Monday Multiples: Queen Elizabeth

Thanks to Jimbo for providing the introduction and background research for this “Monday Multiples” series.

Jimbo’s Introduction: Queen Elizabeth has many green hats in her closet, and she looks sensational in all of them.  This heavy wool, emerald green coat featured today has been paired with two totally different hats.  A veiled pillbox has been worn at least three times, then it was replaced with a wonderful striped turban.  So far, records indicate that this turban has only been worn (or photographed) publicly once.

Look #1: With an emerald brushed felt pillbox trimmed with a black dotted net veil and black muti-looped bow on the top of the crown worn for Maundy Thursday  in Worcester on April 3, 1980, at the Church of England’s General Synod at Westminster Abbey on December 11, 1980 and on a visit to the Army Staff College in Surrey on March 19, 1982.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: With a turban hat covered on the bias in green and white striped fabric, worn for a day out in Cambridge on May 16, 1984.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Which pairing do you prefer most?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

17 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Queen Elizabeth

  1. I’m loving the green pillbox, and wish it would make a return! It is quite a successful creation, good strong colour, minimal fuss, and a bit of glamour from the velvet bow and the veil.

  2. Going along with the consensus that the pillbox is the better design, but the turban is more flattering. This makes me wonder why she didn’t wear the pillbox farther back on her head, the more standard position for this style.

  3. I am not crazy about either hat, but prefer the striped turban because it’s shape is better suited to HRM.
    What I am wildly crazy about however, is the emerald brooch, worn both times here with the pendant!

    Oh yes. I owned this brooch I would be wearing the wool coat,which coordinates perfectly, even in May!

    Week three here. Thank you Jimbo for another fun post.

  4. Today is the anniversary of HM Q Elizabeth, Queen Mother, I suppose we’ll get some of her fineries which she wore with such penchant over long decades? Just the feather hats would create a volume! In today’s world of drab and dark…her opinion, after being criticized during war for wearing pastels and heels, flies high and joyful especially today: “If they came to see me, they, too would wear their best…”

  5. Jimbo, you know I must comment on my favorite color, especially when it’s my favorite shade! Despite the beautiful color, both hats are very of their time and therefore aren’t my favorite looks in general; I do prefer the pillbox for a more harmonious look overall (although I don’t care for how high it sits on HM’s head); as others have said, the turban hat feels very spring/summer and the coat seems at odds with it seasonally and materially (material-wise?). Visually, I do like the contrast of the solid emerald coat with the stripes of the turban.

    • Jake, I agree with you about preferring the turban/coat contrast, but . . . what I can’t “wrap my head around” is the coiffure-destroying turban style! They always remind me of my sister, immediately after sh’s washed her hair! Ha HA!
      PS Emerald green is my favorite shade of green, also.
      PSS Week 3 at home, at least it’s warmer and sunny today. How about DC?

      • It’s overcast and a bit chilly in the Greater Washington Metroplex, thank you for asking!

        The pillbox is really brushed felt? It’s so shiny in Picture #1 I thought it was satin. I think it would have looked better if t were a tiny bit wider in circumference so that it sat just a bit lower on her head. Perched up like the pictures show, it looks like a fez!

      • So true about the turban style being coiffure-destroying! You would think that would drive HM mad!

        DC weather has been up and down all March (well, pretty much all of 2020), but it looks like warmer temps will be mostly here to stay after Wednesday this week. Venturing out tomorrow (Wednesday) to the grocery store after making it almost 2 weeks without a trip, but I’m in need of more salad mix and cheese and chocolate (the essentials, you know). Still deciding what hat to wear haha. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

  6. she wears the same brooch and the same earrings
    both hats have their own appeal though I prefer the turban simply because it appears the proportions are better

  7. It does seem a little odd to be wearing a heavy coat for the May turban outing. None of the onlookers appear to be dressed so warmly. Anyway, I prefer the beautiful veiled pillbox, even though it does not work wonderfully well with her hair style. And such a gorgeous colour!

    • I’m in agreement about the hairstyle i the first hat. I love the coat. The style and color are fantastic. The pillbox with veil is beautiful, but I don’t like it on HM.

  8. Looks like the May outing was an effort to make a winter coat appear more Springlike. I prefer the striped turban – as I’ve said before, I don’t care for HM in hats that go horizontally across her brow, although this green pillbox is a nice hat per se, and the effect is better than some on her.

    • Trickymum, isn’t it interesting how we each look at things so differently at times? I guess that’s what makes the world go ’round, eh? My dad used to say “to each his own, said the farmer as he kissed the cow.” I agree with you 100%, liking the turban over the pillbox. I disagree with you, though, about the horizontal across-the-brow styling. That doesn’t bother me in the least. What DOES bother me is the exact opposite, where the hat is pushed back too far, allowing a bit of the hairline to appear. That reminds me of kids “dressing up.” What do you think of these?
      Embed from Getty Images

      • Gotta agree with you there, Jimbo, these 2 hats you shared are missing the “sweet spot” for forehead placement. HM’s hairstyle, being unvarying, didn’t allow for options in the way we see today’s royals mixing it up with their hairdos (and therefore hat placements).

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