We’re going a quick dive into a millinery wardrobe today to find which of Queen Elizabeth’s hats are trimmed in lace?

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  1. Here’s another- lace applique cutouts trimming the hat.
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    • This is pure applique, I think, but the outfit is nonetheless an interesting look. Worn to St Paul’s in 2009 to mark the end of ‘service’ in Iraq. I especially appreciated the back view and seeing that the design was carried right around the coat.

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  2. Don’t forget this one from 2014 Commonwealth Games:
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  3. I think this counts as lace but am happy to be corrected! Windsor Castle, 2015.

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  4. I believe this to be lace set into the crown of this hat, worn in her jubilee year of 2012. It’s quite hard to see so glad there was a telephoto lens on hand!

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      • Yes, I think you’re right! A ‘lace effect’ then. And wonderful handwork by someone. Th Queen also has a few hats that feature net as the trim, perhaps a few more than lace.

        • I think it was machine embroidered Sandra, but the effect on the fabric is good. (But the bouclé fabric on the upturned brim has NOT been cut and blocked on the bias, making the brim look wobbly: what a shame.)

  5. Interesting: I’ve been trying to find earlier examples, but the lace trims all seem to be after 2000. An Angela Kelly idea?

    • MittenMary….what a great question. MrFizroy did find one…but had to go back quite a few years!

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      There were a few others from mid century where it was difficult to tell because of the distance or photo quality — they could have utilized a very small patterned lace, or just embellished tulle….But as far as “statement lace” hats, that does seem to be a Kelly introduction.

      • Hah, good one, Mr. Fitzroy! It’s true about the mid-century hats. The trims look more like veiling or embellished tulle, but it is hard to tell. In the “Other Royals” version of this post, there is a photo of Zara in a lavender lace from 2001 Ascot, and then Camilla in her lace-trimmed 2005 Philip Treacey wedding hat. So, my theory is that HM liked the look of Cam’s and Angela Kelly went to town.

  6. Here’s a recent design by Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren, we can’t forget. I’ve always really liked the contrast between the teal straw hat and the navy lace hatband.
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  7. Queen Ellizabeth in black has always been stunning. The only time we get to see HM wearing black, and not at a funeral or memorial, is when she meets with the Pope. Her 50s-60s audiences were always formal gowns with veiled tiara and major regalia. For this visit to an aged JohnPaul2 she simplified ‘the uniform’ with a street length ensemble and veiled hat with embroidered lace trim…..she also wore megawatt jewelry to make up for the lack of tiara!!

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  8. Oh my goodness! That black and white lace hat! The queen looks regal and professional as always, but IMO that black and white lace hat is really unsuccessful.

  9. And then of course this one. Which IS a lotta lace. But I think works because there’s no other froof, meaning the lace is the focal point of the outfit. Embed from Getty Images

    • Presumably this is the dress underneath the coat … good thing we don’t see the hat and dress together. The plain coat is the perfect foil. The photo shows the dress being worn in 2017.

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  10. This one… despite having a lot going on, has a greater lightness of touch, perhaps it’s because the coat is simple and so allows the hat to get away with it. Embed from Getty Images

  11. Lace overkill here… it had a trim a while back but was still one of her more dowdy outfits… Embed from Getty Images

  12. Northern Ireland tour Day 1June, 2012, the “Wedgwood” hat:
    Embed from Getty Images
    Northern Ireland tour Day 2, June 2012:
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    • I really like the lace on both of these, in contrast to several of the others, I think it’s really successful. Especially the blue. Maybe because the lace is restrained and used successfully (IMO) as a design element.

    • The blue is one of my favorite ever of Her Royal Majesty’s. She looks like a delicate teacup. The lace trim on the hat is perfectly restrained.

    • Mcncin, These two hats are the first that immediately came to mind for MrFitzroy in the lace category……the ‘Wedgwood’ hat which is oh-so-successful, and the green and gold which is, shall we say, less so.

      • The ´Wedgwood’ ensemble is a visual delight. The green and gold one makes me think irrepressibly of costumes for an amateur theatre company made on a budget, where someone tried to make the main character look genteel …

    • The ‘Wedgewood’ is one of my favourite later reign looks on HM. It’s so crisp and a good departure from her more regular style of a plain solid-colour coat with a patterned dress underneath.

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