This Week’s Extras

No surprise, there’s no royal hats to share. However, numerous milliners, including British milliner Jane Taylor, are offering millinery video classes. Those of you wanting to pick up a hat-making hobby might want to check them out!
A whole lot of new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Who says monochrome hats are boring?! Lovely monochrome saucers and perchers with the most wonderful trims by British milliner Lucinda Hostombe Shooter who works under the Hostie Hats label.

Love the embroidered blue flowers on this wide bandeau headpiece from British milliner Jane Cave
Ecru straw percher with handpainted feathers and pink ribbon from London-based milliner Nora De la Quintana
Dark green fur felt fedora with eye-catching patterned ribbon hatband by Australian milliner Catherine Kelly
Adore the movement on this black silk twist headpiece by London-based milliner Filipa Cardoso
Juicy colour contrast on this red straw beret percher with pink silk abacca trim by British Milliner Camilla Rose

Such a lovely scale and colour contrast on this peacock blue and white wide brimmed design with prim double hatband and floral trim from Japanese brand Maxim.

Adorable mother-daughter red velvet bandeau headpieces with ombre crin hearts by British milliner Bundle MacLaren
Fun straw colour-blocked boater hat in green, blue and yellow by British millinery brand Isabella Josie

From Spanish milliner Eugenia Jimenez, a simple black straw teardrop percher trimmed with the most wonderful handmade silk butterflies that appear to lightly hover around it

Vibrant ombre rainbow straw halo bandeau headpieces from British milliner Julian Garner
Cozy grey wool cloche with red applique leaves by Australian milliner Wendy Scully
Such lovely feather work on this pale pink straw picture hat by British milliner Lucinda Hostombe Shooter
Black bandeau with veil and stunning red and white feathers by Austalian milliner Felicity Northeast
Striking how this headpiece of oversize red lilies is designed to be worn. From Italian milliner Francesco Ballestrazzi

And finally, from South African milliner Bettina Thomas, this showstopping saucer hat with soaring feathers

The Countess of Wessex has been busy, helping various social and health enterprises over the past week. Princess Sofia joined her local hospital as a new medical assistant and other royals are pitching in as well (Vogue)

Photos from social media as indicated

8 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I’m so interested in the tie at the back of the Jane Cave bandeau. Do bandeaux usually have something like this to anchor them? And another construction question: are those beads in the Tracey Miller hatbands, or pulled-out poufs of fabric?

  2. Everything you said, Shanon! Spectacular cage headpiece. I’ll just add that I’m trying to imagine some occasion for Kate and Charlotte to wear the Bundle MacLaren bandeaux.

  3. What a joyful triple selection of hats this week!

    I’d like to draw attention to an initiative of British milliners (most of whom have seen their businesses come to a complete standstill):
    they are now making PPE visors for NHS hospital workers for @makeavisorsaveahero
    Among them royal milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan and milliner Awon Golding, creative director at Lock Hatters:

    View this post on Instagram

    I am working with the East London milliner army to make PPE visors for our heroes in the NHS but we are desperately short of the materials needed. If you can help at all please donate on the go fund me page, link in bio ❤️ . Visor Army – Make a Visor, Save a Hero . #visorarmy are a community-based volunteer group making medical Visors at home, for use by ICU doctors and nurses across London hospitals. The brainchild of ICU Consultant Deborah Braham, the protective Visors are made using a glue gun and 3 simple components: acetate sheets, foam padding and elastic. 3000 visors have been used across London hospitals to date, and more are being requested every day! These Visors are vital protective equipment for ICU staff, and help save their life, every time they are worn. This silent army marching behind our front line NHS staff, have brought hope to many and key protection to those who need it most. . How can you help? They now need factories, small businesses or production units to help strengthen the community effort and help to make Visors too! Can your business help? Components are provided. The Visor Army are also grateful for donations to buy supplies, via their go fund me page here or swipe up in our stories: . Connect with them via the Facebook group. #visorarmy #makeavisorsaveahero . Visor Army is supported by The RoseTrees Trust #elondonmillinerarmy #visorarmy #saveahero #britishhatguild

    A post shared by AWON GOLDING MILLINERY (@awongolding) on

    Stay safe and healthy every one!

  4. – I loved the Vanity Fair article on Princess Anne. The photos are great and the hats she wore are fabulous!
    – So nice to see the Countess of Wessex helping out any way she can.
    – I loved seeing Princess Sofia working at the hospital. That is so wonderful! She’s a great asset to the Swedish Royal Family!
    – Has anyone been watching the Duchess of York read children’s stories? She’s a delight! Here’s the link I’m quite impressed with all she and Princess Eugenie are doing to help organize care packages for NHS workers.

    Jam packed delights this week Hat Queen! Thank you for all the eye candy!

    – I love the black and white woven straw percher with white leather flowers and veil by Justine Bradley-Hill for Princess Caroline. This hat would look so great with a cream outfit, or something bold like red or blue.
    – I so love the parade of gorgeous pink percher hats, all with fantastic trimmings, from Tracey Miller. The folds are amazing on all of them. The final one in the slideshow with the veil is so lovely. It would look fantastic on the Duchess of Cambridge.
    – CP Mette-Marit would look so pretty in the Jane Cave bandeau with embroidered blue flowers.
    – What a gorgeous hat by Maxim. Princess Hisako or CP Mary would look great in the peacock blue and cream saucer. It is so pretty!
    – Autumn Phillips would look great in the teal fur felt percher with veil and lovely leaf cutouts by Jill Humphries
    – CP Mary for the lilac straw wide wave brimmed hat with floral embroidery and quills from Merve Bayindir.
    – The black bandeau with veil and stunning red and white feathers by Felicity Northeast is really quite stunning. I think Queen Maxima could pull this off. It would be interesting what kind of hairstyle would work to cover the bottom band in the back. Probably a low bun?
    – I just love the colorful saucer hat with soaring feathers from South African milliner Bettina Thomas. The hat was made for a very special lady and I can’t see it on anyone else. She looks sensational! Even her lipstick matches the hat’s pink. Love it!

    This delicate “cage” headpiece is so pretty. I could see Lady Kitty Spencer or Beatrice Borromeo wear this:

    I saw this hat and think it would be perfect for the Duchess of Cambridge, but I would love to see Queen Letizia in it. Actually, any of our beautiful Royal ladies would look amazing in this.

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