Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to this day in 1970, 50 years ago today, and a young Princess Anne in a rounded crown with sharply upturned brim, worn to Sydney University while on a visit to Australia. The hat was repeated for Ascot that year and the bottom photo, in colour, shows it to be white with a grass green hatband that coordinates with Anne’s white, black and green vibrantly printed frock.

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20 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

    • Oh my, that’s …. I’m struggling with what words to use. Someone pour me a gin & tonic cause that’s what I need if I look at that hat again!

    • Awwww, that hat is one of my all time faves on the QM.
      The QM in her senior years had the unique knack of radiating queenly dignity while at the same time hatted like a fairy atop a Christmas tree. No-one since has come close. Unforgettable.

  1. Really like the photo of Anne with the Queen Mum. Anne’s hat is sharp, classic and perfect for her. It must have gotten tossed because otherwise I would imagine she would be wearing it now!

    Stay healthy and positive, fellow hat aficionados!

  2. When I first think of hats this is what comes to mind–something with a raised crown and a brim. Not a percher or turban type hat. I like this hat and the way the turns up on the side and back. That adds some sass which fits Anne’s personality!

  3. That’s a great style on Princess Anne. She wears similar ones today (minus the larger rounded crown) that look amazing on her.

  4. There is an amusing story about today’s hat: apparently while in Sydney, Anne made a crude comment about the windy weather conditions, which offended a number of the Aussies present. Maybe this hat should have been included in the recent “foul weather” post.
    Here, the ensemble reappears, this time in Turkey with her mum. Doesn’t HM look great!)

    October 1, 1971: Turkey
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Sorry for double posting: here’s something from the previous year – could it possibly be the same hat, but re-decorated? Notice a couple of dents in it!

      May 26, 1969: London
      Embed from Getty Images

    • Their hats are similar! I think both of them look fantastic!

      As for the 1969 hat, the more I look at it to compare, I think they are different. The 1969 hat looks like a higher crown, and a bit more of a brim curl. But, it could all be photo angles too.

      Great finds as always Jimbo!

    • I like to remember just how funky Anne was when she was young. But yes, the real story here is HM’s rigout – that is such a sassy look for her! I love it. So 70s.

    • Great find Jimbo!
      I wonder what Anne said. She was reputed at the time to “swear like a sailor” in her equestrian circles, and apparently at least one paparazzo got the proof of that when she caught him trespassing in pursuit of a candid snap of her. Anne is definitely a one-off.

  5. Yes I love that period of her style. Her hats were so bold and confident! this hat (and outfit) is a great example.
    The Queen Mother looks fabulous as always in the Ascot photo. She and Anne seem to be colour-coordinated, too!

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