This Week’s Extras

Back on December 5, Princess Yoko wore a smart grey hat with lighter gray brim and black hatband for a visit to a duck preserve in Ichikawa.
Princess Yoko in a traditional Burmese “longyi” dress and jeweled crown on Wednesday for her arrival in Myanmar. She wore similar pieces on Friday (the Diana bandeau by Burmese fashion brand Zarny) and on Saturday as well.
Princess Nobuko in a feather trimmed cream pork pie hat to take in a match of the Women’s World Handball Championships on Wednesday
On Thursday,  Princess Yoko continued her visit to Myanmar with a stop at Yeway Japanese War Cemetery in Mingaladon Township, Yangon. For this event, she wore a fedora belonging to her late father.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Prettiest pink silk abaca halo bandeau with embroidered & sequinned flowers by Australian milliner Cessiah Alice
Tomato red felt cocktail percher with statement black feathers by Irish milliner Aiofe Harrison
Handsome felt trilby in the most wonderful shade of green from Australian brand Polly and Peaches
Chic black Panama straw fedora with cream and caramel hatbands by American milliner Amina Hood
Wonderfully creative and bold shape on this brimless scarlet hat by British milliner Inna Walker

Back on November 30, Prince Léopold of Nassau (son of Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg) and Princess Maria Carolina (daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Castro) were photographed at the Le Bal des Débutantes in Paris
The Monaco royal twins shared a sweet message for their maternal grandmother this week
Lovely new family portraits shared by the King and Queen of Jordan and the Duke and Duchess of Parma with their families

Photos from social media as indicated

13 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I know I’m a little late, but all I wanted to say is I’m grateful and glad Prince Tomohito’s hat was given new life by his daughter Princess Yoko, who wore that fedora very well, and it seemed to fit her perfectly size-wise.

  2. Thank you for the updates.
    Also, the happy news of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Grand Duchess Stéphanie of Luxembourg who are expecting their first child. (I’m not sure if you wrote about this before but I couldn’t find it).

  3. Shanon, thank you for your weekly rundown of who would look great in what! I look forward to it and am starting to think of who I would like to see in certain hats as I look through the “caught my eye” section. Though there is probably a slim chance of seeing this I would love to see Prince George and Prince Louis in the tweed caps by Belgian milliner Martine Verstraeten. And I thought of the Duchess of Sussex for the caramel leather beret by Belgian milliner Martine Verstraeten. I was thinking of the Duchess of Cambridge for the forest green felt Trilby by Australian Milliner Peaches and Cream. And maybe Zara for the brimless scarlet hat by British milliner Inna Walker.

    • Thanks from me, too, Shanon, and now thanks to k2classroom for your selections! I’ll add a cozy Hut Schobhofen hat for the ever-sensible Princess Anne for her cold-weather race outings.

    • Thank you k2classroom and mittenmary!
      Great suggestions from both of you!
      The caramel leather beret is so lovely. I agree about the Duchess of Sussex, or Princess Charlene. It’s such a great hat in a warm shade.

      But biggest thanks go to Hat Queen for the weekly roundups and locating hats that caught her eye. I look forward to this post every week!

      BY the way, I read a rumor today that Prince George and Princess Charlotte may be joining the Christmas service! So, maybe we’ll see them in some great hats!!

  4. Great family portrait of the Jordanian Royal Family!

    – Kicky is a great word to describe the little black cocktail hat with crystal-studded overlay and burnt feathers by Dillon Wallwork Hat Queen! I’d love to see this on Autumn Phillips or Lady Kitty Spencer.
    – I absolutely love the hybrid blue pillbox/cap by Lia Gureeva. It is so versatile and I think the Duchess of Cambridge would look amazing in this. I wonder if this will be the new trend for hats – turning them into hybrid shapes that can be worn different ways. I love it!
    – Queen Mathilde would look great in the cobalt felt fedora by British milliner Joaquina Pereira.
    – I would love to see Lady Louise in the pink silk abaca halo bandeau with embroidered & sequinned flowers by Cessiah Alice.
    – Fabulous tomato red felt cocktail percher by Aiofe Harrison. Maybe Princess Eugenie?
    – I really love the color of the felt trilby by Polly and Peaches. Prince Carl Philip.

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