This Week’s Extras

Infanta Elena took in Madrid Horse Week events last weekend in a chocolate fedora with smart striped hatband
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King Carl Gustaf was sported in his trusty brown fedora with Queen Silvia’s boarding a flight to India on Monday and, below, on Wednesday during the visit.

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Princess Marie Chantal of Greece and her eldest son Constantine (Tino) in wool caps in Gloucestershire.
Australian milliner Wendy Louise Diggles shared this great index on different styles of top hats.
The ornaments on the Christmas Tree in the workroom of John Boyd’s millinery studio in London make me smile!
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Grey straw boater with hand-dyed blue guipure lace hatband by Scottish milliner Stephanie Gallen
Teal velvet bandeau with beautifully draped silk abaca and sparkling buckle by British milliner Dorothy Morant
From Australian brand The Essential Hat, gorgeous Panama straw fedoras in two colour ways (see here and here)
Pink satin covered pillbox with braided edge detail by British milliner Laura Cathcart
Scottish milliner Sally-Anne Provan’s felt fedora with metallic, angular hatband in my favourite colour- peacock blue
Copper silk turban with faux fur pouf from Parisienne milliner Clothilde Toussaint
Plum felt percher with flying bow and beautiful silk poppies by British milliner William Chambers
Stunning movement on British milliner Sarah Cant’s blue halo bandeau with black leather stylized lilies
Adore the geometric printed hatband on this angular trilby by London-based brand Sahar Millinery

And from Australian milliner Lisa Alexander, this black straw saucer with incredible exploding fireworks trim.

Lovely new pictures of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde released for their 20th wedding anniversary.
New official portrait from the Monaco royal family
Lovely portrait of Princess Amalia released this week for her 16th birthday.
And from a beaming Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie, the happy news that they are expecting their first child in May.

Photos from social media as indicated

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Lots of big “awws” this week with the 20th anniversary, 16th birthday, and especially the happy news from Luxembourg!

    I’m seeing some new milliner names in the new designs, HatQueen. How many designers are you following? This is an exceptional bunch, although it seems as though I think that every week!

  2. I really like Princess Marie Chantal’s hat.
    Wendy Louise Diggles’ index of top hats is a wonderful resource!
    John Boyd’s workroom Christmas tree is definitely the best!
    Such wonderful news about the new baby in 2020 for Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie! Congratulations!!
    Gorgeous pillbox on Her Majesty Margareta of Romania. The color is fantastic!
    Princess Tomohito’s hat is fantastic! I love the color and streamlined design. She looks fabulous!

    – Mind Your Bonce Millinery’s navy felt saucer with cream box is fun. I instantly thought of the Duchess of Sussex for this.
    – I think Princess Beatrice would looks wonderful in the red capulet by Jolanta Kotabova. The style is divine.
    – I love the color and velvet on the teal bandeau by Dorothy Morant. Queen Maxima would look great in this.
    – I love how delicate the pink satin covered pillbox with braided edge detail by Laura Cathcart is. Lady Louise would look lovely in this at Christmas services.
    – I’m coveting the peacock blue felt fedora with the utterly fantastic metallic hatband by Sally-Anne Provan. Autumn Phillips would look awesome in this.
    – I can totally see Queen Maxima in the copper silk turban with faux fur pouf from Clothilde Toussaint. The color is gorgeous!
    – The Countess of Wessex would look so festive in the beautiful plum felt percher with flying bow and beautiful silk poppies by William Chambers on Christmas Day.
    – I would like to see Princess Eugenie in the trilby with geometric printed hatband by Sahar Millinery.
    – Lisa Alexander’s black saucer with exploding fireworks trim is a gorgeous, ingenious piece of art.

  3. On December 5th, Princess Tomohito (Nobuko) of Mikasa attended the 22nd National Agricultural Leaders Summit

  4. On December 3rd, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako visited the mausoleums of Emperor Showa and Emperor Taisho

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