Swedish Opening Of Parliament 2020

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia attended the opening of fall session of Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) in Stockholm yesterday.  This year’s event was scaled back because of the coronavirus and additional family members did not attend.

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Queen Silvia continued the black and white dress code traditional to this event, topping her bouclé with a repeated white straw calot hat. The hat is trimmed with a multi-looped white bow on the side studded with silver sparkles and wrapped in burnt white feathers. While the textured suit may lend itself more naturally to a more wintry hat, this one stands on its own for a warm late summer day, the silver trim picking up faint sparkle in the weave of the bouclé.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the “Premier rendez-vous” design. 
Previously Worn: Sep 30, 2014; April 5, 2014; May 22, 2013; May 29, 2012; April 16, 2010May 23, 2009April 22, 2009April 15, 2008

What did you think of Queen Silvia’s hat for the opening of parliament yesterday?

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9 thoughts on “Swedish Opening Of Parliament 2020

  1. This is a lovely ensemble. The fabric of her suit is very appealing to me. Her selection of classic pearls is elegant and regal. I think her hat compliments the suit perfectly.

      • Silvia looks lovely in her textured monochrome outfit. She does know how to bring pieces together so well.

        Wow – I just read the chat about that bow 6 years ago. I can’t believe I missed it, it was quite the chatter!

  2. Definitely my favorite outfit pairing for this hat. My only complaint is I wish she had worn the hat with the trim on the side so it would better compliment the jacket’s fringe cuffs, but that’s very minor. Otherwise so effortlessly elegant!

  3. Love this hat on Silvia. So glad she still likes it. On someone else it might look middle-of-the-road, or even dated, but on this Queen it looks lively and interesting — the scale is perfect for her and the trim is just right too. (Without trim the hat would look forgettable on Silvia –I don’t think pared-back minimalism is ever her best look).
    The suit is gorgeous too, it’s modern and suits her really well — but with this look, I wish the long fringes on the sleeves were gone, since they unbalance the outfit and compete for attention with the hat and jewellery; (though if the fringing were only half the length shown, it might still work). For wearing this suit exactly as is, I would keep the “modern boho” theme of the fringe intact by ditching the brooch and necklace (both too formal and classical an aesthetic) and I’d balance the visual weight of the fringing with a wide brimmed hat plus large modern (not classical) earrings.

  4. She could have worn a hat made of the same fabric as the jacket, as QEII might have done, but I prefer this less matchy look. It has the colour and twinkle, and suits the early autumn feel. The style suits HM well and is obviously a standby favourite for her, twelve years on from its debut!

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