This Week’s Extras

Prince Carl Philip in a green beret on Wednesday to visit the Swedish Armed Forces and learn about their work during this pandemic.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Fuchsia and deep purple straw top hat with crystal-studded veil overlay by British milliner Victoria Grant
Blue felt bucket cloche with different hatbands (love the blue silk) by Belarus brand Lumiere Chapeau
Headpiece of white feather daisies and yellow veiling by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
For our dear gents, this black raffia braid fedora with orange floral hatband from Australian brand Helen Kaminski
Jewelled bunny ears headpiece from British headpiece designer Hermione Harbutt
Wonderful stacked braid trim on this natural straw design by German brand Hutmoden Greiner
Such interesting pinwheel crown shape on this design by Australian milliner Andrea Cainero
Cheeky tan felt pillbox with gold sequin covered visor by Italian milliner Stefania Belfiore
The prettiest purple straw Easter hat with silk blossoms and veil trim by Japanese brand Maxim
Stunning deep blue velvet percher pillbox with sparkling hand embroidered trim by Australian brand Katie Tee

And the winner of the Melbourne International Millinery Competetition, made of recycled and reused material, is this sharp design by Australian milliner and costumer Andrea Cainero. Such a fantastic take on modern militaristic millinery!

Lovely photo of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall with the Duchess’ pups taken this week at their Scottish home and shared in celebration of their 15th wedding anniversary


Lovely Easter wishes and greetings from Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Gustaf and their families, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques of Monaco

Poignant Easter message of hope from Queen Elizabeth II
We end this week with a wonderful message of courage from the Belgian royal family
Photos from social media as indicated

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Great video call with the Swedish Royal Family

    – CP Mette-Marit for the beautiful blue felt bucket cloche with different hatbands by Lumiere Chapeau
    – Princess Beatrice for the white feather daisies and yellow veiling headpiece by Jill Humphries
    – Really wish Lady Louise could have worn the fun, jewelled bunny ears headpiece by Hermione Harbutt for Easter Service.
    – Princess Hisako for the purple straw Easter hat with silk blossoms and veil trim by Maxim
    – Empress Masako for the deep blue velvet percher pillbox with sparkling hand embroidered trim by Katie Tee

    Happy Easter Everyone!

  2. Happy Easter, all! Thought you might enjoy this from Easters past.

    Jake, are you wearing one of your splendid Easter hats for an essential trip out of the house today?

    Wow, that beautiful braid trim really elevates the Hutmoden Greiner straw! I’m selecting the purple Maxim for Princess Hisako (and for me, in my fantasy world).

    Enjoyed reading about HM’s Maundy Thursday gift recipients, especially the 101-year-old bell ringer! And I love how the Belgian royal family continues to spread cheer.

  3. I wondered how HMQEII would manage the Maundy money this year. Obviously, foot-washing was right out!
    That recycled hat is quite something – there’s almost an air of shako about it.

  4. Happy Easter HQ! thanks for the lovely hats as always. That recycled materials hat is so unusual. There’s a view of it on the model, including a rear view here Plus the other placegetting entries.
    It’s interesting how the hats entered for the competition are all shown worn by the same model. I suppose that is to prevent the judges being unconsciously swayed by the look or style of different models, perhaps?

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