This Week’s Extras

Last Sunday, Princess Kako was spotted arriving at the Imperial Royal Palace to greet her grandparents on the occasion of her 25th birthday.
Also last Sunday, Princess Hisako attended the national Women’s Football Championship final in a chocolate bowler variation with interesting black knotted felt hatband. On January 1st, she attended the Emperor’s Cup football match in an ecru bumper hat with fur brim and side bow.

Members of the Norwegian royal family wore simple bandeau headpieces (some in pink, presumably a statement of hope) for yesterday’s funeral of Ari Behn. Princess Laurentien wore a sleek black turban-style hat. You can also read Princess Märtha Louise’s touching statement, released last night, here.

Embed from Getty Images

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Statement folded star headpiece by British milliner Bee Smith
Elegant brimless blocked hat in oxblood felt by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
Dark green ruffled velvet bandeau by UK brand Camilla Rose Millinery
White button percher with wonderful printed twists by Hong Kong-based Irish milliner Noeleen

Lovely picture of the Emperor and Empress Emeritus and their family, taken in mid-December
Amazing new photo of Queen Elizabeth and the UK’s future 3 kings released to celebrate this new decade

Photos from social media as indicated

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. On December 12th, Princess Takamado (Hisako) hosted duck netting for diplomats at Saitama Imperial Wild Duck Preserve

  2. Are those Pokémon figures that the Japanese imperial family is admiring?!

    Love that the Norwegian princesses wore the dashes of pink. As HatQueen says, it adds a touch of hope to this sombre time.

    I agree with Prisma’s tweet that Princess Hisako is energetic! And she always looks great.

  3. love the Lia Gureeva hat
    Louise Swann’s hat gives me a dr. Who vibe the longer you look at it, it starts to swirl
    so many talented milliners around

  4. I love Hisako’s cream outfit. The bow on the side of the hat really elevates it above being just a fur hat and goes so well with the outfit. She is my style Queen of the JIF.

  5. I really like Princess Hisako’s fur bumper.

    – I love the mustard felt Rachel Trevor Morgan hat. I think Queen Mathilde would look amazing in this.
    – I can see Princess Hisako in the navy and cream straw boater with red leather flower by Mirjam de Rijke.
    – I love the shape of the oxblood brimless blocked hat by Lia Gureeva. Queen Sonja?
    – the dark green ruffled velvet bandeau by Camilla Rose Millinery would look lovely on Princess Charlotte. I wish she had worn this Christmas Day with her pretty green coat.
    – I love the felt and straw hat by Marilène De Zomer. The contrasting textures (including the leather belt band) are wonderful. I think this would look amazing on Queen Maxima or Queen Mathilde.
    – Pretty pale blue straw saucer by Vivien Sheriff. So many choices for Ascot! Countess of Wessex, Autumn Phillips, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Beatrice…just lovely!
    – Louise Swann’s black and white hat is wonderful. I think the style would look great on the Duchess of Sussex.
    – Great acid green felt fedora with chocolate and cream spotted feathers by Victoria Charles! I think this would look great on Autumn Phillips or Princess Anne.

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