Cheltenham Festival 2020 Day 2

On Wednesday, the second day of the Cheltenham Festival was attended by the Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Annd and Zara Tindall. The Duchess of Cornwall surprised in a new charcoal felt wide brimmed fedora hat trimmed with a deep chocolaty-maroon hatband with fringed side bow, anchored with the milliner’s insignia.

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This is the first fedora we’ve seen on Camilla and it’s a treat! The scale suits her extremely well, the wide brim giving her that sense of millinery presence and gravitas that we so associate with her. The hat’s classic shape with subtle curves and restrained trim make for a much more streamlined and chic millinery look than we usually see on Camilla- one she carries very well.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. It appears to be a custom version of D26 from AW 2019
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Anne repeated her fuzzy warm brown felt trilby with extended brim, slim darker brown hatband and spray of feathers on the side,

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Sep 1, 2019

Zara Tindall topped her grey and cream houndstooth coat with a contrascting percher hat in burgundy felt. The hat’s base follows an upturned curve around the raised top and is trimmed with a cutout vertical bow and pair of arrow trimmed feathers.

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The pairing of this hat and coat (and burgundy purse and shoes) elevates both pieces, the colour contrast giving the overall look vibrancy and balance. The cutout rectangles on the hat’s bow give some wonderful texture to the piece without making it fussy, making me wonder why we don’t see more cutouts on felt hats?! It’s another strong look for Zara (and for her stylist!).

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Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is the bespoke Bow Percher (likely from AW 2020). Coat by Laura Green London. Styled by Annie Miall. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of this trio of hats?

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10 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival 2020 Day 2

  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see Camilla in a fedora for Ladies Day! Such a treat to see something different, and yet something she pulls off so well. I appreciate the color-coordination with the scarf/dress and the color contrast with the green coat. Hopefully this will become a nice working hat. My only minor complaint is I wish it had a large splash of feathers on the side (like this: since it is Cheltenham, but otherwise being plain allows it to fit many occasions.

    Despite Anne’s color palette not being my favorite (just a personal bias against so much brown), she is styled very well and the newer fedora helps modernize the feel of her ensemble. Another win! Also, you can catch a better glimpse of the feather trim in these two photos:
    Embed from Getty Images

    Finally, Zara wore so many great hats this week, but this cranberry one is probably my favorite as its a different twist on her traditional choice of cocktail hats. There is more substance to the base (i.e. it is thicker than many we’ve seen), and the cutouts are superb. Paired with her oxblood accessories and the black & white houndstooth coat makes for a stunning combination and true winner for Ladies Day. Brava!

    P.S. Here are a couple non-royal hats I appreciated from Ladies Day:
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. What great hats! I love Zara’s burgundy cut-outs, Anne’s classic camel and Camilla’s striking fedora. In fact the latter is making me think I must try a fedora – even if just in straw for the summer. I always appreciate Camilla’s exuberant big sweeping hats, but this looks equally attractive in a more down-to-earth way.

  3. Camilla utterly rocks that fedora! It suits her so well, as she tends to go and buy the same kind of hat on multiple colours, let’s hope she’s stocked up on these, it’s a great look for her.

    This is Zara’s best look of the week. I love how the cutouts reference the houndstooth and make it such a a unified look.

  4. I’m pleased anytime anyone wears a fedora, and Camilla’s is a beauty; I just wish people didn’t appear to think that a fedora is the sort of universal classic style which will go with anything and everything. Camilla’s silk dress with the enormous polka dots, her small earrings, and the small-size details on the coat are, in my view, too fussy to go with the bold linear structure of the hat; so the hat doesn’t have the impact I was expecting from one who is arguably the queen of big hats. Anne has got the right idea — her coat has bold exaggerated simple lines with minimal detail, which means her classic fedora coordinates effortlessly to give her look an fresh modern vibe.
    Zara’s plum hat took my breath away. I agree with mittenmary, no-one else can hold a candle to Zara when she’s wearing a great percher. Her stylist Ms Miall has indeed done a fantastic job pairing this wonderful hat with the houndstooth coat; I’m not a fan of many of Zara’s coats, but Zara looks amazing in this one.

  5. I love Zara’s hat! The cutouts are fantastic! Great styling with the coat. Camilla’s looks nice, but I loooove the original purple color! Anne’s looks very nice with her chocolate brown coat.

    • I agree k2classroom! The cutouts are fun and the color is lovely on Zara. The fedora style suits Camilla so well. She would have looked fabulous in the original purple color.

  6. Camilla — wow, what a fun surprise. The fedora is so sharp and an improvement over her go-to Paddington style.

    Another gorgeous percher for Zara. It’s hard to wish for another style for her when she wears them so well. The color is gorgeous and works beautifully with the grey houndstooth. I share HatQueen’s enthusiasm for the cut-outs. What a novel trim! Are those done by laser cutting? But she is completely upstaged by that excited little race fan!

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