This Week’s Extras

Not surprisingly, we don’t have any royal hats to admire this week. Instead, check out a new page here on Royal Christenings and join with me for a long parade of new millinery designs to admire:
British milliner Victoria Charles’ white leather percher trimmed with interlocking metallic gears. So creative!
Pale aqua straw saucer with silver silk binding and pearl trimmed, folded starflower by Irish milliner Alison Roe
Adore the layered feather trim on this taupe straw picture hat with mushroom brim by British milliner Katie Vale
Charming natural straw boater with pink tulle brim trim by London-based Rafa Peinador
Wonderful headpiece of hand sculpted wire flowers by Australian milliner Moh Deest
Beautifully shaped and draped purple pyramid design by Dutch milliner Eugenie van Oirschot
Such interesting stitching detail on this cream straw design by Australian milliner Felicity Northeast
Mint straw cloche with unique double tiered crown by Canadian milliner Samantha-Tara Mainville
Such a lovely white and blue ombre straw painted pillbox by British milliner Sarah Cant with delicate wire trim
And from Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit, the sunniest, happiest straw fedora with bow-tied hatband and feather trim. This design had me grinning from ear to ear the moment I saw it! Notice the impeccable work on the brim binding.

While there won’t be a hat, I’m looking forward to hearing Queen Elizabeth’s address tomorrow.
I’ll continue to provide daily distractions here on Royal Hats- please join in the conversation! Stay healthy by staying home, everyone!

Photos from social media as indicated

18 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. The Christenings page is very exciting HQ, I know ‘/m going to enjoy it. And thanks for the link to the Swedish jewels doco, it was so worth watching. All in all, extra visual delight from this week’s extras!

  2. Love the christening page! There does not seem to be a comments section there so I will comment here… was that a PERCHER on Camilla at Prince George’s Christening? I did not remember that… and thank you HatQueen for keeping us amused while twiddling our thumbs!

  3. Thank you HatQueen, for featuring my “Under the Sun” fedora. Such a wonderful selection of hats this week! For the time being we can only dream of and hope for occasions to wear beautiful headwear to.

    The Swedish crown jewels are breathtaking. I love Queen Sylvia showing priceless tiara’s with on her wrist a couple of bracelets made from little plastic beads, presumably from her grandchildren!

    • Wies:

      I love your hats!
      You are so talented and so proficient, and your passion for millinery is evident in everything you design and execute. Loved the cheery yellow fedora.

      Thank you for your artistry and thank you for educating me through your posts on this blog.

      • Ditto!

        And to clarify- this weekly list of highlighted hats truly are ones that catch my eye. As I scroll through, I set these aside and it’s only when preparing the post (minutes before publishing) that I look who the milliners are.

      • Thank you Beth, that is uplifting! Sometimes I wonder whether it has any sense at all to do this (I mean, if you are a doctor, a nurse or a teacher you know what you get up for in the morning, right?) But this is what I do best and it takes every kind of people to make the world go round, as the song says 😀

  4. Thanks for the new Christening page HQ! I can’t wait to look at that now 🙂

    I absolutely loved watching the Swedish Royal Jewels documentary the other day. It was so relaxing! The closeups of the tiaras is amazing and I love the history and little anecdotes everyone shares.

    – I like Princess Beatrice for the periwinkle straw saucer with ecru and navy stripe jinsin twists by Jane Taylor. I also love the blue and white little pillbox or percher in the top right of the photo.
    – Love the chic powder pink felt angular trilby by Jolana Kotabova. The matching mask is cute as well! I think Princess Charlene would look great in this. I know CP Mette-Marit doesn’t wear hats anymore because of her neck issues, but this would look so great on her.
    – I love how HQ called felt percher with dotted veil by Jill Humphries “inky blue.” It’s a great description. I think this is a drop dead gorgeous hat. I could love to see CP Mary in this.
    – Stunning color of aqua on the straw saucer with silver silk binding and pearl trimmed, folded starflower by Alison Roe. This would be a beautiful Easter Hat on Camilla.
    – Agreed that the layered feather trim on this taupe straw picture hat by Katie Vale is stunning. The colors are so lovely. I think it would be lovely on so many Royal heads – Princess Beatrice, Countess of Snowden, and even the Duchess of Gloucester.
    – The Countess of Wessex would look great in the black straw pyramid with lace overlay and curling quills by Hats by Tracy Mac.
    – Princess Eugenie for the white straw saucer with hand-dyed inky blue sinamay wreath around the crown by Bee Smith.
    – Wies Mauduit, I ADORE the straw fedora with bow-tied hatband and feather trim! How did you know that’s exactly what we all needed right now? It’s so cheerful and perfect for Spring! I think this would be outstanding on Queen Maxima!

  5. No new royal hats for the foreseeable future, so here are my wishes from above mentioned milliners.
    Sophie Wessex

    Duchess of Cambridge

    View this post on Instagram

    Adding a little colourful distraction Take care

    A post shared by felicitynortheastmillinery (@felicitynortheastmillinery) on

    Duchess of Cornwall

    Princess Anne

    Queen Maxima

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