This Week’s Extras

Princess Beatrice rang in Chinese New Year in a pearl trimmed Zara bandeau
Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia in streamlined black hats (and headpiece) on Tuesday for the funeral of Dagmar von Arbin

On Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth wore a silk headscarf for an engagement- something we don’t often see her do. She officially opened the new Wolferton Pumping Station 72 years after father, King George VI, opened the original station on February 2, 1948.
Embed from Getty Images
On Thursday, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia were in warm winter hats for the Jokkmokk Fair in northern Sweden
Queen Margrethe repeated her smart navy wool covered hat with tartan hatband by Mathilde Thoe Førster yesterday to open the new Copenhagen Museum
The following new millinery designs caught my (and my mum’s !) eyes this week:
Fantastical floral wire vine headpiece made of recycled plastic by Australian milliner Brea Moreland
Ochre straw retro mushroom brimmed hat with blue silk bowed hatband by UK brand Gillys MIllinery
Red straw beret percher with feather flowers and wired crin loops by British milliner Rosie Olivia

And two to highlight- the first, from British milliner Marissa Groom, is a cream straw button percher with pastel sinamay flames and rows of cream ruffles. The second, from Japanese brand Maxim, is a brown felt design with cut felt feather hatband and woven chain detail around the brim edge.

The Danish monarchy released new portraits of Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie to celebrate their respective birthdays this week

Sweet new family portrait of Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and family (I think Princess Estelle’s hairbow is from Livly)
We end this week with an interesting clip of Queen Elizabeth, shared this week on the anniversary of her accession.

Photos from Getty Images and social media as indicated

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I have been reading the posts for some time and I really admire how people can pick which hat would suit which royal. I must have been learning without realising as when I saw the brown felt with the cut outs I thought Princess Hisako. When I read the comments I saw someone else has thought the same!

  2. I would dearly love to get into QEII’s scarf collection. As to the new hats, I like the gray with the veil though I think the length of the veil might bug me. (For some reason I have always liked veils on hats – probably memories of some of my Mom’s hats) The “Over the Rainbow” hat is a lovely combination of colors.

  3. I like Queen Margrethe’s blue Mathilde Thoe Førster even better this time!

    Loving how the unexpected color combinations of the RTM boater and the Gillys Millinery elevate the designs.

    The two highlighted designs could hardly be more different, but they are both showstoppers! Those ruffles layered between the Easter eggs colors of sinamay are amazing! And the brim detail and leaves really refine the brown felt. This would be a lovely working hat for Princess Hisako.

  4. Hat Queen, great post today! A very busy Royal Hats week, indeed!
    BEATRICE: I’m not a fan of bandeaus.
    SILVIA et al: Elegant, refined funeral hats – very nice.
    QUEEN ELIZABETH: Only HM would pick a headscarf with cattails and fish on it to visit a marshland! Magnificent overcoat, also, perfect for a blustery cold outdoor appearance. She literally does NOT miss a sartorial trick!
    CARL and SILVIA: Fun pictures on the sled! I’ll bet they are wonderful grandparents.
    MARGRETHE: Lovely as always. Her 80th birthday is coming soon. (April 16) Great millinery in store?
    CAUGHT MY EYE DEPT: HQ and HQM, you did a bang-up job this week! My favorite is the royal blue boater by Rachel Trevor Morgan, primarily because it is so accessible to the average hat wearer, unlike so many of the (albeit absolutely beautiful) perchers and other over-the top designs.
    PRINCESSES MARY/MARIE: Like these two sisters-in-law, my birthday is one day apart from my sister. And surely, UNlike these two lovely Royals, my sister and I had to share ONE birthday dinner/cake. I’m not bitter, though. I’ve gotten over it with much counselling through the years.
    ACCESSION VIDEO: Thanks for including this. One can only imagine the stress and burden placed on the beautiful 26 year old Princess.

    • Good spotting in the cattail design on the scarf, Jimbo. Did you ever get Mrs. Jimbo her Hermès? Because it’s not too late for Valentine’s Day 😉

      I like the sledding shots of the Swedish royals, too.

      And, yes, it is sobering to think of a 26-year-old taking on what HM did.

  5. Beautiful, cheery headscarf on Her Majesty.
    The official portraits of the Scandinavian Royals are lovely. I particularly like the portrait of the Swedish Crown Princess Family. Prince Oscar is a delight!

    – I love the burst of color on the Bundle McLaren felt beret percher.
    – Queen Maxima would look lovely in the red felt sidesweep with beaded black lace applique by Wayne Wichern
    – I can see Serena Snowdon in the ecru straw waved disc with fantastic bows and gold feathers by Vivien Sheriff. The colors are lovely.
    – Maybe Princess Sofia for the chic grey felt hat with black hatband, feathers and veil by Maja Svensson.
    – Exquisite pink angular percher with crin wave and feather flowers by Millinery By Mel. I love the volume and the delicate flowers. Princess Madeleine would look lovely in this.
    – I think the Duchess of Cambridge would look terrific in any of the embellished felt percher designs by Amanda Denton
    – Great color contrast on the royal blue felt boater with sharp cognac striped ribbon hatband by Rachel Trevor Morgan. I see a boater, and always think of Princess Beatrice. This would look dynamite on her.
    – The rust felt colour blocked driving hat with leather visor by Mirjam de Rijke would look great on Mike Tindall.
    – The Gillys Millinery ochre straw retro mushroom brimmed hat with blue silk bowed hatband is just a perfect hat. Lady Sarah Chatto always looks great in this shape and this particular hat would look fabulous on her at Princess Beatrice’s upcoming wedding.
    – An incredible percher by Marissa Groom! The pastel sinamay flames and rows of cream ruffles is a work of art. So lovely!

    This was a jam packed post today HQ. Thank you!

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