This Week’s Extras

Lady Gabriella Kingston in a coral straw summery hat last weekend to debut singles from her first album

Leah Behn was confirmed yesterday at Jar church, in a traditional Norwegian folk ‘bunad’, with her extended family in attendance
We missed a smart black hat on Princess Nobuko back in January (love that jaunty brim curve!)
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Wonderful pink straw top hat with silk bound brim, ruched hatband and veil trim by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
White leather hugger percher studded with organza flowers by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Jade, royal blue and turquoise silk abaca and crin bandeau headpiece by Australian milliner Melanie Atherinos
Raspberry straw bergère hat with silk ranunculus and ribbon ties by French brand Rose Cherie
Halo headpiece with fantastic ombre straw orchid by French milliner Sylvia Martinez

Chic variation on a newsboy cap in textured straw by Canadian milliner Jay Cheng
Red acrylic brimmed boater with metallic blooms by Australian brand Jettah & Till Design Millinery
Lovely lines on this royal blue felt brimless design by Belarussian milliner Olga Lumiere
Charming colour scheme on this charcoal and blush felt cloche by Austrian milliner Nadia Grubelnik
A classic black and white picture hat with great proportions by Dutch milliner Berry Rutjes
Fantastically vibrant feather trim on this jaunty number in purple velour felt by German brand Malinè

Wee Prince Gabriel of Sweden celebrated his third birthday with a visit to the Säterdalen nature reserve with his parents to inaugurate parts of if which were, as part of his Dalarna Duchy, gifted to him for his christening in December 2017gift he received in connection with his christening in December 2017

Photos from social media as indicated

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Great hat on Lady Gabrielle!

    Congratulations to Leah Behn. The write up her mother did with tributes to her dad was wonderful.

    – Zara Tindall for the white leather hugger percher studded flowers by Jill Humphries
    – Rose Cherie’s raspberry straw bergère hat reminds me of the pink hat worn by the Countess of Wessex at Royal Ascot in 2017. She would also look great in this one.
    – Very interesting red acrylic brimmed boater with metallic blooms by Australian brand Jettah & Till Design Millinery. I wonder if that would be heavy or not? I could see Zara Tindall in this, or one of the York sisters.
    – The Maline purple velour felt is stunning! I love the colorful explosion of feathers.The purple reminds me of the Duchess of Cambridge’s Christmas hat in 2011. This would look great on her, or Autumn Phillips.

    This Carol Kennelly hat caught my eye this week. Utterly beautiful! I could see the Duchess of Cambridge or PCP Mary in this:

  2. Lovely pictures of Leah Behn. Those Norwegian bunads are so beautiful! And extremely flattering.
    I like the red acrylic boater by Jettah & Till and the joyful colour combination of feathers of Malinepotsdam’s felt hat.

    Thank you for featuring my “Amazone” top hat in your weekly selection HatQueen.
    I wore it to the French wedding I went to last week. Later, the bride, whom I had never met before, said to me that when she entered the church she saw nothing and regcognised nobody, out of sheer nerves probably. (Getting married in corona times is a stressful business.) But when she turned to the audience to sign the register she saw my hat, then realised it must be me and that we had come all the way from the Netherlands to attend he wedding. I guess this justifies the hashtag I use: #standoutfromthecrowd !

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