2019 Royal Hat Stats: Monarchs

Yesterday, we looked at the combined number of times royal houses saw one of their member wears a hat or headpiece last year. Today, we’re looking which queens/consorts donned a hat most often. Again, the measurement is number of  times a hat was publicly worn on each of these very regal heads (click on the graph below to open a larger version):

Somehow, these numbers are far less surprising to me… except for the Grand Duchess. She usually participates in a state visit or two but was sidelined with knee surgery this year, so her single hat outing is lower for her than a typical year.

What do these numbers indicate to you?

Stay tuned next week- we’ll look at the number of hats individually worn by other royals and see who added the most new millinery designs to their wardrobe in 2019.

9 thoughts on “2019 Royal Hat Stats: Monarchs

  1. Thanks for these stats! So interesting.
    Wat surprises me the most is the difference between queen Maxima and Mathilde. I expected their number to be more or less the same since they both wear hats frequently. But Maxima wore twice as many hats! Then again, Maxima often wears her picture hats just to visit a school, something Mathilde wouldn’t do so I guess that explains it. Or it must have been that Maxima had much more events this year.

  2. Just fascinating, HQ. These figures really put royal hatwearing into proper perspective. Thanks for the graph presentation in the two posts, the presentation is very visually appealing and easy to comprehend.

  3. HQ, thanks for all these interesting statistics! Like you, I don’t find today’s chart as surprising as yesterday’s. Oh, to have a monarch (and the oldest, also!) who wears more than 1/4 of the world’s royal hats in a year’s time! (63 hats is 25%.)
    Looking at my own records from 2019, I counted 74 Queen Elizabeth hat appearances, 10 of which were new.

  4. So HM wore hats often than the last ten queens combined! Agreed with others: thank goodness that Máxima (and Mathilde, to a lesser extent) maintain the tradition.

  5. With the Japanese empresses only reigning part of the year, that does bring their individual numbers down, but I bet Masako could be #2 overall for 2020; if HM Queen Elizabeth didn’t wear hats to church, the Japanese monarch could even be #1.

    No surprise Máxima has worn the overall majority of hats for the Dutch; she’s a great hat person, but it’s also sad she is mostly alone in that. I know we have seen Margrethe many times in hats, but I didn’t realize it was this many, and enough to just beat Máxima.

    I’m surprised there were so few for Silvia, and that Sonja beat her by 1, but I guess Sonja tends to wear more casual hats. And the other surprise was Maria Teresa’s one hat, but I wonder if she would even break 5 on a normal year?

  6. Thank goodness for Queen Maxima, is what I say. A younger generation Queen, who has embraced both hats and jewellery wearing with such enthusiasm! Long may she reign!
    I have changed my mind about hatbands. At leat it is something worn on the head!

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