Day 4 Royal Ascot: Princess Beatrice and the Duchess of York

Royal Ascot  Princess Beatrice attended the fourth day of Royal Ascot with her parents. She repeated her sea green sedge hat with navy stitching detail and bow around the crown while her mother, Sarah, the Duchess of York, wore an oversize navy straw fedora with upturned brim, trimmed with white silk roses and feathers.

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Princess Beatrice’s Hat

Royal Hats: I have always adored this hat on Beatrice who always looks stunning in green. The movement and scale of this piece is so pretty and shows how a grand hat doesn’t always need a drawer full of trim! I’m just nostalgic for the beautiful teal lace dress Beatrice wore with it last time– it is one of my favourite ever looks for her. When it comes to this hat, I’m afraid any other dress pales in comparison.

Fiona: I do like this hat, its a shape not many could pull off but Beatrice is one person who can. Delighted to see it out again with a different outfit, its a versatile little number with minimum trimming that works so well. I am however not too enamoured to see the millinery style cropped jacket out again today, it was definitely an afterthought – the dress collar and the jacket collar clash in my opinion. The dress on the other hand is youthful and girlish with the cutest waistband/belt detail. Ditch the jacket Beatrice and you are on to a winner!

Christie: I understand the look that the Princess is going for with this outfit. I just love her dress / shoe and jacket combination – so much fun and age appropriate!  There are many elements of this hat that I like, but I think that the shape falls short. I would love to see this hat interpreted perhaps as a madeline hat or boater?  However, the detailing is really different and gorgeous in it’s minimalism. I love the thread spraying out from the lovely sinamay bow and the way the 2 toned sinamay lights up the colours depending on the angles. It looks as if the top layer may be shot with pewter or something?

Jill: Very nice! The hat is great with her outfit and I like the softness that the tulle layer ads to the platter. Princess Beatrice is very good at choosing hats that are youthful and feminine and this hat is another fine example of that. The whole outfit is much nicer without the jacket and I can’t help but give a shout out to those shoes, yum!

Designer: Sarah Cant
Previously Worn: June 18, 2014

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The Duchess of York’s Hat

Jill: How lovely to see the Duchess of York back again this year! I love the fresh, graphic combination of the colors and the fedora is a nice shape on her. It does seem a bit casual, I think more trim could have prevented that. Overall though it’s a lovely look and her jacket with the large grommets and satin bows it fantastic.

Christie: I like this hat, I’m just not sure whether it’s Ascot appropriate? I’d just like a bit more wow factor in the trim, or a different shape, a bind.. or if it was paired with a more flamboyant outfit perhaps? Hmm..

Fiona: Monochrome never dates, this is a nice smart look from Sarah. I like the fedora style on her but would have liked to see it tilted a little more. Her coat is very elegant and I am loving the eyelet detail on the collar and again on the cuffs with the satin ribbon. I do feel this look is more of an autumn look and not as well suited to Royal Ascot, I think its the dark coloured fedora which makes it appear so.

Royal Hats: Navy and white always feels so summery to me so I don’t have the same reservations about this hat as the rest of you. That coat is to die for and I love it paired with the stylised fedora. This ensemble feels effortlessly chic and I think it is one of Sarah’s bests, ever.

Designer: Jess Collett
Previously Worn: I suspect it’s new

Last year, the Duchess of York joined her family for the fourth day of Ascot and it’s nice to see her again this year. What do you think of her and her daughter’s hats today?

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14 thoughts on “Day 4 Royal Ascot: Princess Beatrice and the Duchess of York

  1. This has always been a favorite hat of Bea’s and I like how the dress picks up the acqua color of the hat. I also think this hat would look lovely with the Day 5 dress. I’m on the outs with Sarah’s whole ensemble. I don’t think it is very flattering and the hat is the wrong shape for her. But it is nice to see her there again this year!

  2. Regarding the Duchess of York’s hat – I really don’t like it. There are so many fabulous hat shapes for women so to see what is essentially a man’s hat shape with embellishment is disappointing. But I really don’t know much about women’s hats so…

    The Duchess wasn’t the only woman wearing this type of shape. There were many women in what looked to me like men’s hats redone for a woman. Sarah’s was actually and thankfully at least an obvious woman’s hat taking inspiration from a man’s hat.

    I saw quite a few women in actual men’s hats. I can think of at least 5 women I saw wearing an actual man’s top hat. At first I thought maybe they were just having some fun and wearing their husband’s hat for a moment as a joke, but then I realized they were just wearing a man’s hat. Please don’t let this become a trend!

  3. Bea- LOVE the hat. Love the dress. But not together. Her other dress was SO FAB with this hat.
    Fergie- LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. This is the best she’s ever looked. That hat is SO fierce.

    • I LOVE what you wrote and agree with it all! Sarah does look fierce and Beatrice`s hat has always been a favorite of mine.

  4. Beatrice in another repehat. That’s three in a week which is unusual for hwrZ this beautiful hat with that fabulous dress is a winner. The jacket is a no though. Mind, it was unusually chilly here yesterday so it probably was an afterthought, and sometimes practicality must win. She looks fab.

    Fergie looks stunning. I love this look on her, so youthful yet elegant.

  5. I hold my breath too but they both look really nice. I would love to have Sarah’s hat. What however is that hat on the person behind Sarah in the fourth picture in the last grouping?

  6. I definitely agree the teal dress from Beatrice’s hat’s last outing was a much better choice. Her dress this time isn’t bad, but I don’t like the collar, and what was she thinking with that jacket? It makes absolutely no sense. I would like to see this hat make an appearance at another event besides Ascot.

    Sarah looked stunning today. I definitely understand the fall-vibe others are sensing (I blame the high collar on the coat), but I still think she looks great. I would’ve liked to see a navy belt around her entire waist to bring more color to her outfit. The hat shape is perfect for her, and her red hair definitely stands out in a good way with this ensemble. Brava!

    On a personal note, it’s so nice to see Andrew and Sarah apparently getting along as well as do.

  7. When I see Princess Beatrice picture coming next I hold my breath. The hat looked so much nicer with the dress a year ago or so. The hat itself is fine.
    Sarah looks lovely. Really like everything. One of the nicest outfits in my opinion that we have seen at Ascot this year.
    I am trying to figure out how warm it is there as the clothes seem to be on the warm side. Thinking about Sarah’s coat.

  8. Princess Beatrice looks perfectly lovely, except for the military jacket, which is just wrong. I find the hat shape very flattering to her, and the color is a lovely one for her.

  9. I loved that the Duchess 1. Did not try to steal the attention. You know if she had chosen more of a statement piece there would be complaints that she was stealing the spotlight or things along that line. and 2. Her hair brought the color to this piece. I loved how the red hair tied brightened the look from just a monochrome outfit to suddenly something cheery! Although I think I would have liked the coat’s collar turned down. Also had her hat been slightly tipped I think I would have loved it even more!

    And I love that Sarah Cant hat of Beatrice! Although I do prefer the last dress she wore it with!

  10. I agree that the Duchess’ hat is too casual for Ascot. It looks like something I would wear to garden. Beatrice, on the other hand, looks delightful. Green is her colour.

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