2019 Royal Hat Stats: Most Frequent Wearers

This is the one some of you have been waiting for- an answer to the question, “Who wore the most hats in 2019?” Again, the measurement is the number of times that each royal wore a hat/headpiece (not the number of different hats each person wore). Included on the graph below are all of the royals who wore a hat five or more times last year; click on the graph to open it in a larger size:

These numbers include the same grey areas I described in the first statistics post but still give a very interesting picture of the frequency that various royal women wear hats. There are a few surprises here – Princess Hisako at #2, the high number of Imperial royals at the top of the chart, the number of European queens below mid-range. What do you notice about these numbers?

Stay tuned tomorrow- we’re going to see who added the most new designs to their millinery closet in 2019. Any guesses as to who tops the chart?!

9 thoughts on “2019 Royal Hat Stats: Most Frequent Wearers

  1. What I noticed is that royal men are barely even also-rans in the hat arena. Which I suppose is a hangover from the “men’s clothes are classic and women’s are decorative” thing we’ve had going more or less since the Victorian era, but it seems a pity.

  2. So pleased to see this breakdown, HatQueen, since I’ve been wondering about this. Hisako would have been my guess, but I’m surprised that the numbers for Princess Anne, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Queen Mathilde aren’t higher. Regarding the Imperial family, it seems their numbers might be inflated by all the Enthronement events. It was certainly a big year for them.

    I’m guessing Zara for most new hats since virtually all of the others repeat theirs!

  3. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that Queen Elizabeth tops the list. I think a few years ago she would have outstripped her nearest rivals by far more, given that she has cut down on public engagements over recent years.

    I was going to ask where Letizia was, and then realised that of course she wouldn’t feature since your list is those with 5 or more behatted appearances. I guess I remember her two (I think? Imperial enthronement and Garter ceremony) 2019 appearances more vividly than they warrant because it represented such a big percentage increase in the total number of hats Letizia has ever worn (and hence are very unusual sightings).

    The highly hatted rankings of the Imperial ladies don’t surprise me, given the greater formality of the Japanese court than any European one. It is far more unusual for them not to be wearing hats when on public engagements, and they still have more appearances in court dress (ie long formal dresses and hats) than are left, say, in the British Royal family.

  4. Sadly, I’m thinking that the Duchess of Cambridge will not up her hat game overly in the future. She went hatless to Bradford last week on what was a formal visit, where HM would certainly have been hatted and gloved; and to events involving outdoor activities with children, she is even less likely to wear a hat as she goes in trousers and casual jacket. I’m afraid this is one of the results of modernising the monarchy!

    • I wonder if the opposite might be true, trickymum: that as she picks up more engagements, there are likely to be more formal appearances and therefore more hats. Hoping!

  5. Since I am a fan of Princess Hisako’s style and demeanor, I follow the people follow and post about her on social media so I am not surprised to see her high in the rankings. She makes the hat requirement her own, wearing unusual colors and styles from the other Japanese royals. She also seems to be one of the hardest working Princesses.

  6. When I actually think about it, Hisako being #2 makes perfect sense. She is probably the most traveled member of the Japenese Imperial Family (at least on official business in recent years). It’s unfortunate the Japanese are often forgotten in Western media, but I hope the state visit to the UK this year will change that a bit; definitely should be some good hats (or so I hope!) at that time, and it would be amazing if Hisako was along for the ride!

    I wonder if we’ll see Kate in more hats this year, now that the Sussexes will no longer be representing HM? I was also a little surprised about the low number on Autumn since she’s been killing it with the hat game over the past few years, but I guess that means I forget how few appearances she actually makes. Everyone else falls in pretty much where I expected them to be. I wonder if this will be the year Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant, makes her hat debut?

    Certainly should be an interesting year for royal hats!

  7. What an interesting list! I’m really surprised Maxima did not make it into the top three. But as a big fan of Princess Hisako I’m not complaining. That the Japanese ladies are almost all ranked higher than the British ladies is surprising but I guess Western media’s focus on the BRF and other European royals is meddling with our expectations.

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