This Week’s Extras

Buckingham Palace released these wonderful photos of Princess Alexandra, in a woven pillbox hat, opening her namesake hospital on  April 27, 1965
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Luminescent rose brown straw picture hat with sweeping bow and quill by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Hounds tooth wool covered teardrop percher with full face veil by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
Pink silk button percher with windowpane brim, black lace and velvet bow by Spanish milliner Maria Oyarzabal
Cream straw wide brimmed picture hat with gold whirligig crown by British milliner Edwina Ibbotson
Blush straw boater trimmed with handcut shards of pearlescent film by British milliner Camilla Rose

Black and white bucket hat in crin laminated with open weave veiling by British milliner Stephen Jones. Adore the modern, sheer take on such a classic scheme and shape!
Turban of purple and lilac organdie curls by Dutch milliner Joke Velema
Black straw saucer with curling quills and white silk flowers by Irish milliner Aoife Harrison
Trilby with tropical printed crown, slim leather hatband and braided brim by German grand Hut Schobhofen
Wonderful gold straw trim on this navy straw picture hat from South African brand Hats By Sister H
Mint green saucer with curling silver quills and pastel silk blooms by American milliner Karen Morris
For our dear gents, this dapper blue textured cap from Belgian milliner Martine Verstraeten

Stunning scarlet embellished kokoshnik headpiece by Russian milliner Lyubov Mikhaleva
Pink tweed button percher with straw brim, silk abaca twist and silk flowers by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Classic navy and white boater with striped hatband and bows by British milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan
Blue leather button percher with curling quills, veil brim and aqua pinwheel flowers by Australian milliner Sophie Allport
Grey silk orchid headpiece with beaded centers and sweeping quills by British brand Love Lupin Millinery
Black and white hounds tooth boater hat with veil and stylized swan trim from Russian milliner Denis Gulyaev

From British milliner Eda Rose, this grey picture hat with double mushroom brim in opposite directions (with perfectly sewn wide bias bindings on the brims without a pucker in sight) and fantastic jeweled orb hat pins.
Green straw bandeau with lace applique leaves and butterflies by Ghanan milliner Velma Owusu Bempah
Silver metallic button percher with soaring, looping wire trim by British milliner Natasha Mobey
Waved percher in turquoise and tangerine stripes with soaring quills by Spain-based British milliner Donna Hartley
Ever seen a peplum ruffled hatband? Interesting, creative touch by Italian milliner Stefania Belfiore
Wide brimmed straw picture hat with contrast binding dropped edge by British milliner Awon Golding
Charming grey felt trilby covered in canine silhouettes with slim leather hatband by British milliner Edwina Ibbotson

From British milliner Marissa Groom, an almond straw button percher trimmed with sweeping straw rainbow and silk organza ruffles


Even amidst physical distancing, King’s Day yielded lovely new portraits of the Dutch royal family and extended family members (see Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien here and Prince Pieter Christiaan and Princess Anita here)
The Countess of Wessex has been quietly busy, helping prepare meals for health care workers and pack food parcels
Birthday wishes for King Carl Gustav and a sweet Swedish royal family addition- Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar welcomed adorable cavapoo Rio

Photos from social media as indicated

14 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Thanks, k2classroom — I found the images! CP Frederik is fortunate to be one of those people who looks good even when scruffy, but it sounds like he was glad to have the salons re-opened.

  2. Great photos of Princess Alexandra in her braided pillbox. I would swear that we’d discussed woven and braided designs, but I can’t find the post, so maybe it was one of those off-topic threads.

    Besides agreeing with the other commenters, I’ll add appreciation for the elegant Hats By Sister H navy and gold, the peplum hatband on Stefania Belfiore‘s and Stephen Jones’ elevation of the casual bucket hat.

    Great to see the royals pitching in and/or abiding by the guidelines, but I wonder if they — unlike many of us — are getting haircuts!

    • mittenmary I saw a picture of Fred, Princess Mary’s husband, getting a haircut last week. They showed the before and after pictures! It was on Instagram or Twitter.

  3. Lovely photos from the Dutch Royal Family., I love all the bright, cheerful colors!

    Isn’t Princess Charlotte charming? She looks just like Lady Sarah Chatto when she was a little girl. The photos of her are lovely.

    CP Victoria’s dog is adorable!

    I love all the work the Countess of Wessex is doing during this time.

    Not sure if everyone saw photos of Queen Maxima’s office. It’s as stunning as she is.

    – I absolutely love the shape of Wies’ beret percher! The color is fantastic. How lovely would the Duchess of Cambridge look in this?
    – Queen Maxima would look lovely in the rose brown picture hat by Jolana Kotabova.
    – The Countess of Wessex could pull off the interesting and beautiful blue leather button percher with curling quills, veil brim and aqua pinwheel flowers by Sophie Allport. I love the brim on this so much and it’s such an inventive design.
    – The grey silk orchid headpiece with beaded centers and sweeping quills by Love Lupin Millinery is so lovely and would look pretty on Princess Marie of Denmark.
    – I love the black and white houndstooth boater hat with veil and stylized swan trim from Denis Gulyaev. Maybe Princess Beatrice?
    – Awon Golding’s big straw picture hats are lovely. Queen Maxima would look great in these.

  4. Thank you for featuring my Sugar Babe hat, HatQueen!
    So many wonderful designs this week. I love the large, pale grey picture hat by Eda Rose, but I wonder which occasion one could wear it at. I hope somebody snaps it up and wears it to Ascot next year!

      • Thank you Shannon! I have a wedding in France this summer in my husband’s family and maybe I could wear it there. If the Corona ban is lifted of course.

        • That would be wonderful. I hope you post a photo of you wearing it.
          A friend of mine was at a “socially distanced” wedding yesterday, with guests standing outside the church watching the wedding on tv 6 feet apart. I’m sure guests will never forget that wedding!

          • Oh dear, nobody got to kiss the bride then!
            The bride in “my” French wedding is Italian and I’m wondering if her family is going to be able to attend. It is a sad thing, getting married without your family, even if you love your husband to be.

        • Hope you can go and wear this creation! I love the surprise texture of the tweed with the flowers and the silk abaca!

          I share your enthusiasm for the Eda Rose grey picture hat!

    • Fabulous indeed Maja! Polly, you look a treat in your Derby Day hat and floral ensemble from this weekend; and that lime green broad-brimmed hat you wore recently at Carriage House looks fantastic on you too.

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