Hats From the Past

Royal Hatsto this day, seventeen years ago tomorrow when members of the Danish royal family gathered at city hall for a reception prior to Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary’s wedding. Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and her daughter-in-law, Princess Marie-Chantal attended in statement fascinators. While Marie-Chantal’s pink headpiece with straw leaves is a lovely one with uplifting shape, Queen Anne-Marie’s illustrates how horizontally placed feathers just fall flat.

Embed from Getty Images

Photo from Getty as indicated

3 thoughts on “Hats From the Past

  1. Neither one is terrible, but also not great. Marie-Chantal’s is very side heavy, which is a problem with some fascinators, especially when on a headband (one that is also very visible); with trim this large, it should take up more geographical space on the headband/head IMO. Anne-Marie’s is more awkward; the sky blue bow with burgundy feathers/netting is a fun and different color combination, but the design doesn’t jive well, and it’s just placed flatly on her head. I’m one of those people who often enjoys fascinators, but these two don’t get points from me.

  2. I’m not a big fan of either of these headpieces. I also prefer the larger one on M-C, but it is almost too big for a fascinator and all that floor would be better on a cocktail hat or saucer. On one of the official photos, taken face on, I imagine you might think A-M was standing in front of something weird, rather than wearing this!

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