Trio of British Royals Attend Sunday Church

Queen Elizabeth attended Sunday service yesterday morning at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk. For this outing, she repeated her deep purple felt hat with split crown and upturned kettle brim trimmed with a felt bow and trio of pompoms.

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Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: Nov 6, 2019; April 12, 2018;  February 2, 2018

The Queen was joined by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, several of the Cambridge’s friends (Lucy Lanigan-O’Keeffe’s teal felt hat by Jane Taylor is a beauty) and the Duchess’ parents. Kate wore a new fedora in deep  blue felt trimmed with a hatband of pheasant feathers. Many of you will recognize it as the blue version of a hat worn frequently by the Countess of Wessex– a hat of excellent proportion, shape and trim that packs a great punch in this more saturated colour. Kate looks fantastic in blue and this hat pairs particularly well with her dark blue and orange wool coat.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Hicks and Brown’s Suffolk Fedora in Navy. Coat by Roksanda
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Carole Middleton topped her tweed coat with what looks like Lecorine’s “Sumac” bumper hat in chocolate alpaca fur– a hat also owned by both of her daughters (see Kate’s version here and Pippa’s version here)

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were in Scotland and attended Crathie Kirk, near Balmoral, the Duchess in one of her faux fur brimmed tweed hats  (I think it was this one) from Lock and Co.

The standout hat for me in this trio is Kate’s new blue fedora- what are your thoughts?

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19 thoughts on “Trio of British Royals Attend Sunday Church

  1. Wow! While I like Sophie’s tan fedora, I love it in blue, and especially with this coat. Have we ever seen Kate in a fedora?

  2. LOVE the color and shape of Lucy Lanigan O’Keeffe’s hat. Just a stunner!

    Great color on Her Majesty. Does anyone know who her smartly dressed companion is in the car?

    Rose Hanbury, The Marchioness of Cholmondeley was walking just behind Carole Middleton. Their hats were similar, but Rose’s was a deeper brown with no bumper. I don’t know what the shape would be called (mushroom?). I do love it. It’s very luxurious.
    Embed from Getty Images

    I do love the Duchess of Cambridge’s fedora. It goes so well with her fabulous coat. The color is great on her, and is an unexpected pop of color. She could have gone the brown/beige route, but took a chance and I love it! I find she looks so effortlessly chic.

      • Thanks Jimbo. I watched the video a few times and didn’t really hear the scolding. The video kept stopping and starting, so maybe I didn’t hear it. I think she said it was easier for her to carry them and would return them to the Queen inside. Anyhow, a fun, tasty bit of gossip. Thank you for sharing!
        I will share that back in the early 1990’s, The Queen came to my hometown and I picked a posy of peonies from my garden in hopes of giving them to her. She was far away from me, so I tried to give her lady-in-waiting the posy instead, and she asked me to jump over the barrier and give them to Her Majesty myself! She was a delight! I did as instructed and gave them to the Queen who was so utterly beautiful and sweet and looked me directly in the eye and said “thank you.” Those were the only flowers she did not pass onto the lady-in-waiting, and she still held them when she got in the car. Obviously noone could do that these days with tight security, but it was pretty special.

        • Shanon, it was the article that mentioned the “scolding.” I don’t even think the young lady got a strong dressing down from the lady-in-waiting, do you? Thanks for sharing your wonderful Royal floral memory. Do you remember what year this happened, and more importantly, what hat was worn that day? HA HA! The closest I came to royalty was when President Ronald Reagan came to my town in 1980, where my mother volunteered at his local campaign headquarters. Also, I shook hands with John Inman (“Are You Being Served?”) about a year before he died.

          • Jimbo, I don’t think it was a dressing down. I think the wording of the article was a little strong. The lady in questions seemed to be excited and she was certainly congratulated by people around her.

            The hat was pink with a navy band. It was 1990 and here’s the article with a photo! The lady-in-waiting was “acting”. She was Canadian, so a lot more relaxed. Worked for me! Her and her family own a huge horse race course in the province, so it was a happy trip for Her Majesty. It was a wonderful experience and she is certainly a beautiful lady. Sparkling eyes and the most beautiful skin. She really is lovely.


            I also saw the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when they came on their first trip to Canada in 2011. I stayed up all night to get tickets to see them with a bunch of crazy Royalists. You would have loved it! It was pure fun! And Catherine and William both wore cowboy hats. Catherine kept telling William to not get too close to the animals (they were at a “pop up” mini rodeo the night before the Calgary Stampede). He was sitting on the fence quite close to the bulls and horses. He loved it! I’ll have to find the photos I took. I got a great closeup of Kate.

          • Shanon, the pink hat you mentioned in Red Deer is awesome. Here it is from the previous year, on another tour.

            October 15, 1989: Malaysia
            Embed from Getty Images

        • Shanon, what a wonderful experience! Those must have been some special peonies, or do you suppose the lady-in-waiting was impressed by the homegrown posy instead of the more usual florist’s bouquet?

          • I think they were special because they were homegrown mittenmary! There was even a bee buzzing around it! ha ha. Left by the time I gave them to her.

  3. Nothing new to say on HM’s hat. Still a gorgeous color!

    Kate looked spectacular! When I first saw this hat/coat combo, I wasn’t 100% certain about it, but I’m onboard now. Effortlessly chic!

    Glad to see Carole is also rocking the alpaca hat; she looks great on what seemed to be a chillier day. I absolutely loved Lucy Lanigan-O’Keeffe’s cocktail hat as well!

    Not surprised by Camilla’s Paddington; fits the occasion and location well, and they always suit her well.

  4. This blue hat is perfect in its color, design and scale. I agree with you that coordinates beautifully with Kate’s coat. The Duchess looked spectacular in her Sunday attire as it was spot-on for a country church gathering.

  5. Definitely the DOC’s hat is the winner! I agree with HQ that it is much more striking in blue than in the tan color the Countess of Wessex wears. The style is one we don’t see her wear very often and I think it gives her a cool, hip vibe while, still being very sophisticated.

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