Monday Multiples: Queen Elizabeth

Thanks to Jimbo for providing the introduction and background research for this “Monday Multiples” series.

Jimbo’s Introduction: Queen Elizabeth wore this green coat with a coarsely woven straw hat in Sacramento, California in March of 1983. A few days later she wore it with a fantastic multi-colored hat, the feathers matching the dress worn under the coat.  She repeated the second hat for Christmas later that year and for a visit to Canada in September of 1984.  Both hats had veils on them, and both were very nice!

Look #1: Textured loden green straw hat with short brim, veil and ribbon hatband tied in a front bow, worn March 4, 1983 during a visit to California

 Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: Printed felt Breton with rolled brim, veil and side feather spray worn for the Commonwealth Day and Christmas Day services in 1983 and on the September 1984 Canadian tour

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Which hat do you prefer most with this ensemble?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

17 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Queen Elizabeth

  1. That multicolored hat is phenomenal. I love it so much, I remember seeing it when we were looking for feathered hats this summer. Also that green coat is one of the prettiest coats I think I’ve ever seen. I wonder if it’s still around somewhere? It would look great coming back out again!

  2. I think the multi-colored feathered hat is phenomenal! And looking at the Sacramento pictures, that particular cast of characters thinks that the straw hat is fantastic! Different strokes for different folks! HM was visiting the assumed origin of the great Gold Rush of 1848, Sutter’s Mill in California. (“Dere’s gold in dem dere hills!”) I searched high and low, and have found no other showing of either hat, other than the documented events by HQ. Mcncln, help us!

    • Haha, Jimbo, normally I’d have a shot, but I’m flat out this week.
      I might perhaps be influenced by my view that this coat has no redeeming features whatsoever, in fact I’m hoping that HM never wore this t-squared costume-y item on any other occasions! Not to mention the colour scheme of both ensembles which is too warm and doesn’t flatter HM’s colouring, making her complexion look dull when it’s anything but; and though, like others, I have a soft spot from the early Diana years for any feather hat in what trickymumtrickymum calls the “Robin Hood” style — for me this doesn’t compensate for the colour palette of the second hat not working for HM.
      But the small feathers layered over this hat’s surface are so beautiful and I love their bright colours!(I think the most accurate colour representation is probably pic 3 in the second photo set; the other pics of this hat look over- or under-exposed). This hat’s colours would look perfect on Princess Beatrice or Queen Maxima; especially if worn with a coat that would pick up one of the feather colours – turquoise, dusky pink or orange. All up, another fascinating find, Jimbo.

  3. I love the detailing on this coat, and both hats suit it quite well! While both hats feel of their time (the first one especially, with that shiny woven thick straw), I could see the second one make a successful comeback; the feather detailing is exquisite, and fits perfectly for Christmas. Thanks Jimbo and HatQueen for this continuing series!

  4. for me the first hat looks rather poor – almost like some village hall craft project – maybe it was of its time, but the 2nd is amazing
    in comparison.
    i adore it – its beautiful, and it looks luxurious and more suited to a queen. i also think it transforms the whole outfit

  5. That first one seems appropriate for the occasion, doesn’t it? I prefer the second because of the unusual pattern and featherwork. Interesting that Diana wore similar styles at the same time.

    • I think these small Bretton hats were very much in style at the time- it’s a little before my fashion conciousness awoke (I was child!)- can any of you speak to this from your memory?

      • My favorite is Hat #2. It’s a style we don’t often see on The Queen, but it looks lovely on her. I’m a sucker for this style of hat as it was a style favored by Princess Diana (as mittenmary pointed out). I also was a child at the time, but thought this was high fashion. Here’s some photos of Princess Diana in these hat styles:
        Embed from Getty Images

  6. I’m seeing the pictures. I much prefer the second hat. I loved those 1980’s “Robin Hood” hats with lovely sweeping feathers. Also, as it seems clear the coat only closed loosely, showing the dress beneath, the hat to match the dress, with feather to match the colour and trim of the coat, was very appropriate.

    • Sorry, everyone, it appears Getty’s embedding photo feature is not working. I’ve uploaded pictures and when Getty is up and working again, a number more should show up.

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