Ascot Hats: Autumn Phillips

In recent years, Autumn Phillips’ hats have turned heads and news earlier this year of a divorce and departure from the royal family was met with disappointment on multiple levels, especially in terms of millinery! Here is a look at all the hats she wore to Royal Ascot:


Embed from Getty Images
White straw percher top hat with veil and multi-looped bow


Embed from Getty Images
Fuchsia straw hat with large ruffled bow and feathers

2012 and 2013:  

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Navy straw saucer with pink and white silk flowers and arrow cut pheasant feathers by Lisa Burrows
Ivory straw slice disk with multi-looped silk abacca bows by Gina Foster


Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Black straw Gina Foster disk with silk orchids and curled feathers June 16
Green button percher with bow, white veil and vertical feathers by Emily London June 17 

White button percher with silk flowers and curving feathers by Emily London
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Vibrant blue straw Philip Treacy saucer with cut white feathers June 20
Magenta straw Juliette Botterill teardrop percher with rose and curling quill June 23
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Cream satin and straw base with pink ombre bamboo silk ruffle by Bee Smith June 20
Blue windowpane straw saucer with silk flowers studded with feathers by Sally Ann Provan June 22
What pops out to me here is the diversity- what a colourful, eclectic mix of perchers, saucers and sweeping wider brims. If pressed to pick a favourite, I think it would be Bee Smith’s cream percher with beautiful pink ombre ruffle last year, although the 2012 Gina Foster ivory disc with bows is tops, too.
What do you notice about Autumn’s millinery style evolution based on what we see here?

For another retrospective of Royal Ascot hats, jump over to this previously published post featuring Princess Diana.

Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Ascot Hats: Autumn Phillips

  1. She also wore this saucer in 2014
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. She’s worn a range of styles well without getting into anything too exaggerated or avant-garde. I’m noticing how well her hair is styled for the hats: loose, but controlled for the brimmed pieces worn with tailored looks; chignons for the perchers; and the loose waves for the softer 2019 hats. The 2019 blue Sally Ann Provan remains my favorite.

  3. You can really see a more confident eye (and a stylist) at work here. Her looks have got so much more pulled together and show that she’s unafraid to push things a bit, but still stay elegant. I love her use of colour too, Camilla and Sophie’s retrospectives showed a love for pastes and beige, but Autumn embraces every colour, and they all suit her! I particularly loved last years blue hat, with that jumpsuit she looked so fab. It’s such a shame they’ve split and that we won’t see her so much, but they seem to be on the best terms, so hopefully she won’t be a total stranger.

  4. While I still enjoy 2009’s look overall, I see now how it certainly feels “inexperienced” compared to later ensembles. 2013 sees a shift to a cleaner look, and 2015 definitely shows that – I’ll always love that clover green and white cocktail percher hat! 2018’s magenta Juliette Botterill and 2019’s sky blue Provan round out my top 3 of this group.

  5. 2019 was her best year. Two fantastic hats. But I really love the 2018 magenta Juliette Botterill.The flower on top is so gorgeous.

  6. 2019 was a stellar year! I can’t get over how nicely the colour of that 2019 aqua straw saucer works with Autumn’s colouring. A triumph! I do hope we see her and her hats again going forward.

  7. Hat Queen, I have what I think would be an interesting project for you. Notice Peter Phillips top hat in the photo from 2007. It is clearly a very old and worn silk top hat, but fits him very well. I’m pretty sure as I recall various years in the recent past, Peter Phillips has worn another silk top hat and I believe he’s worn a felt top hat. How about an introspective on Peter Phillips and his seemingly ever-changing top hat selection? I’m very confused by why he keeps changing his top hat.

    I’m really going to miss Autumn Phillips. She always looks like she (and Peter with her) is having such a good time, and they always seemed to really enjoy each other’s company. Hopefully she will continue to join the Royal Family for various occasions, including Royal Ascot.

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