This Week’s Extras

Yesterday, Empress Masako was photographed arriving for the Spring Equinox Festival at the Imperial Palace in an ecru silk covered hat with upturned Breton brim. This video shows Crown Princess Kiko, Princess Mako, Princess Kako and Princess Hisako arriving in cream silk bumper hats and Princess Tsuguko in a her cloche with short cartwheel brim.
King Harald and Queen Sonja and Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit shared greetings and words of encouragement along with photos of how they are keeping occupied in isolation

Several of you have commented on this re-post of Queen Margrethe making a dachshund hat. It’s certainly worth another watch!
I have no idea when this photo was taken but it shows one of the wives of  Swazi King Mswati III in a fun, deep red headpiece that I don’t remember seeing before.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

 Blue straw fedora with saucy brim with silver lace appliqué with hand embroidered sequins by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Black beret percher rimmed in straw blooms and a straw bow by New York-based brand Suzanne Couture Millinery
Another bold and wonderfully vibrant sinamay headpiece by American milliner Amy Fowler
Lovely drape on this vibrant blue felt beret percher’s double bow by Australian milliner Neil Grigg
Exaggerated and striking white boater hat with tall crown and cutout brim by Korean milliner Q Park
Blue ombre bandeau headpiece of overlapping straw leaves by British milliner Bee Smith
Lovely mulberry felt fedora with extended brim and fantastic pheasant feathers by Kenya-based miliner Chloe Mitchell
Black and white straw saucer with flying rim trimmed with lace by American milliner Tiffany Arey
Mysteriously beautiful veiled black lace mask headpiece by British milliner Jane Taylor
Tan felt fedora with fascinating textured brim by Australian milliner Felicity Northeast
Two-toned blue sinamay percher with sweeping shape by New York-based milliner Sally Caswell
Futuristic black straw saucer brimmed design with orbiting planets by British brand Miss Ginny Millinery
Two blush leather halo bandeau headpieces with statement flowers here and here by Australian milliner Cessiah Alice
For our dear gents, this sleek black fedora with silk paisley hatband from Danish brand Hornskov København

And from British milliner Anne Tomlin, this amazing percher made from straw braid sewn with wire and formed into a caged button percher, trimmed with exquisite handmade lily-of-the-valley and silk abaca leaves.

Happy news from Bhutan on the safe arrival of a new prince on Thursday.

What are you doing to spread support and encouragement these days?

Photos from social media as indicated

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. The slouchy bow of Neil Grigg blue percher make me think of the Duchess of Sussex. The reversed-out pattern of Tiffany Arey‘s dramatic saucer is nifty — very unusual.

    We saw a lot of lilies of the valley in the “most flowers” challenge, and I was wondering why we don’t see them on current royal hats. But here we are with Anne Tomlin‘s caged percher! I love the way they’re tied into a posy. The cage design is so attractive. This airy design would be a great alternative to the donut hats and bandeaus.

    Great news from Bhutan! And how lovely that the Belgians are continuing to spread good cheer.

  2. Thank you for featuring my blue grey fedora HatQueen. I am puzzled as to what to post in the present situation. Things are getting rather desperate in Italy now; we worry about friends and aquintances. And it looks af if more people will loose their incomes than their lives, which is also worrying.
    Yet, it won’t do to get all depressed. Colour and beauty are always welcome I suppose.

    I love the beautiful percher made by Anne Tomlin. She is a ardent student of nature and her handmade flowers are true works of art. Like Anne, I feel I am blessed to have a garden, especially in these times of self isolation.
    I hope you are all well, HatQueen and fellow bloggers where ever you are!

  3. The similarity between these outfits is uncanny Shanon, well spotted and remembered. Yes indeed, proof positive that HM’s ensemble is ‘timeless”!
    I do love that HM doesn’t always dress in a “majestic” style – her outfit is fun and fresh, in a sort of early Princess Anne way.

  4. The lovely new hat designs are much appreciated, HQ.
    Gosh, that dachsund face hat Queen Margrethe is making takes me back. In kindergarten, I and my classmates wore “birdface” hats on our heads, just like the one the queen wears at the end of the video, to do a “Bird Dance” performance at the end-of-school concert. We also wore little capes of coloured crepe paper to represent wings, which we flapped with our arms. I dare say we looked hilariously cute. I don’t suppose I had more than a “colouring-In” role in the making of my birdface hat and costume. Parents had to be VERY hands-on with craft in those days.

  5. Queen Margrethe is the best! I love how even she got a little frustrated making her wonderful craft 🙂

    I think the milliners who are posting their creations is what we need right now. I love the burst of color in the headpiece by Amy Fowler (wasn’t Sheldon’s girlfriend on Big Bang Theory Amy Farrah Fowler?? Coincidence or is she now a milliner instead of a neurobiologist?) 😉
    I love the two blush leather halo bandeau headpieces with statement flowers by Australian milliner Cessiah Alice. Stunning!!!

    In other fun events, look at this delightful photo of Queen Elizabeth
    Embed from Getty Images

    Here’s Hat Queen’s post on it from 2013:

    Now, see Rita Ora’s outfit from September 2019, which I think took inspiration from Her Majesty’s timeless outfit:

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