Queen Visits Air Force Training Center

Last Monday, Queen Elizabeth visited the new integrated training centre at RAF Marham. For this day out, she wore a new ensemble with matching hat in a cream, peach and pink textured bouclé plaid. The hat features a gently sloped crown and upturned brim and is trimmed on the side with a wired plaid bow and spray of pale peach feathers

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The feather trim gives some welcome textural contrast to this ensemble, as does the bias pattern of the plaid on the bottom of the upturned brim. I’m not sure I would have chosen the plaid pattern for all three pieces (hat, dress and coat) of the ensemble but the colour palate is a pretty one that the Queen wears well.

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Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of this new addition to Queen Elizabeth’s hat closet?

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14 thoughts on “Queen Visits Air Force Training Center

  1. The plaid is nice; however, peach, yellow and orange just aren’t colors the Queen wears well. As most have noted, this ensemble needs a solid somewhere, perhaps the coat with the interesting button detail.

  2. Another vote for “too much of a good thing.” I like Baxter’s design as a substitute, but even a wide solid cream hatband on the plaid hat would do a lot to break this up.

    Also, I agree with mcncln that this color is too warm for HM.

  3. As soon as I saw this new ensemble earlier this week, I felt the same thing as HQ: maybe too much of a good thing. The colors, pattern, balance are all wonderful, but what if just one of the three pieces was a plain cream or peach color, possibly the dress? Then there would be a slight break from all the plaid (which BTW, I actually love.) Why do other ensembles work better, with all three components using the same material? I came up with several others to compare/contrast, but ultimately enjoy! I think it’s the size of the pattern that makes the difference. Notice in the last picture below, just a slight amount of plain wool brim to break the pattern. Genius.
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. I agree with James B, I just love this new outfit too. Coat, dress, hat and jewellery are all partnering perfectly here.
    It’s so satisfying to see a hat that works seamlessly with an ensemble. The hat’s proportions are all in balance with the coat, and the trim is the right partner for a visually dominant fabric. And a striking texture always looks fabulous with mature skin.
    In fact, I feel that pairing this coat and dress with a hat in a plain colour would make the look too busy, and also look less flattering and impressive, as it would tend to break up the vertical line of the look.
    I agree that the colour is soft and gentle on HM (I adore her in soft tints)– my one quibble is that the colour is too warm for HM. Her complexion looks markedly yellow here under the influence of the surrounding peach colour. And the effect is not helped by her ever-present orange foundation. Unfortunately HM’s make-up colour is always different from her naturally pinkish (cool) skin colour (which can always be seen in any pics looking at her neck and collar bone area where there is no makeup — the best view is pic 2 in the 3rd set). But as this look is so good in every other respect, I am looking forward to many repeats!

  5. Speaking as a weaver, I love that fabric, but speaking as a viewer of those head to toe photos, seeing that even the dress underneath is the same fabric, wow, too much! I agree with Baxter that the solid color hat is preferable.

    Looking at the hat purely on its own, interesting, but nothing special. I do like the way the feathers are held by the wired bow, and the color combo is a good one for HM. I’d like to say I would like the hat better with a solid color coat, but I know it’s not HM’s habit to separate matching-fabric hats from their coats. Does anyone have an identification for the photo Baxter posted? Interesting that the hat seems to be new now but the coat has already been worn.

    • Matthew, could Baxter be a techno magician today? (Does Photoshop come to mind?) The hat he selected is the same as the pink hat highlighted a couple weeks ago in the “This or That” post. Well done, Baxter.

  6. Overall I really like this, but I wish at least the brim was of solid material/color to break this up slightly. It’s definitely an usual choice for a new hat, and more of a low-key event to premiere this at too.

  7. I just love this new outfit. The colours are so flattering on HM, it’s so soft and gentle on her skin, and casts a gentle light on her. The texture gives it real interest, and I actually think the solidness of having the while outfit in it works well, because it has so many subtly different shades. Wisely trim has been kept to a minimum, and this also works well. All in all, a favourite and I’m sure we’ll be seeing it a fair bit more, I hope so anyway!!

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