by the long wide-leg pants, which extend and continue the bland unbroken column of this silhouette. If the coat hem were shortened considerably, then the pants would become an interesting feature — as would the coat, if it were belted, or there were flapped pockets. There would be interesting lines and shape throughout the outfit, to complement and balance the power of the lines and shape so beautifully generated at the top of the ensemble by the hat.
    Though I agree with Jake that Caroline’s robin-egg blue coat would also look wonderful on Charlene!

    • I quite agree about both the hat and the coat. Fantastic fedora, wrong cut for the coat. I wonder if it is made from some sort of jersey-like fabric, it doesn’t seem to fall like wool cloth. Anyway, it lacks a waist.
      Charlene looks very chic and cool but not very happy, almost as if she wants to keep a certain distance.
      The children are adorable and seem to be enjoying themselves a great deal.

  3. I agree, HatQueen, that the overall impression is chic, but cold. Imagine this with Caroline’s robin’s egg blue — wow! The other problem is that it looks as though Charlene is trying to hide. While some hats may obscure or shadow royal faces at some angles, this one is quite extreme,

    Since I can’t decide which of the twins is most adorable, I think we need to have to call two winners — one in uniform and one civilian! Excellent start to their hat-wearing appearances.

  4. Princess Charlene always looks so chic. I love the white fedora. It looks so chic with her hairstyle. The first photo in the 3rd slideshow, where she’s looking slightly down looks right out of a high fashion magazine. I love the coat and I love the entire outfit. Her minimalist style is so perfect for her.

    Oh, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques are too adorable! I read an article in where Prince Albert said that Prince Jacques would be wearing a military hat and was so excited, but Princess Gabriella’s new traditional outfit wouldn’t be finished.She looked so sweet her red beret. Both wonderful looks and so fun to see all the kids on the balcony!

  5. I agree with you, HatQueen – Princess Charlene’s hat is minimalist chic, but the correspondingly minimalist chic of the rest of her outfit leaves one with the feeling that there’s no “there” there.

  6. I don’t ever recall Princess Charlene looking anything but perfectly elegant. It’s all perfect— the hat, the coat, all that white. She never looks like she is trying too hard. I can’t get over the cut of that wonderful coat!

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