New Hat At Sandringham

While we’ve been caught up in 2019 hat stats this week, I wanted to acknowledge a smart new hat that made its debut at Sandringham over the weekend:

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In grey felt, the rounded, bowler-style crown is unusually asymmetrical with a gentle peak on one side and a gently side swept brim. The hat is simply trimmed with a pair of curving quills and white felt starflowers centered with ombre grey feathers. While the crown shape seems a little awkward, I really like how the hat’s trim links with Her Majesty’s grey and cream checked coat.

UPDATE- Several eagle-eyed readers have identified this hat as one worn several times in 2002, 2003 and 2004. The trim is different but the Petersham ribbon binding is the same, as is the unique shape. Great catch!

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Designer: unconfirmed. 
Previously Worn: February 8, 2004; March 6, 2003October 12, 2002

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I don’t have access to my usual archive (I’m quietly away from home this week attending a family medical emergency) but wonder if we’ve seen this coat before with a different hat- I seem to remember a Breton style hat with feathers. Can any of you help? In the meantime, what do you think about this new hat?

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25 thoughts on “New Hat At Sandringham

  1. After stumbling upon yet ANOTHER outing of this hat from 2004, I am left to assume that there are in fact TWO hats! It appears that HM wore the wool brimmed, plumed hat at Sandringham AFTER the straw brimmed, plume-less version was worn in 2003. Am I obsessing here?

    February 8, 2004: Sandringham Church outing
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. I LOVE this whole ensemble, from head to toe. The grey color and hounds tooth coat and dress are beautiful and very current. I really like the design and color of the hat as well as the decorations. Well done ma’am.

    • I agree with you Tab. I love the coat, and I find the hat to be very fresh. The flowers remind me of amaryllis which flourish in winter, and I think it adds such brightness to the grey hat. I think HM looks amazing.

  3. I love the color of the hat and love the coat. What bothers me is the addition of flowers on what is otherwise a nice hat. I suppose flowers on a hat is HM’s signature? What struck me about the black hats in Jimbo’s post this week is that all of the hats were able to stand on their own with different kinds of trim, but sans bouquets.

    • Good point — the flowers compete with the bold houndstooth. While I don’t like overly matched looks, I wonder about a narrow band or a simple origami bow from the coat fabric as trim instead?

  4. HM has so many hats, it must be hard to think of new ways to differentiate them.In that spirit, I don’t mind the shape, and I like the trim and the overall look. Wishing your mother a full recovery, and thanks again to you for all the pleasure this site gives me.

  5. The crown shape really is odd, which is too bad since it detracts from the overall effect. This is one of those split decision cases: I prefer the original cream (or winter white) hat, but I think the grey goes best with the coat.

    Good job by George Anthony and Jiimbo for spotting a remodel. Based on these photos, that seems very plausible.

    Hoping all goes well with the medical emergency, HatQueen.

    • Thanks, MittenMary. It is my mother (who doesn’t comment here but has faithfully read every single post here on Royal Hats) who was gravely ill. She has a very long recovery ahead but thankfully, is out of danger.

      I’ve been less present here than usual- thanks, everyone, for keeping the conversation going while my attention is elsewhere.

      • So good to hear your report, and best wishes to the HatQueen Mother!

        Hope you are finding the blog a welcome diversion (as I have during family emergencies in the last two years), and not a source of additional stress.

        • She will LOVE this title! And not to worry- Royal Hats is a welcome distraction.

          When I’m not as quick to post or don’t seem to be engaged here over the next 10 days, I’m thankful for everyone’s understanding.

  6. Minus the crown, I love everything about this hat! Grey is my favorite neutral, so of course there is bias there, but a wonderful and unexpected outing, especially with the return of this fabulous houndstooth coat.

    It does look to be a trim renovation of the 2002 hat as pointed out by George Anthony and Jimbo, and the changes of the brim is possible since Wies pointed out a while back that couture hats are usually made of two separate pieces: crown and brim. It was the feather trim of this outing that made me realize there was a hat with similar trim, but I had forgotten it was cream. Like JamesB, I’m a little disappointed that one didn’t return.

  7. Re-work or new, it is nice the see HM in a different hat shape. I really like this hat. If it is a re-trim, I much prefer this version to the horrid purple wrap that just overpowered the crown. For this time of year, I prefer the dark grey hat to the cream. However, if it was early spring, I think the cream hat would be the better choice. No matter which hat choice, I love that coat and wish it was in my closet. It brings back very fond memories of a navy and white houndstooth coat I wore for Easter one year when I was a child.

  8. Like George Anthony, I immediately suspected a recycle job here on a hat from 2002. The mystery continues though, if you look at the following outings of the grey hat. Between the 2nd and 3rd outing, (both in 2003) the brim was changed to straw! Interesting puzzle today. BTW, I really prefer the winter white hat which accompanied the wonderful hounds tooth coat.

    October 12, 2002
    March 6, 2003
    November 11, 2003
    March 16, 2004
    Embed from Getty Images

    • When the brim was changed to straw on the 2002-4 hat, the plumes were left off. Since plumes are back for the 2020 hat for the houndstooth outfit (and the brim changed back to felt), I suppose there were two old hats, and one has been reworked into this weekend’s configuration.
      I don’t like the shape of the gray crown, but I do prefer the darker hat color with the coat. I think it makes the coat more impressive. Because of all the publicity about the Queen and family this weekend, this coat and new hat have gotten a tremendous amount of worldwide exposure.

  9. Hello! I don’t think she’s worn the coat before. There are a few similar coats from the 2000s but this one is new.

  10. The coat and it’s previous hat have always been favourites of mine, and curious that they’ve not been worn more often. I like the new hat well enough, but think I still prefer the gorgeous cream one it was originally worn with, it was such a chic look for HM.

  11. I love the colour and trim of this hat, and, especially for November, the darker colour goes well with the coat. But why the asymmetric crown? I think lower all over would have been perfect.

    • I agree! I don’t understand the sloped round crown at all. Without sharp edges the slope just looks misshapen.
      I love everything else about the hat, though, and like it better with this wonderful coat than the previous cream hat.

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