Tindalls Attend Australian Races

Mike and Zara Tindall are in Gold Coast, Australia with their family for an annual trip to fulfill commitments as brand ambassador of Magic Millions racing events. Yesterday, they attended the Magic Millions Carnival and Raceday, Zara in a chic hat described by the designer as a “hand crafted black straw boater beautifully woven with traditional black grosgrain ribbon and a 9-10cm brim for great sun protection.”

I love the hat’s informal ease, emphasized by it’s brilliant pairing with Zara’s red animal print dress, beach waved hair and sandals. It might not be my top choice for a formal royal engagement but for a spokeswoman at a sporting event in the middle of summer, it hits just the right note of effortless glamour.

Designer: Sarah J Curtis’ Harmony Black Boater. Scanlan Theodore dress. 
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Zara donned a polo helmet later in the day to participate in a charity polo match that raised over $300,00 AUS to support those who have lost their homes and livelihoods in the devastating Australian bushfires. In the end, races and hats simply don’t matter when people, animals and the environment are suffering.

Photos from social media as indicated 

12 thoughts on “Tindalls Attend Australian Races

  1. I join in the general admiration for this hat. It’s a good hat and really suits Zara, but I wouldn’t call it a boater either. Apart from the wavy brim, I thought boaters had shallower crowns than this? But still.

  2. Fabulous hat. Zara wears a good size brim so effortlessly. This one deserves lots of repeats!
    And thanks HQ for the reminder that this is a tearful and shocking time for all Australians. Even those Australians like myself who are lucky enough not to have suffered fear, personal loss or dislocation (I’m in Sydney so I’ve only had to deal with ongoing smoky air) are grieving at the loss of our national treasures – the decimation of our wilderness and wildlife It is heartwarming to see Zara join the ranks of those people in the public eye whose generous example is leading the way in compassion and action.
    Oddly, I find taking time to look at beautiful things (such as hats) and continuing to do some things that I enjoy provides mental relief from the seeming never-ending reality of the fires. Everything that is good or beautiful seems more precious than ever, right now.

    • So true, mcncln! I am fortunately not personally in proximity to any tragic events, but I have also found it to be true in the past — we can sometimes feel almost guilty to be enjoying ourselves when others are suffering, but stepping away from stress when possible is essential to mental survival!

  3. I think this hat is very good for this occasion, as you say, HatQueen. It suits Zara admirably. Its width balances her whole look much better than the smaller percher-type hats that she so often wears – they look great on her in close-up, but don’t generally balance her whole outfit very well.

    (However, I’d say it’s definitely NOT a boater! The principal distinguishing thing about a boater is its flat brim, so if you don’t have that, it can’t by definition be a boater… There’s only so far you can bend a definition before it ceases to be applicable / useful!)

  4. She looks wonderful in this hat.
    She should ALWAYS wear this style. The wide brim and square flat crown is her hat shape. The perchers are for other face shapes. Wear more of these!

  5. Fun look, but I’m confused that it it called a boater. Isn’t a broad, straight brim one of the defining characteristics of this style?

  6. I agree with Patricia. Zara looks great in a brim and this hat is wonderful in it’s movement. It’s a great hat and dress combo on her and Mike looks great as well! They are such a fun couple.

  7. Very cute hat on Zara. I’m used to seeing her in the little perchers that she wears so well, so this feels like a surprise. She looks great in this brim and I love the waves.

  8. I once bought a cheap sun hat from H&M that bends/curves exactly the same way at the sides when I wear it and I get plenty of compliments. But I just don’t know what creates that effect. I bought similar looking hats yet their brims would not do the same. Can any experts in millinery tell me what I need to look for?

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