Zara Tindall At Gold Coast Raceday

Mike and Zara attended the Moet Marquee Magic Millions Raceday at the Gold Coast Turf Club today. Zara wowed in a pink silk dress paired with a percher hat covered in orange feathers. The hat is trimmed with a vertical wave that rolls around the back contour of the base and is covered with orange feathers on the front and bubblegum pink on the back.

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I love this look for multiple reasons. The hat is wonderful on its own, the vertical wave giving some architectural gravitas and elevating it way beyond a basic percher and the feathers giving wonderful texture. The colour scheme is so fun and pairs wonderfully with the dress. Bubblegum pink can tend toward the twee but the orange hat pulls the look away from saccharine to sophisticated. It’s a fantastic look for Zara. I’ve long admired Jill Humphries’ millinery work (many of us have!) and I’m thrilled to see one of her pieces atop a royal head.

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Designer: Millinery Jill (Jill Humphries) It is a version of Feathered Flame. Dress by Rebecca Vallance
Previously Worn: This hat is new

I adore this hat on Zara. What do you think of it?!

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18 thoughts on “Zara Tindall At Gold Coast Raceday

  1. Color scheme is fantastic. Dress style is in the mode of the moment.
    I do have an observation for you HatQueen. Zara said in an interview in the Telegraph I think before Christmas that she doesn’t have a stylist and couldn’t name any favourite brands. I thought that was strange because it’s become obvious she is using a stylist in the UK and the stylist in Australia posted on IG openly saying she had styled it. Plus it’s become clear clothes and hatmakers are loaning her these clothes – Millinery Jill responded to a query on her page about whether the hat is for sale by saying it would be next week and thanking the stylist who organized the couriers. That is the hat will be for sale when the stylist returns it. Why did Zara deny the use of a stylist and deny any favourite brands – extremely ungrateful to the people generously loaning her very expensive customized for her kit! I see no problem with using a stylist – she’s an extremely busy working mother with some very high profile public commitments and she could just say she’s started to do that for that reason!
    If she’s not comfortable naming designers who are supporting her, perhaps she shouldn’t be using their gear … They certainly do use photos of her for publicity afterwards I know but still. What do you think?
    I should say I love Zara – great energy, amazing competitive accomplishments (world champion!), seems very down to earth. Just very surprised by that interview.

    • JH, regarding the issue of acknowledging the stylists (or not) — while recognizing that Hollywood costuming is a world away from the art of dressing royalty, here is a theory. I personally know two jewelers who design pieces that are used by the costumers for several well-known television shows. After the episode in which the jewelry is worn has aired, the designer is permitted by contract (yes, they do have a contract) to use still photos of the actress wearing that particular piece of jewelry on their own social media, along with text naming the actress, the show, date it was aired, etc, (“as seen on…”) and they are also permitted to sell identical copies of the piece. The jewelry designer is rarely named from the other end (by the show or the actress) unless they are someone VERY famous, which my two friends are not. The actresses themselves are very busy, focusing on their lines and their scenes and possibly just put on whatever the costumer brings them, without giving much thought to who created those items. The same may possibly be true of Zara and other royals who are focused on the event at hand rather then putting themselves forward as a clotheshorse. Just a thought.

      • I think the matter JH brings up here is a little different- there is no question that television personalities/actresses are using stylists/costumers for productions. The interview that JH refers to is here– it reports that Zara does not employ a stylist. However, for several years, stylists have taken credit for outfits she has worn to the Magic Millions events (and identified all the ensemble items so their claims are fully credible). It makes me strongly suspect that the provision of a stylist is part of her contract with Magic Millions (thus removing the need for her to employ one). In the UK, however, I’m more dubious- she wears too many hats a single time for them not to be borrowed, which will almost certainly involve a stylist. Unless they are hired????

    • Is this a matter of semantics? As in not ‘having’ a stylist vs. occasionally employing the services of a stylist? I understand not naming favourite brands (especially as a minor royal who does earn money through sponsorships) but I’m perplexed about the stylist claims. She’s certainly been connected with one for these annual Magic Millions events. Perhaps the culture around this in Australia is more open than in the UK?

