Monday Multiples: Queen Elizabeth

Thanks to Jimbo for providing the introduction and background research for this “Monday Multiples” series.

Jimbo’s Introduction:Queen Elizabeth stands out beautifully in a crowd when she chooses bright, cheerful colors, and she wears pink especially well.  Today,  attention is placed on a pair of beautiful hats worn with the same cozy coat. The second hat with its typical shape we enjoy seeing on Her Majesty, was last seen as recently as November 2018.

Look #1:Breton hat covered in the same pink textured wool bouclé as the ensemble’s coat by Rachel Trevor Morgan, worn November 6, 2009 and January 12, 2012

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: Also in the coat’s same pink wool bouclé and also by Rachel Trevor Morgan, a hat with straight sided, domed crown and cartwheel brim trimmed with a double folded hatband and twisted gold and pink rope bow.

Embed from Getty Images

Thanks, Jimbo! Dearest readers, Which pairing of hat and coat do you prefer most?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

13 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Queen Elizabeth

  1. I prefer #2. It seems more flattering than the first choice. As others said, I am not fond of hats that sit right at the hairline with or without a brim.

  2. Overall, I prefer Hat #2. It’s a style that suits Her Majesty very well.
    I do prefer the second coat with hat #1 because of the black fur around her collar. I like how the black nicely breaks up the pink.

  3. What I like about Jimbo’s this-and-that is you can tell there is a difference in time just by looking at the hats. The coat is a classic shape and the first hat is basic with nothing (visually anyway) added. Whereas the other hat has a bow, an askew crown though with similar brim. Both hats frame the face differently partly due to the difference in placement and shape.
    It goes to show that both are solid appearances though in different time periodes.

  4. That’s an easy pick for me. Like Eluned, I feel that HM’s hats which sit right on her hairline AND lift up and away from her face are never her best choice. The second hat is a shape that always suits HM, and what’s more I’m very partial to twisted cotton cord (so appropriate for what appears to have been a naval visit! :). I would however have picked the simpler brooch of the two shown (the Frosted sunflower).

    • Well said! I totally agree, comment on brooch included. For me, no doubt about it, the second hat suits HM better (and looks more modern too), though both hats are impeccably made.

      • Jimbo! My suggestion involved a little more than steam. I would suggest that the hat was taken apart, a new crown made and the headfit of the brim reversed to create a downturned effect. Steam has a reputation for magical properties amongst many millinery followers that it really doesn’t merit.

        • Very interesting, thanks for the explanation. I wonder if the same process with the brim took place on the blue/white hat above. When I see these original Breton styles, pushed back off the forehead, they remind me of kids playing dress-up.

        • Interesting discussion, but brim flipping, as Jimbo calls it, isn’t as easy as it sounds! This isn’t a felt hat, but a fabric covered one, so it has buckram or (artificial) sparterie inside, between two layers (for the brim) of wool cloth. Each layer has to be steamed, stretched and dried on the hat block. Not something you can reshape simply with a whiff of steam.
          The headfit of a Breton brim is more rounded than that of a lampshade brim. My guess is that it would be just as much work to take the first hat apart, reverse the brim, make a new crown and a new trim than to make a completely new hat! HM has so many hats, I don’t think one more was a problem.

  5. The first hat is a better match for the coat in colour and fabric and it’s simple.shape is better but I don’t like how it seems to sit too far back somehow

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