Monday Multiples: Queen Máxima

In February, Queen Máxima repeated a tawny, muted burgundy Natan day dress with statement beret hat. This dress had previously been worn with a hat clearly made to pair with it, making me think that a second, closer look at these hats with this dress might be in order:

Look #1:  With a museline felt fedora by Fabienne Delvigne with relaxed brim and hatband in the same fabric as the dress worn with a statement necklace on January 31, 2019 to open a new exhibition at the Schunk Museum in Heerlen and on October 2, 2019 for the Sciencemakers Awards

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: With a pheasant feather covered beret with decidedly 1960s vibe (possibly a vintage hat from the royal archives?) of unknown design worn to a seminar on Indonesia and the Netherlands on February 18, 2020 in Amsterdam

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

It’s interesting how Máxima has used texture in both ensembles- the necklace in the first, the hat in the second- to set them off. Lighting clearly also plays a part, the dress showing as more muted and brown-based in the second outing than the first (perhaps, also impacted by the hat with all the brown toned feathers). This leaves me curious, dearest readers, about which hat you prefer most with this frock

Photos from Getty as indicated 

12 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Queen Máxima

  1. I much prefer the intricate feathered beret as a hat, it’s fascinating! However, I think both work with the dress, they just create ensembles that convey very different vibes. The fedora is an intrinsically less formal shape (at least for women), and the outfit appears, as someone said, “jaunty”. The structure of the beret and its feather execution give a much more formal look, I think. So it depends on the occasion which is the better suited.

  2. I think the plot is thickening: I might like this combination the best!

    October 9, 2019: Amersfoort, Netherlands
    Embed from Getty Images

  3. Wow. Absolutely love the beautiful feather beret (almost a bandeau from the front). So glad it’s not open in the back and instead graced with an intricate feather pattern. Gorgeous. Eye-popping and note-worthy.
    The fedora is uninteresting to me, EXCEPT, that it’s the perfect foil to the big, chunky and demanding necklace and thus, works perfectly to allow the necklace to be the star and offers a sleek look despite the size of the necklace.
    So, a big thumbs-up for excellent use of one dress with two different hats and effect.

  4. The feathered hat is extraordinary, to say the least! The rear photos are amazing! I struck out when trying to find an old photo of Juliana wearing it.
    Here’s an interesting short article relating to the hat.

    Thanks, HatQueen, for your contribution in keeping our spirits high. I’ve become an “expert” at ZOOM meetings. What a blast it would be to have one here at RoyalHats! My face in the square would certainly chase everyone else away! HA HA.

    • Thank you, Jimbo, for the close-up picture of the feathered hat from the back. I appreciated the workmanship and colors much more with that picture. I find I like both hats with the dress and am thankful for Maxima’s fashion boldness in giving us these different looks. I hope and pray everyone is safe at home and that soon this virus will be history and things will return to normal.

  5. I prefer the fedora and necklace because, for me, they help draw your eyes to most of the whole outfit (especially when she had that camel coat draped over her shoulders during the first outing). I like the idea behind Look #2, but the whole outfit feels a bit disconnected; a bigger hat (her bronze slice?) could help, and/or perhaps a more interesting collar or a brooch if one isn’t going to wear a necklace.

    Like Lynn, I’m glad to see the constant updates on here despite the lack of new appearances. Many thanks HatQueen, guest bloggers, and fellow commenters for helping to keep our spirits up!

  6. I can’t choose between the two because no other royal could/would carry off that amazing necklace, and no other royal could/would carry off that exquisite feathered hat.

  7. Whilst I love the feathered hat – the beautiful layered colours and texture – I prefer the fedora with the dress as an ensemble. I liked the necklace too, which added lightness against the Queen’s face.

  8. I can’t choose which hat I prefer with the dress because I think each one looks great and offers a completely different look. In the first look, you are right that with the hat being the same color as the dress, our eyes are immediately drawn to her gorgeous statement necklace. And, in the second look, the focus is entirely on her statement hat. I will say that I prefer the lighter toned shoes in the first look assuming that she is wearing different shoes and it isn’t just the lighting throwing off the color perception. The Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Maxima are my favorite royals and just like DOC, Max’s beautiful smile is her best accessory.

    Thank you for continuing to post during the pandemic when royals are just like the rest of us and staying home so that there aren’t any new looks.

    • You’re most welcome, Lynn. I think we all need lighthearted distractions these days and it is an excellent way to polish and post some of my “Draft Posts,” of which there are more than 150 in queue….

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