Monday Multiples: Princess Beatrice

One of my favourite hats in Princess Beatrice’s closet is an architectural, wide brimmed green straw design with navy starburst stitching on the brim and a navy hatband and bow. She has paired this eye-catching hat with two ensembles:

Look #1: With a teal A-line lace dress with three quarter length sleeves worn at Royal Ascot on June 17, 2014

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: With a pale green beaded collar silk dress and navy tuxedo jacket worn two years later on June 17, 2016 also to Royal Ascot

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Which outfit pairs best with this hat?

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9 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Princess Beatrice

  1. Love both dresses with the hat but not that jacket. The design of the hat is perfect and it frames her face beautifully.

  2. I like the hat with both of these outfits, but I especially like how the jacket in the second outfit brings out the blue ribbon. I also like that the jacket is a different weight than the dress. I like the contrast and think it looks superb with the outfit.

  3. This is such a stunning hat, and looks incredible on Beatrice. I love the pairing with outfit #1, mainly because of the deep teal color that stands out. There is nothing wrong with dress #2 (except the jacket). It’s ;light and airy and pretty with the hat, it’s just the teal is so bold and beautiful on Beatrice.

  4. Definitely the first one for me. Take away the jacket from the second outfit and things are much improved, but it still doesn’t stun me in the way the first one does. The hat, the lace dress, that cuff bracelet, they are all so fabulous! Like Matthew, I hope this hat returns again sometime soon.

  5. I remember this hat and have hoped that it would reappear at some point. I actually like it equally with both dresses — it pairs well with the lace and with the frothy 2016 dress. I agree with JamesB that what doesn’t go is the jacket, which is very tailored and would go better with a slim skirt than with that dress. It’s possible, as he suggested, that she did grab it because it was chilly that day — I didn’t think of that when I was first formulating my opinion. It’s so different in styling from the dress that I’m not sure it was selected specifically to tie in the navy in the hat.

  6. This is such a beautiful hat on Bea. She has such delicate features you’d think it would overpower her, but it doesn’t. The first look I remember made me gasp, she had a fair few mishits about this time, but this one was a stellar look. The second look is another great pairing, but I don’t love it with the jacket, which I Suspect was a last minute addition when it got a bit too chilly for bare arms.
    It was about this time she started to get a much more adept hand with her outfits and there’ve certainly been some stunners since then.

  7. Both of these pairings are lovely. The first dress is quite a dark look for a Spring outing, and the lightness of the hat lifts the outfit, matching both tones without overdoing the pattern. However, the second look is my favourite. This time the lightness of the hat pairs perfectly with the floaty lightness of the dress fabric, but also tying in the navy jacket. Super ensemble for Beatrice.

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