Danish Crown Princess Opens Hospital

Crown Princess Mary was in Viborg yesterday to tour and officially open a new emergency centre at within the Regional Hospital there. For this event, she wore a deep plum textured bandeau headpiece.

The colour is beautiful on Princess Mary and the piece is elevated from being a basic headband thanks to its molded shape and textured fabric overlay. The Scandinavian princesses aren’t frequent hat wearers, generally, but the current popularity of bandeau headpieces have seen several, such as this, atop royal heads. And more millinery is always a good thing!

Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the Metallic Sequin Headband from AW 2019
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

What do you think of Crown Princess Mary’s new bandeau? Look through a gallery of additional photos of this event here.

Photos from Getty as indicated 

6 thoughts on “Danish Crown Princess Opens Hospital

  1. An excellent look on CP Mary – especially that colour! – although I still find myself hankering for the rise of something a bit hattier and less hairbandy. Still, half a loaf is better than no bread.

    On an unrelated note, I have a theory that royal ladies so often wear stilettos because they are trained to deploy them as lethal weapons in the event of attack. The Queen [Elizabeth II] has people for that, and therefore wears more sensible and no doubt more comfortable shoes.

    • I am howling with laughter!! You are so funny!

      “half a loaf is better than no bread..” Honestly, the comments in today’s posts are so funny!

  2. I really like this whole look (the color scheme is brilliant!) and am very glad the bandeau headpiece is not of material matching another part of the outfit. That said, sometimes I find these headbands to feel a bit lazy in terms of millinery (not the craftsmanship, but the choice of wearing it); I realize not every outing needs a super fancy hat (like this one), but in the last year or so I think headbands have been overused in multiple situations. Guess I’m just not much into this millinery trend haha.

  3. This is a very nice bandeau. I love the color and texture. I prefer the bandeaus that sit closer to the head (like a calot) as opposed to the ones that mimic a kokoshnik. This one is very unique and I like it a lot the more I stare at it.

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