British Royals Attend Memorial At Westminster Abbey

The Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duke of Cambridge, Earl and Countess of Wessex, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence and Prince Michael of Kent attended a service of thanksgiving today at Westminster Abbey, celebrating the life of Sir Donald Gosling. The Duchess of Cornwall wore a new hat for the occasion, a wide brimmed design in navy brushed felt with off-center peaked crown and gently sweeping upturn on one side. The hat is simply, but dramatically, trimmed with a wide navy ostrich feather wrapped around the crown.

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While it’s a millinery look we’ve seen on Camilla many times before, I think this design is elevated by the rich, deep nape of the felt (velour felt, I’m guessing), its wonderfully saturated hue and THAT feather, which has luxurious texture of its own.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This hat is new

For this memorial, the Countess repeated an impeccably made bumper-edged pillbox hat covered in dark blue crepe and trimmed with a net veil.

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The colour and silhouette is lovely on Sophie and I like how she’s placed the veil a little higher around the center of her face than on its last outing. We don’t talk enough about how jewelry can set off a hat, as these angular amber earrings do here, their strong and sleek lines working so well against similar ones on the hat. It’s a strong, bold that still fits this reflective memorial occasion and Sophie wears it so well.

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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: June 20, 2019

What do you think of this hat today, on its second outing?

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17 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Memorial At Westminster Abbey

  1. I love how the Countess is wearing this pillbox. She looks beautiful and the coat is nice but I wish she didn’t wear this jumpsuit as it doesn’t fit this look in my opinion.

  2. An absolute win for the Dss of Cornwall – it’s her look and she’s finessed it – but a bit more mixed for the Css of Wessex. On the one hand, the hat is an excellent colour and style for her; on the other hand, the fullness of the jumpsuit’s legs leaves the hat looking a bit on the small side. Individually great, but unbalanced in combination.

  3. Prince Michael of Kent and Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence also attended the service
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  4. Camilla’s hat is a really good iteration of her familiar style. And I’m struck by how well she has devised a really good formula for a look that is imposing enough for a senior royal for such events. Everyone knows who they should be looking at, which is as it should be!

    Sophie’s hat suits her, and is the best part by far of her outfit.

    I think this is the first royal occasion for the new Dean of Westminster, Dr David Hoyle (the one in glasses in two of the photos in the first set). He was the Dean of Bristol when my daughter was head chorister a few years ago, so I feel a personal interest in him!

  5. After a disappointing beginning of the week for me concerning royal hats, Camilla redeems herself and the week with this one! Obviously she loves this hat shape from Treacy (all of my fedoras are teardrop crowns, so I can’t judge anyone for sticking with a shape haha), but the ostrich feather and navy blue velour felt make it different from the others. Ultimately I’m glad we get another hat in a saturated color for Camilla, especially for fall/winter (even if it is only navy). Her outfit was also spectacular!

    I agree this exaggerated pillbox is styled better for Sophie, but I also agree with JamesB the jumpsuit/coat combo was not a great choice. I wish she would wear some necklaces, especially with such open-collared outfits like this; however, the orange amber earrings were excellent!

  6. While I’m all for experimentation in royal hats, I’m glad to see Camilla back to her usual style — that ice-blue blob did not work for me. This is a great color and her signature ostrich feather is deployed perfectly.

    Great color for Sophie, too! I like the pairing with the navy.

  7. Camilla: gorgeous hat, plus bonus fabulous suit. Navy is always a terrific choice for the duchess, who stands out among royals as the most committed to sticking to the colours which look best on her.
    Sophie: the improvements in styling since the last wearing — bigger earrings, pushed-back veil, a closer fitting neckline– showcase this hat’s strong points much more and I’m really warming to it. The colour looks to be Classic Blue, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020, and it suits the blue-eyed duchess to a T, especially as a contrast to the darker navy of the coat. And while I don’t feel the pantsuit or the coat combine well with the hat, it’s such a classic, versatile style that I have high hopes of seeing it worn again with a different ensemble.

  8. Sophie’s hat is a cross-over between a bumper hat and a pillbox ,thanks HQ for pointing that out. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

  9. Ostrich feathers and Camilla are a match made in heaven. I still think Sophie’s hat is too large and doesn’t work with the jumpsuit. Did she wear this hat at an engagement with Queen Maxima during the Stave Visit to the UK?

  10. Oh the hat is fabulous. It’s a supersized pillbox that suits Sophie’s delicate features so well. It’s well made and the colour is fab. What’s not so fab is the jumpsuit/coat combo. It’s looks a bit like she’s got a dressing gown on over her PJ’s. I didn’t like this voluminous jumpsuit at Ascot, and she’s made me like it even less now.

    So I’ll focus on the titfer instead

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