Hat From the Past

Royal Hats thirty-eight years ago tomorrow to December 21, 1981 when a young Princess of Wales wore this John Boyd designed Breton hat with dotted veil in Christmas red for a visit to Guildford.

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7 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I hadn’t remembered Diana wearing enough veiled hats to have referred to it as her “signature style”, but after reading Shanon’s comment, I did a Google image search on “Diana in veiled hats”, and sure enough, there are many more than I remembered. Though I still prefer the tri-corner style that really did become her signature, this round one was perfect for her at that age. I don’t recall that she ever wore it again in public, does anyone?

    • I don’t believe she wore this hat again, although I’m going on memory. She did wear a similar style 5 years later, but no veil. I included some photos of that hat when she wore it in British Columbia, and also included a red and black hat that is similar, but not the same.
      I guess whenever I see a veiled hat, I’m reminded by Princess Diana, as she, in many ways, popularized that feature. She wore them often enough in her early years as Princess of Wales, but she continued to wear them even later.

      Embed from Getty Images

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