Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to another royal skating outing, this one in The Hague in 1917, 103 years ago. Queen Wilhelmina, in a fur hat and muff is at center left beside a young Princess Julianna.

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30 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

    • Adding a thought: I’d never heard of Sumikawa Kiichi. These works are stunning! Yet another example of how this blog ends up being about more than pretty hats.

  1. Emperor Naruhito’s 60th birthday luncheon

  2. Princess Hisako is looking to retain her second place finish spot in the hat wearing stakes! Here she is on 14 February at the Yokohama Museum of Art:

    On February 14th, Princess Takamado (Hisako) attended the opening ceremony of "Concave and Convex: A Sumikawa Kiichi Retrospective" at Yokohama Museum of Art.📸 https://t.co/XxXo84vEci pic.twitter.com/2ToKAso2n3— Prisma (@ImperialJPNfan) February 25, 2020


    And at the 2019 Hockey Japan League awards ceremony on 17 February:

    Princess Hisako attended the 2019 Hockey Japan League awards ceremony at Nippon Seinenkan Hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo on February 17, 2020.📸 https://t.co/rjbmxe3pJ4📸 https://t.co/D41UQaPcAh📹 https://t.co/c48vq3KOs2 pic.twitter.com/YHbh9qofgP— Prisma (@ImperialJPNfan) February 25, 2020


    • Ugh sorry, I thought I got the embed codes correct, but obviously not. Maja has the 14 February appearance done correctly above.

    • Shanon, I have been waiting to see this ensemble’s repeat – thanks for posting it. It’s been almost 2 years since HM wore this (March 12, 2018)
      Here are some more photos to enjoy. The cranberry color is just awesome, and it’s so nice seeing her lovely smile again.
      PS As of today, only 10 months til Christmas.
      Embed from Getty Images

        • Thank you, Shanon for posting this picture!

          I too have been waiting for a repeat of one of my favorite hats. So happy to see HM out and about looking so well.

        • Thanks too Shanon and Jimbo, this hat and ensemble warm my heart. A dark colour like burgundy can easily look rather sombre and heavy en bloc–but this outfit is beautifully lightened by the veritable wreath of silver, cream and dove grey touches encircling HM’s face — the gorgeous trim, the pearls; the brooch and the dress pattern both echoing the trim — all coordinating beautifully and linking in with HM’s silver hair.

      • Yes!! Like Jimbo, I’ve long waited for this repeat, and thanks Shanon for first posting about it. Favorite repeat choice for February has already been made. 😉 This makes me excited/nervous to see what hats will show up at this year’s Commonwealth Service.

      • The color of the hat and coat on HM are just gorgeous! The flowers on the hat echo the pattern on her dress, which peeps out from the lapels.

  3. The Japanese imperial family celebrated the Emeror’s 60th birthday on February 23, 2020 with a reception and banquet. The Japanese imperial ladies wore court dress which included hats we are already familiar with. The video of the reception is, sadly, not HD, but gives some great closeups, especially side and rear views of hats and headpieces we usually see from a distance. There is plenty of headwear from different cultures in the room too. I enjoyed seeing the royals so animated, relaxing in informal conversation. Look out for the bandeaux in royal blue, navy and crimson, as well as the usual pastels! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdikJ9arwcY&t=64s
    6:47-7:15, 7;55-8:31, 9:19-10:55, 12:21-13:09, 15:07-15:10, 18:32-18:55,19:05-19:14, 19:21-19:37, 20:42-20:48

    • Thanks for posting! I heard that the public events for the birthday were cancelled as a precaution against the coronavirus, so this is a pleasant surprise. Kiko’s navy blue (velvet?) is lovely, and the pleating on Mako’s cream is exquisite. Agree about the saturated colors!

    • Mcncln, thanks for the video. It looks like the Royal Hat world is slowly being taken over by bandeaus! Yes, I guess they are more practical for indoor events, but I still prefer real hats, even the smaller ones. Bandeaus remind me of what my sisters wore growing up in the 60s and 70s.

      For my 60th birthday celebration, we had beer and pretzels in a bar where our shoes stuck to the floor. Instead of string quartet music in the background, we had a jukebox that only played twangy country music from records that also stuck at times.

      I miss Hat Queen.

    • Emperor Naruhito’s 60th birthday luncheon on February 23.
      Crown Princess Kiko, Princesses Kako, Mako, Nobuko, Akiko, Yoko, Hisako and Tsuguko

    • Emperor Naruhito’s 60th birthday luncheon

  4. Queen Elizabeth went to church yesterday wearing a pale pink hat and tweed coat. Below are some pix of it which were taken at a happier time. (Yesterday’s photos are the typical through-the-window-glare shots with a more meditative Monarch riding.)

    September 2, 2017: Braemar Games
    Embed from Getty Images

  5. Fascinating photo! I’ll never understand how the ladies could even move with all that clothing. The Queen’s fur hat looks more like a working man’s style than a monarch’s

  6. No hat updates from me (unless you count me finally wearing a Greek fisher cap I bought last spring on sale haha), but there were two outfits I’d love to see hats with.

    First, this one from Camilla, which is just calling out for a wide brim hat with cobalt blue:
    Embed from Getty Images
    (except it might be this coat with the lapels, etc. redone: https://royalhats.net/2014/05/19/prince-of-wales-and-duchess-of-cornwall-in-canada/, which in that case deserves a reappearance of this beret at the very least)

    And this emerald ensemble from Anne (I know it was an evening event for this outing, but definitely should have a daytime + hat appearance):
    Embed from Getty Images

    I hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend!

    • Jake, that’s exactly what I thought when i saw Camilla in this blue suit. The jacket buttons as well as the design and the main fabric are the same in both cases.
      I love the feather beret that was worn with the earlier suit, so I’m very sad to think that the beret might not be seen again.
      And Anne’s green suit is so striking, i agree that a hat is definitely required!

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