This Week’s Extras

The closest thing to a royal hat worn this week was Queen Silvia in a navy bowed hairband to award prizes for this year’s idea garden competition at the Swedish summer residence, Solliden
Town and Country magazine named these 15 hats as “The Best Royal Hat Moments” – do you agree with their choices?
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Burgundy leather button percher with stitched bow and veil by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Handwoven straw fedora with textured crown and extended, striped brim by Italian brand Borsalino
Loveliest dark green felt halo bandeau with bow by Australian milliner Lauren Ritchie
Handsome blue felt hat with deeply creased crown and braided leather hatband by UK milliner Carrie Jenkinson
Halo bandeau of light-as-air braided pink crin by UK brand Hostie Hats

Fantastic oversize brimmed black hat featured in “Black Is King” by American milliner Jo Miller
Gold sinamay halo bandeau trimmed with Indian floral, sequinned embroidery by UK milliner Josephine Willis
Verdant green straw teardrop percher with delicate flowers & butterflies by Spanish brand Montesinos Vilar Millinery
Palest pink straw sidesweep saucer with pink crin swirl by British milliner Tracey Miller
Two-toned ivory and coffee straw brimmed hat with chocolate hatband and bow by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Graphic almond and black Natural and black pinok pok trilby by British milliner Dillon Wallwork


The prettiest floral bandeau with hand painted, silk anemonies and sweet peas by UK brand Angharad Rose Millinery
Patterned straw boater hat in the most toasty tan and walnut tones by Australian milliner Meg Rafter
For our dear gents, a blue chambray stitched newsboy cap with double brim from Dutch brand Atelier Pauline
Statement pink button percher with pink and red flying sinamay ruffles by US brand Suzanne Couture Millinery
Black felt sidesweep with tutti fruitti tweed crown and velvet hatband by Australian brand Millinery by Mairead

It’s not every week a former king goes into exile- here’s a good synopsis of the situation from the Financial Times
Interesting editorial penned by the Duke (and Duchess?) of Sussex. Read the article here. 
Finally, Princess Eugenie shared this lovely photo to celebrate Princess Beatrice’s birthday yesterday (we’ll celebrate with a dive into Beatrice’s hat closet next week!)

Photos from social media as indicated

12 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I really do think the Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding hat was one of the best in the last couple of decades. Really a way to leverage the power of millinery to convey a lot of symbolism and be beautiful as well. The rest are just nice hats.

  2. Regarding the royal hats, I will definitely agree with the black and white hat worn by DofSussex as I loved it enough to buy it myself. DofCornwall’s wedding hat is another favorite – it suited her so well and looked so good with her hairstyle.

  3. Thank you HatQueen for featuring my “Tea time” hat in your very enjoyable weekly selection.

    I agree about Princess Diana’s Dubai hat, K2classroom. I remember I was fascinated by that hat & outfit when the pictures appeared in the press at the time,

    Catherine, your suggestion of showing hats categorised by material is an interesting one, but it may prove a lengthy business. There are so many materials, past and present, and combinations of materials and techniques; HatQueen will end up writing a standard work about millinery! Still, it would help pass the time until more royal hats will be back on the scene again!

    • Wies, I was hoping this hat would be featured on this blog. I saw it on Instagram and it’s absolutely stunning/gorgeous/edgy/sophisticated and would look incredible on the Duchess of Cambridge. The color and material is outstanding and I adore the netting. Well done! What an epic hat.

      I am in agreement with most everyone’s assessment on T&C’s Best 15 Hats. I think there’s a couple of epic ones like Diana’s blue and white hat and Camilla’s and the black and white hat of Meghan’s, but a lot were missing. I agree with Sandra that it seemed a competition between Catherine and Meghan, which isn’t fair as Catherine has had some truly gorgeous hats over the years (where was the plum Christmas hat from 2011?) and Meghan’s millinery closet was just starting. There’s so many more hat gems that are missing that Hat Queen has covered (Countess of Wessex, Duchess of York). I think our top 15 would be drastically different if we did a poll.

      • Thank you for your lovely compliment Shanon.
        As to our top 15 royal hats: I think HatQueen and the readers of this blog are a lot more knowledgeable and passionate about hats than the T & C journalist who came up with this article!

  4. Jimbo, Princess Margaret’s peacock hat was amazing and I’ve always felt that Diana’s “hat” in Dubai was a genius way to follow their custom of covering your hair. Other than that I wouldn’t have named any of the hats in the top 15. I’m curious which 7 you thought belonged in the top 15?

  5. Not knowing what pinok pok was, I did an Internet search. Fascinating.

    Hat Queen, would you consider showing us some groups of hats by materials, and discussing how they might be made? I’ve learned a bit of that from your excellent posts, but I know it would help me appreciate the craftsmanship (craftswomanship?!) even more.

    • I’m afraid I don’t have enough millinery training for such a post… but maybe we could get a series of milliners to write about their favourite materials?

  6. After viewing the T&C gallery I don’t care for the claim ‘best hat moments’. They are 15 hats put n a gallery, that’s all. And I don’t care for the ‘Kate v Meghan’ feel of the first few images either, that’s unnecessary. Dear me, it must be time for my pill!

  7. You can’t just drop ‘a dive into Beatrice’s hat closet’ in casually like that! That’s a very exciting prospect!!

  8. Town and Country Top 15: Great group of Royal hats; I agree with maybe 7 of them.
    Caught My Eye Dept: Fantastic choices this week! What caught MY eye was the photo from Tracey Miller. (The hat was nice, also.) Dillon Wallwork’s trilby belongs in my better half’s closet.

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