Monday Multiples: Queen Máxima

Last week in Indonesia, Queen Máxima repeated a ruched brown straw toque-inspired headpiece with open crown. So far, she has paired this headpiece with three very different dresses:

Look #1: With a turquoise metallic silk dress embroidered with gold, silver, copper, bronze and black beads and sequins by Natan, worn for King’s Day in 2014

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty ImagesQueen Máxima

Look #2: With a vibrant green draped sleeveless dress also by Natan, worn on July 7, 2015


Look #3: With a long coral floral print linen dress with balloon sleeves by Zimmerman, worn March 12, 2020 in Indonesia.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Which ensemble do you think works best with this headpiece?

Photos from Rpe/Albert Nieboer/dpa via Corbis and Getty as indicated 

16 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Queen Máxima

  1. One and three , possibly three the best. It isn’t necessarily the outfit I am judging on but the hairdo. Think it needs more formal updo

  2. I like #1 the best, because the dress itself is so unusual and distinctive that it calls for a distinctive hat, because the exact shade of tan is also present in the dress, and because I have always liked light blue combined with shades of brown/tan.

    Second choice, the green dress — even though I agree with others that the dress itself is not a winner style-wise, the tan hat and shoes with that vibrant green strike just the right color contrast.

    Least favorite is #3, because in my opinion the tan hat (and the tan gloves also) just don’t go with the colors in that dress, I would have preferred an off-white (ivory?) matching more closely the lighter color in the dress pattern.

    • Completely agree about the first dress. I also agree that ivory would have been better than tan with the coral, but how about ivory with the green, too?

      • Oh, yes, definitely ivory with the green dress would be an excellent combo, and would give that outfit an entirely different look, possibly a bit more formal. (Changing the shoes at the same time, of course.)

    • I agree with you on all three examples, Matthew, though for slightly different reasons.
      I love a hat worn offset, and that’s just what we see in #1, the hat is angled to the right to offset the bun placed on the left. So sophisticated and chic! ( plus the hat’s wavy shape contrasts with the geometrics of the dress, for a stronger impact. And yes, sky blue and tan is one of my favourite colour combinations too.
      That said, I also like #2 where the hat is centred, and the hairstyle is long. The dress colour wouldn’t be my first choice for a blonde (best on someone with black hair e.g. Princess Hisako Embed from Getty Images
      …however, the lime green could indeed be softened by accessories in a brighter neutral such as ivory, as mittenmary and yourself suggest. I do like how the wavy structure of the hat complements and reflects the wavy structure of the dress.
      #3 is nicely worn, but it doesn’t contribute anything extra to the outfit – apart from a costume-y turban vibe. To be honest, I don’t feel this complicated, button-up salwa dress is a great starting point for Maxima (the huge sleeves…the belt…the high neckline) seen here without any hat:
      Embed from Getty Images
      A more impactful hairstyle and hat would tone down the dress’s weak points, by shifting the focus up and away from the dress.

  3. Personally I still don’t see why one would do this empty circle rather than a proper “filled-in” hat, but having said that, it looks good from the front! Look number one definitely wins. It looks really polished and intentional, whereas the other two ensembles both look as though they were put together looking through options and thinking “that wouldn’t be bad”. I don’t like it very much with look three because it is fairly close to but doesn’t match the paler colour in the dress – not matchy enough and not contrasting enough for the best effect. I also don’t like look two, only partly because the dress is pretty much a disaster (like something from a party game where you have to create a dress on the spot from a length of fabric with the aid of a few safety pins!) I just don’t think the hat adds anything to the outfit. I think the hat is actually quite versatile, and it’s certainly inoffensive enough to blend with various outfits, but to me, only the first outfit shows it at its best.

  4. The hat donates royalty and works for the climate that she is visiting. I like it best with the first outfit. She is always put together.

  5. A very versatile headpiece, managing 3 very different looks, from demure with the first frock, modern with the green, and soft, regal, and sweet with the long dress. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but the more I look at it, the more I like it on Queen M.

  6. This donut hat is growing on me, after not liking it at all on first viewing. It is a good hat for blending with almost any outfit, to wear on a warm day when you don’t want to wear a hat!
    I prefer the first outing of the three, because the embellished dress really called for a simple hat, but although I don’t like the shape of the vibrant green dress, the styling with the hat and tan shoes does go well.

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