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Infanta Elena walking her dog in a deep plum felt trilby with slim leather hatbands and side feather trim
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Princess Sofia in a black knit hat for a visit to a grocery store with set hours for elderly and immuno-compromised customers during the COVID-19 crisis.
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Våra äldre är i riskgrupp och det görs många viktiga insatser för att skydda dem från att smittas av Covid-19. Imorse var vi på ICA Kvantum i Värtahamnen för att på behörigt avstånd hälsa på de äldre som har tillgång till butiken mellan kl. 07.00-08.00, innan alla andra kunder kommer dit. Vi pratade även med Mathias och Henrik som är ansvariga för denna ICA-butik om vikten att vara flexibel och hitta lösningar i en oviss tid som denna. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Du som anhörig till någon i riskgrupp är ovärderlig! Några viktiga insatser är att se till att viktig information förmedlas, att hjälpa till med handling av matvaror och annat och att se till att de inte hamnar i social isolering genom att exempelvis ringa videosamtal.

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The Duchess of York celebrated Princess Eugenie’s 30th birthday on Monrday by sharing this wonderful snap taken on her wedding day. That tiara is so fantastic on her!
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
White hugger covered in exquisite guipure lace by American brand Suzanne Couture Millinery
From Australian milliner Jill Humphries, a lipstick read teardrop leather percher with removable vine of roses
Royal blue straw button percher with grey stripe bound ruffle trim by British milliner Camilla Rose
Pink and purple tartan boater with layered hatbands and rose trim by Australian brand Christie Millinery
Black swirled crown straw saucer with windowpane brim and lace applique from French brand Mei Mei Chapeaux
Fuchsia silk orchid headpiece with curling feathers and gold trim by British milliner Emma Linney
Exquisite handmade lace full-face covering cloche by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
Charcoal and ecru straw swirled brim design by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Love the orange and pink ombre brim on this straw picture hat from British milliner Sarah Cant
And from British milliner Vivien Sheriff, this navy disc headpiece with beaded lace applique trim and curling quills

How time flies! Princess Aiko graduated from high school this week and will begin her university studies next month.
Lovely photos shared by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge last weekend for Mother’s Day. The card Prince George made for his mum is awfully adorable.
We close this week with standing ovations for frontline workers- thanks I’m sure we all heartily join in

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7 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Sobering to see the royals, usually smiling when we see them, so serious as they work from home. The Wessexes and Cambridges make a cheering antidote, though.

    Hoping that Aiko’s graduation means that she gets to wear some grown-up clothes, perhaps even hats!

    I don’t typically think of HM when I see the new designs, but wouldn’t she look lovely in the Christie Millinery boater with one of her pink or purple coats? The Lia Gureeva cloche is indeed exquisite, if not exactly wearable. Very femme fatale! I love Shanon’s selection of the red percher for Princess Eugenie and the Myra van de Korput for Princess Hisako.

  2. LOVE Infanta Elena’s trilby! The color is wonderful on her.

    Nice to see the Swedish Royals practicing social distancing.

    I think Princess Eugenie should show us more photos from her wedding. She looked amazing and that tiara is perfection on her. It’s like when Princess Madeleine of Sweden wore the aquamarine tiara – just made for her.

    Congratulations Princess Aiko! It was kind of sad to see her graduation photos with a mask. Sad reality we live in. I also heard the Emperor and Empress did not attend the graduation ceremony due to coronavirus and social distancing.

    Great photos of the Cambridge family for Mother’s Day, and of them clapping for NHS workers. It was a really lovely thing to do (I think the Dutch Royals did it last week), and meant a great deal to all those working so hard. The Wessex Family was so adorable, weren’t they?

    – WOW! The white hugger covered in exquisite guipure lace by Suzanne Couture Millinery is so stunning. Princess Charlene or Beatrice Borromeo would look amazing in this.
    – I love the lipstick read teardrop leather percher from Jill Humphries. It’s so sleek. Princess Eugenie would look so great in this.
    – I could see the Duchess of Cornwall in the black swirled crown straw saucer with windowpane brim and lace applique from Mei Mei Chapeaux. The brim is wonderful.
    – My favorite flowers are orchids, so I would love the fuchsia orchid headpiece with curling feathers and gold trim by British milliner Emma Linney. It’s so beautiful.
    – I love the the lace full-face covering cloche by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva. It is stunning! I don’t think a Royal would wear it, but Queen Celine Dion would wear this and look amazing.
    – I thought of Princess Sofia or Princess Hisako for the charcoal and ecru straw swirled brim design by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput. It’s a great design!
    – Princess Beatrice wore a blue Sarah Cant picture hat years ago for Royal Ascot 2014 that was a similar shape to this.She would look amazing in this Sarah Cant orange and pink ombre brim on this straw picture hat. It is so pretty.

  3. I guess we won’t see any royal hats in April or May.
    Is there any chance you could continue with hat inventories? I find them really useful when trying to find an old hat or when I’m not sure if a hat is new or a repeat.

  4. Blast from the past

    Princess Michael of Kent attends the Installation of Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor as Archbishop of Westminster at Westminster Cathedral, 22nd March 2000.

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