Hats From the Past: Christening of Danish Twins

Nine years ago this week, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary brought their young twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, to Holmens Church in Copenhagen to be baptised.

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Crown Princess Mary repeated the cream silk flower bandeau headpiece by Malene Birger she had worn for Prince Christian’s christening in 2006 and Princess Isabella’s in 2007.

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The delicate headpiece is a great option for an event like this, beautifully framing Princess Mary’s face while allowing for a full view of the baby. It’s a flattering and wearable piece that works so well against her dark hair and adds a lovely amount of softness to the overall ensemble, tying in so well with these exquisite antique christening gowns.  The styling here is also impeccable with great colour contrast between the headpiece and Mary’s saturated blue dress (it works so much better than the competing patterns it was paired with on its first outing) and a few statement jewelry pieces that add that bit of regal ‘wow’ to the elegantly streamlined ensemble.

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Princess Isabella looked charming in a pink hairbow to match her silk dress, tied to the braid on the side of her head.

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Queen Margrethe wore a brimless design covered in the same vibrant blue weave as her coat. The hat is trimmed with a wide stripe of plaited velvet ribbon and braid that wraps over the hat and a pair of feather spines circled with in curled goose biot feathers.

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Princess Marie topped her pale greige wool coat with a straw beret-based percher hat in the same colour from British brand Whiteley. The hat is trimmed with a triple looped straw curl.

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Princess Benedkite topped her mint coat with a warm toast brown hat of sewn braid with Breton style upturned brim. The hat is trimmed in a wide mint petersham ribbon hatband that ties in a bow at the back, topped with a slim coppery brown ribbon. Queen Anne-Marie wore a navy straw classically-shaped pillbox hat trimmed with a small navy velvet bow at the front.

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Princess Tatiana of Greece topped her navy ensemble with a blue feather headpiece, formed in the shape of a lotus flower. The hat is surrounded by burnt feathers and a striped quill with gentle curl in the center completes it. Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (Princess Benedikte’s eldest son, who is one of Prince Vincent’s godparents) attended with his parnter, Carina Axelsson, who wore a pink floral headpiece tucked into her chignon.

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Prince Charles and Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies attended the event (Prince Charles is one of Princess Josephine’s godparents). Camilla wore a characteristically flamboyant ensemble topped with a watermelon pink straw pyramid hat bound in a wide stripe of burgundy velvet and topped with a mass of deep pink feathers.

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Princess Mary’s stepmother Susan Donaldson wore a sculpted wire flower headpiece and her sister Patricia wore a calot headpiece of embellished grey feathers.

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How do these milliner designs hold up, nearly a decade later? What looks here stand out most to you?

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10 thoughts on “Hats From the Past: Christening of Danish Twins

  1. Princess Mary: Absolutely beautiful and elegant. I agree with the others on this hat’s christening repeats.
    Queen Margrethe: Fantastic color for her. Dr. Seuss comes to mind with the antennae on her hat. I love it!
    Benedikte and Anne-Marie: Both well turned out and lovely.
    Princess Camilla: Mae West comes to mind immediately. (“Come up and see me some time!”)
    Susan Donaldson: Her headpiece just blends into the leafless tree behind her, which is unfortunate.

  2. I agree with others that it was a nice touch for Mary to wear this to all of her children’s christenings (especially since her firstborn is the heir to the throne and often that would render special treatment for both reasons); I also agree that this headpiece looks great at certain angles, but not at others, and ultimately I think this would look best with one’s hair down, like at Isabella’s christening. The cobalt blue dress is a great color contrast to the fascinator, and I love the sapphire brooch.

    I have long loved this structured beret hat for Margrethe. The vibrant sky blue is a fantastic color for her, and I love the feathers spiraling around the feather spines.

    This hat fits Marie’s simple and chic aesthetic very well. Her long dark hair worn down really helps to break up all that beige (not to mention the red dress and clutch), and the loops on the hat add just enough spice to keep it interesting. I do wonder what it would look like worn as a percher and not as a calot/pillbox (can’t recall her wearing this one again, which is unfortunate).

    Both Benedikte and Anne-Marie are elegant and well-coordinated, but the roughness of the straw of Benedikte’s hat (woven raffia?) feels a touch too casual to me for this event. Otherwise they were the best dressed IMO.

    I remember loving Tatiana’s fascinator at the time, and I still do, but I had forgotten how awkward her outfit was, especially that weird draped necklace. Carina looked lovely, but the small size and placement of her headpiece leaves me quite underwhelmed hat-wise. And of course Camilla of Two Sicilies never disappoints with her flamboyancy! While it feels a bit much for this event, it is still very her and I love it overall. My only real complaint is the crushed burgundy velvet makes this feels very autumnal for an April event.

    These sculpted wire fascinators had a moment around this time, and despite it’s lack of substance material-wise, I think this was a good choice for Susan Donaldson. Patricia looked great, although I wish her headpiece had more height to better appreciate the details.

    For me, it’s hard to believe this was almost a decade ago; I could see any of these hats being worn today and not looking out of place. Hope you are all staying safe and well and being gentle with yourselves in these uncertain times!

  3. Love that CP Mary wore the same headpiece for her children’s christening. However I think it’s a bit flat so it doesn’t look as good from the front view as compared to a side view where you can see the details more. Wish more pieces were worn like this during christening /weddings where the views of the babies/ brides aren’t blocked.

    I do think this is a delicate piece that gives off a softer look so pairing it with this structure dress looks mismatched. The original pairing was mismatched with the fussy suit. My favourite pairing was at Princess Isabella’s christening. I also think that the outfits that CP Mary chose are actually a reflection of her style that changed as the years passed.

    I just wish that she had incorporated the lovely sapphire brooch that she had worn at her 1st and 3rd christening to the 2nd christening. That would have been another lovely tradition.

  4. I agree with Shanon about repeating the christening hat — a lovely tradition. I’m not completely sold on the piece itself since it doesn’t look as good from the front as it does from the right side. But I like the way it picks up the cream of the christening gowns and gives the mother a full view of the older children as well as the newborns!

    The royal great-aunts look as polished as always, and Daisy looks exuberant in her bright blue. Tatiana’s is very pretty, but it doesn’t really go with the tailored navy suit.

  5. Besides Mary’s charming headpiece I appreciated the colors of her outfits instead of wearing cream like Kate does that just blends in with the lace Christening gowns.

  6. I always thought it was charming that CP Mary wore the same headpiece at each of her children’s christenings. It’s a beautiful, delicate bandeau that worked well with all of the different outfits.

    • I also thought it was a very sweet touch that Mary wore the same headpiece for all three christenings. I’m not sure it worked equally well with all 3 outfits- we’ll look at Princess Isabella’s christening in a few weeks.

  7. I’ m just throwing it out there : is the general rule of thumb that the hat worn during the baptism of the first child the largest and getting smaller with each child?

    • I don’t believe there are any rules of thumb when it comes to christening hats, royal or not. I don’t see examples of this with royal christenings- have any of you heard this?

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