Royal Ascot 2020 At Home: Day 1

A few weeks ago, it seemed that this year’s absence of spectators at the races would automatically mean an absence of millinery but thanks to Ascot Racecourse and The British Millinery Guild’s joint #StyledWithThanks campaign, Royal Ascot 2020 will include hats! Every day of this year’s races, join me here for a mid-day post to share the at home Ascot looks (royal and non-royal) that caught your eye.

To get today’s discussion started, here are a pair of hats on two familiar faces. Zara Tindall is in a navy straw beret percher with cascade of silk flowers while Mike looks dapper in a top hat. What Ascot hats at home stood out to you today?

Designer: Juliette Botterill. Dress from Beulah London. Styled by Annie Miall. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Photos from social media as indicated 

40 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2020 At Home: Day 1

  1. Thanks HatQueen for providing this fantastic photo of Zara and Mike! Zara looks amazing and these shades of blue flatter her so well; Mike looks awesome in his top hat (fits him perfectly in every way) and morning suit, but I do wish he had worn a blue pocket square (but that’s a minor complaint).

    So many great Ascot hats being shown off at home; thanks everyone for providing your favorites! Of course I couldn’t let the men go unnoticed: despite the absence of crowds, a trainer and a course steward managed to wear a couple of nice fedoras at the racetrack earlier today:
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. Mike Tindall’s hat is great! A proper topper. And looks like he is sporting a new morning suit. I don’t recall ever seeing him in a gray suit before. I have a feeling he just had the suit tailored and was like, “I’m going to wear the damn thing whether we can attend or not!” I’m doing the same thing come Saturday with my new morning coat – hosting a Closing Day watching party dressed in Royal Enclosure finery with three close friends who are in my Covid bubble.

    And the ITV coverage was very good, all things considered.

  3. I was SO happy to see these two earlier on! And Zara looks stunning, this is one of my favourite looks on her in ages! That dress is fab on her, and the hat, whilst one of her go to shapes, is a fab compliment. I reckon she’s got a few more of these up her sleeve!

  4. Enjoyed these photos!
    Zara looks wonderful. The color is perfect for her, and I like how the trim on the hat echoes the dress fabric.

    • I’m not keen on the rainbow outfits but I love this!

      I also love Zara’s dress. I was completely shocked to come here and see her in a hat from home! I like her dress better than her hat but they go well together.

  5. Very dapper pair! I am pleased to focus on the hats, as Zara’s dress doesn’t appeal, but the saturated colour of the floral trim on her hat is gorgeous! Nice topper on Mike, too.

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