Dutch State Visit To Indonesia Day 2

The second day of the Dutch state visit to Indonesia continued yesterday with Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X and Her Highness Radu Hemas welcoming King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima to Kraton Palace in Yogyakarta. For this visit, and a stop at a community development project, Queen Máxima repeated her picture hat with upswept ‘slice’ brim in muted leaf green straw.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

On this hat’s first outing, we discussed in great detail, this hat’s construction faults. It’s a shame- the brim of this hat could be so fantastic had it been properly cut on the bias and treated to more refined finishing. The colour is lovely on Máxima and executed more successfully, the hat could be a beautifully pairing for this delicately patterned frock. ‘Nuff said.
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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Natan

Previously Worn: May 16, 2019; June 5, 2018 

Later in the day, the royal couple visited the Prambanan Temple. For this, Queen Máxima changed into her textured, natural straw hat with wide cartwheel pleated brim trimmed witha flat, multi-looped bow in caramel satin.

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The pleats on either side of the brim significantly alter its shape and, together with the roughly woven straw, make the look of the hat decidedly less formal. It gives this design interest, and while it’s not my favourite millinery shape in Máxima’s hat closet, it’s nice to see something out of the ordinary.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Zimmerman
Previously Worn: June 23, 2017

Did yesterday’s outings alter your thoughts on these two hats?

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6 thoughts on “Dutch State Visit To Indonesia Day 2

  1. Too bad about the green hat – I love the colour but having seen the sagging brim in closeup, I can’t unsee it.
    When the yellow straw hat first appeared – with another Zimmerman dress, Maxima’s stylist must associate this hat with this designer! – it was worn at a sharp tilt, and I wondered how it would look worn at a less acute angle. https://royalhats.net/2017/06/23/day-4-of-dutch-state-visit-to-italy Well my wish has been granted; but though I prefer today’s angle, I’m disappointed. The hat has a softness, not helped by the indents in the crown and the wobbles in the brim and the looseness of the ribbons, which says beach hat to me, not official visit with gloves. I’d like to see it worn a la mode with hair down, a boho maxi dress, a handcrafted clutch and sandals.

  2. I’d say both ensembles approach a home run for Max.

    Agree with all the comments on the green hat, but think the flattering color outweighs any deficiencies with the brim. I find the Natan dress a bit fussy, but it is perfect for the occasion.

    Really loved the caramel hat and dress combination and think the color is a good one for Max, although as Jake noted, it does hide the gorgeous brooch.

    When Max sticks to classics, paired with the low chignon, she gets it right.

    Am grateful for this blog! Helps to distract from what is in the news right now.

  3. While I’m not certain I fully understand Wies’ explanation from its first outing (I think I need to see examples to truly get it), I do see the upturn in the front brim is not holding up, and presumably this is, as Wies said, because it wasn’t blocked on a bias. It’s a shame because the green is a lovely color for Máxima (not to mention, our third green royal hat of the week!); I also really wish we could get another dress for this hat.

    I like the overall idea of the second hat and its old school Italian vibe, but the details are not up to par, and the dress make it very one note (I also don’t think the dress color is very flattering for Máxima, and it disguises her brooch).

    • Jake, when I read back what I wrote about the subject of bias blocking on the occasion of this hat’s first outing, it seems I got rather worked up about it. That won’t do! But I do tend to be passionate about couture millinery techniques. It is difficult to explain without showing examples.

      I feel you are being a bit harsh here. The colours of the first outfit are soft (it looks as if King Willem-Alexander wore a matching suit); the dress/hat combinations I find feminine and flattering.
      The second dress with the shallow crowned, wide brimmed hat reminds me of the silhouette of the 1930’s.

      • Sorry Wies, I wasn’t blaming you for anything. It’s just hard for me to fully visualize without actually seeing what you mean (although I think I have an idea). I’m very grateful for your expertise and passion for couture millinery, and I have come to learn so much and appreciate things a lot more. Thank you!

        And as to being harsh, unfortunately what I meant is that this dress with the green hat is nice; I just wanted to see her try something else out with this hat since this is the third time with this combination. It was implied in my mind, but obviously no one can read my mind haha. Sorry how everything came out! I will work to be more constructively critical.

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