      I’m putting together some 2019 royal hat statistics to share next week and these numbers are impacted by loaned hats. We’ve never known which hats were loaners in the past- this is the first time I can remember seeing any clear confirmation that a hat is on loan. We’ve long suspected the York Princesses employ this practice and I thought it also explained why we see both Autumn Philips and Zara wear many of their hats only once. When news broke last year that Autumn and Zara were working with British stylist Annie Miall for events in the UK (like Ascot), the one-wear-hats suddenly made sense. I think employing a stylist is a win-win strategy, as evidenced by these four women- they’ve all noticeably upped their style games, are looking fantastic and we have seen them wear new millinery brands. The secrecy around this, however, is a bit perplexing. If I ever found myself in a high-profile situation such as theirs, a stylist is the first person I’d hire.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous hat, and a lovely colour combination. It’s very thoughtful of Zara to showcase the work of Australian milliners to Australian racegoers. Too bad about the ill-fitting and unflattering frock. Of course, summer dressing is always more challenging than dressing for winter, since there’s no coat to define the structure and shape of the look. Here are some summer race-wear dress styles which Zara has worn in the past, which I feel demonstrate flattering silhouettes and shapes which Zara could wear with this hat (though the colours might not be the most suitable). I included some of her maternity dresses because Zara rocks A-line shapes. The “sarong” number is interesting – it’s quite risqué for the Royal Enclosure, and I wonder what the Princess Royal thought of it when Zara wore it at Ascot in 2003  – but the loose relaxed cut suits Zara very well IMO.
    Embed from Getty Images
    And yes, 😦 where are Mike’s panamas? he’s worn these 2 in the past to this event. I do hope he hasn’t lost interest…
    Embed from Getty Images

  3. What a fun outfit and hat on Zara! Pink and orange remind me of a childhood summertime treat of rainbow sherbet ice cream and I’m loving it. The feathers provide interesting texture and the hat style has creative movement that I really like. Kudos to Jill Humphries!

  4. Love the hat – it’s an exciting design and execution. Something really fresh and different, particularly in its use of colour, and the making is exquisite. Like many others, I’m finding Zara’s dress a bit blergh and the fit is terrible, which is a pity because I’ve seen her in some really flattering clothes lately.

  5. I would never have thought of combining orange with that shade of pink, but the results are great. (I wonder if Zara chose pink because she knew in advance that she would be photographed in front of that wall of pink flowers.) The feathering on the hat is awesome, and I appreciate seeing the close-up of the hat alone on the stand. I look forward to seeing Zara wearing more of Millinery Jill’s designs in the future. Agree with others about the dress — I’m having high school flashbacks looking at those sleeves. And not only Mike, but all three of the men in the last photo would have looked very fine in fedoras.

    • Zara tends to wear hats by Australian milliners when she is fulfilling this work commitment in Australia but, so far, has not worn any back in the UK. It would be great if she did but I don’t think it’s likely to happen.

  6. This is a fabulous hat, with an amazing colour scheme, which Zara has gone all the way with. It’s fabulous. Less keen on the shape of the dress on her… I know I shouldn’t say it but I don’t think it’s that flattering. But back to the colour, it’s bold, fab and so much fun.

  7. Three cheers for Millinery Jill on a Royal head! We’ve admired her designs for a while, so this is wonderful!! I think this hat is amazing. I love the colors, the feathers, the shape. It’s so fun!
    Mike looks very dapper! I agree with Jake that a missed opportunity for a hat.

  8. Like Wies I’m not 100% sold on Zara’s dress (but continually warming to it), but the hat is fantastic and the combo is pure genius! More of this please!

    Also, I LOVE Mike’s whole look (perfection! also, give it to me haha), but yet another missed opportunity for a man to wear a hat. A fedora of some sorts made from panama straw with a navy blue band would be great here.

  9. What a lovely hat to wear to the races! Wonderful design, expert feather workmanship and fun colours! I’m not sure I like the neckline and sleeves of Zara’s dress, but the colour combination is fantastic and makes up for it.
    Applause to Jill Humphries for the hat and to Zara Tindall for pulling it off!

  10. I can imagine this hat evolving , I love the thought that went into it, the 2 colors, the tip going back instead of sideways or forward,

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