2019 Royal Hat Stats: Most New Hats

Without further ado, here are stats for the most new hats/headpieces worn by royals last year:This is the last statistic I prepared for 2019 and found results here the most surprising. Last week, the question of royal stylists and borrowed hats came up in discussion at this post. I bring it up here because a number of royals at the top of this list – Princess Beatrice, Zara Tindall, Princess Eugenie, Autumn Phillips- routinely wear hats a single time, strongly suggesting to me they are borrowed, at the hands of a stylist, for a particular event. Because we don’t know how many hats are purchased (although we do know that Queen Maxima, Queen Mathilde, the Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge all purchase their hats), these numbers aren’t completely accurate, nor can be. Until we see a hat/headpiece worn a second time, we simply don’t know if it’s a purchased piece or a loaner.

I’m curious, dear readers, for your response to these numbers. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this statistical look back at the royal hats we saw last year!


19 thoughts on “2019 Royal Hat Stats: Most New Hats

  1. I find it interesting that in the former stat of #events a royal head wore a hat, Zara wore a hat 8 different times. But here, it says she wore 10 new hats in 2019. Since Zara isn’t officially a royal, were her events counted differently compared to her new hats?

  2. Some milliners or retailers indeed specialise in hat hiring, for horse races for instance.
    In my (admittedly limited) experience, “celebrities” do not hire hats though. They don’t borrow either. They “collaborate” which is fashionable new speak for parading in someone else’s feathers and giving them in return the right to post the pictures on social media.

    It has always been the custom for actresses to borrow designer evening dresses for red carpet events. Especially young actresses in the beginning of their careers but blessed with model sized waists and hips, could easily borrow dresses from couture collections.
    I don’t know exactly when things changed, but I have the idea that until the 1980’s no one well off and not connected to the stage or the cinema, would have borrowed clothing or accessories.

    As to the prices of handmade hats, they vary. But the orange/pink feathered hat we admired so much on Zara Tindall a short while ago is up for sale for 695 AUS $ (unless it is a twin hat). That is 430 €, which I consider not expensive for the beauty it is, even taking into account that in Australia taxes are only 10 % instead of 20 or 21 % VAT in Europe.

  3. first and foremost I hope MHQ will have a good recovery, best well wishes!
    As for the hats, it never crossed my mind that certain royals borrow their hats instead of buying them, I guess it must be the same with clothes then.
    I always wonder if the hat is inspired by the clothes or vice versa

  4. Is it possible that rather than borrowed some of the hats may be “rented”?

    I’m not really sure of the cost of these types of hats, or sure of how much good publicity and consequent sales to others might be garnered for a retailer depending on the wearer. I do see from other sites that substantial amounts are often spent for other accessories such as shoes and handbags, but for some royals these would likely get more wear than hats.

    Best wishes to HQM for a full recovery.

  5. I wasn’t far off when I guessed Zara. But the big surprise to me is that the Japanese princesses, especially Hisako, haven’t worn more new hats, especially with all the enthronement events this year.

  6. Thank you for all the stats & maths HatQueen! I join Jimbo in his good wishes for the health of HQM.

    The question of royals borrowing their hats always rather upsets me. Considering how little money there is in quality millinery (and flower making, dress making, embroidery etc.) I think it is a crying shame that the really well to do of this world think they are too important to pay for the clothes they are wearing, like ordinary people. It’s not only royals, but also film actors or sometimes even politicians.
    I know it is supposed to be an honour for the milliner and to give her (or him) free publicity, but what good is publicity if those who can afford to buy the things, think they can have them for free?

  7. It’s been really interesting seeing these statistics – thank you, HatQueen. On this list of new hats, I’m surprised by Beatrice, partly because I don’t think of her as attending so many behatted events, and I’m also surprised by Anne, since I think of her as hardly ever indulging in anything new at all! I do remember thinking this year “gosh, another new hat” about one of the ones you feature, and it would be interesting to see if Anne got more new hats this year than is her wont.

    I hadn’t thought about hat-borrowings and new hats being related, but of course that makes complete sense. Do you think, then, that Mathilde’s high proportion of new hats indicates that some of those may be borrowed? Or just that she likes new hats!

    • I think high numbers for Mathilde and Maxima are boosted by the fact that they always wear hats during state visits and they also wear a lot of new hats on state visits.

      • Those state visit hats tend to be closely matched to the ensembles, especially for Mathilde. That results in more hats than the mix it up approach.

      • But the interesting thing bringing together the two sets of statistics, is that Maxima wore far more hats that Mathilde (about three – four times as many if I recall correctly) overall, but that they wore similar numbers of new hats, and hence a much higher proportion of Mathilde’s were new ones – that’s why I was wondering whether they might have been borrowed.

  8. I was surprised that QEII, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge each had that many new hats. Apparently I haven’t been paying as much attention as I thought I was though I think they all tend to go for shapes similar to existing hats which makes me think they are old hats. The Princess Royal was another surprise. I thought she just shopped her closet.

  9. HQ, first and MOST important: I’m sure everyone here wishes HQM a speedy recovery. Was she fortunate enough to be hospitalized in Copenhagen’s new facility? She’d be up on her feet in no time! My morning prayers went to her today.

    Not always able to comment on all the recent fascinating statistics posts, I’ll add one more list of numbers – the percentage of the 2019 hats worn being new. Because of her high number of appearances, it goes to show that Queen Elizabeth would have the lowest percentage. However, if you included the 2 new hats she wore (4-25-19 black/white straw at a private funeral, and 6-16-19 possible recycled/reconstructed coral straw) which we can assume were not included as part of the stats, her percentage would jump up one place. (Can you tell I have a little extra time on my hands today?) Maybe some of the math lovers out there will enjoy this.

    Mathilde: 10 new hats of 17 appearances: 58.8%
    Benedikte: 3 8 37.5%
    Princess Anne: 6 20 30%
    Camilla: 8 27 29.6%
    Maxima: 10 39 25.6%
    Margrethe: 5 40 12.5%
    Queen Elizabeth: 8 (10) 71 11.3% (14.1%)

    • Thanks, Jimbo. HQM is slowly recovering but not in that inspiring Danish hospital! Thanks for two more “Monday Multiples” to entertain while I am indesposed.

      I’m so happy to hear you all enjoyed this series… we’ll repeat something similar to review 2020.

    • That is indeed interesting, Jimbo. I wonder whether HM is planning fewer appearances and is happy with the hats she has. Mathilde surprises me, but, as a younger monarch, still has many years of hat-wearing ahead of her.

  10. This is very interesting and surprising! I wouldn’t have put Beatrice at the top of a new hat list! Your theory about loaners is probably correct.
    I also find it interesting the our 3 senior British royal ladies have the same number of new hats in a year. My next question is, are they for the same events? I suspect not, although some might coincide.
    Thank you for these great insights into our behatted royals!

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