Hat From the Past

Royal Hatsto this day in 1940, 80 years ago, and Princess Marina’s visit to London hospitals for Alexandra Rose Day in the most wonderful, silk ruffled hat.

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11 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I loved Princess Marina – I always felt she deserved so much more in life ! – she was such a classy lady and this hat is so.lovely 😊 do they still have Alexandra Rose Day ? I remember buying those little pink ‘poppies ‘ years ago ! .

    • It seems to have disappeared in recent years, since the likes of Marie Curie Daffodil day and various Sports’ Aid, Comic Relief and Children in Need days have become popular fundraisers. I also recall buying pink roses years ago!

  2. I agree with all the comments below, so I wasn’t going to comment. Then, I went to the Queen Maxima Fashion blog and decided to comment off topic. There is an orange dress featured that Maxima has worn 7 times and 4 times she wore a hat. One hat is repeated one or two times, so there are 2-3 different hats with one dress and I thought Jimbo might want to do a Monday Mulitples on this outfit when worn with a hat. Just an idea. Here is the website: http://www.modekoninginmaxima.nl/mode-maxima-mode-algemeen/koningin-maxima-bezoekt-apeldoorn-en-woerden-kader-van-tekort-technisch

    • It looks like she’s worn 2 different hats with this dress, although very similar styles and colours. Jimbo concentrates on Queen Elizabeth’s multiples- I do all the other royals and usually wait until there are more varied looks to prepare a feature.

  3. I agree that this hat could easily be in style today. I would note that much of this hat’s appeal derives from the lady who wore the hat. Princess Marina was the exemplar of style and elegance! Much like Princess Alexandra is today.

  4. Interestingly, for a large part of the last 80 years, I think this hat would have looked unfashionable, but just at the moment, I can see it being worn somewhere like Ascot to great acclaim!

    • I agree Bristol. It would be lovely at Ascot now. I could see Lady Amelia or Zenouska Mowatt in Great-Granny’s hat.
      Princess Marina was so chic and elegant. She looked fabulous in everything.

      • Can’t speak for hats, but regarding clothing, my mother always used to say that when something came back in style years or even decades later, the new version was always just enough different than the previous that you couldn’t get away with just pulling old outfits down from the attic and wearing them “as is”. Of course, that was a long time ago, before “vintage” was in itself a fashion statement, so maybe that’s not true anymore.

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