Dutch Queen Opens Theater

Queen Máxima was in Rotterdam this morning to open the Theater Zuidplein. For this event, she wore a new saucer disk hat in stripes of cream, tan and black straw trimmed with a pair of elevated black and cream feathers.

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It’s SO GOOD!! The graphic rings on the hat could read as gimmicky but are beautifully balanced, giving the perfect amount of dynamic contrast to the hat. The hat has a slight retro feel that pairs beautifully with the classic suit, the equally graphic pieces styled perfectly to work in harmony and not in opposition, as so easily could have been the case. The hat’s scale is fantastic, the finishing is impeccable, and the shape, which we’ve not often seen on Máxima, suits her well. The overall look is beautifully styled, the graphic pieces tempered by neutral accessories that lend elegance and polish to the ensemble. It’s all kinds of punchy perfection.

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Designer: Bettina Thomas. It is “African Hoopoe” from the Birds of SA Collection. Dress and Jacket by Oscar de la Renta
Previously Worn: This hat is new

South Africa-based French milliner Bettina Thomas has made some great hats for Queen Máxima and I hope this addition signals an ongoing and growing collaboration. My love for this hat is clear- what do you think of it?!

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Photos from Getty and The Dutch Monarchy’s social media as indicated 

30 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Opens Theater

  1. Stunning! Quite simply stunning! Queen Maxima has absolutely nailed it once again. Surely one of the most elegant royal outfits of the decade!

  2. I’m just curious about what keeps this anchored on her head at such a precarious angle — besides magic, of course! There are none of Max’s lethal-looking hatpins in sight. The back view shows what may be elastic coming down to the side of the chignon, and there are also a couple of what may be some kind of hair clip or a headband. Can anyone discern any more?

    • The hat is attached to a metal headband that you can see poking through Maxima’s hair. It’s a common base for a hat worn off the side of the head.

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  3. Who would have thought this new shape looks so good on her, Bettina Thomas did a great job, I love how she played with the colors giving it a slight 3D effect. The black feather looks like the shadow of the white one.
    As ChicagoChuck said I also thought it was chanel at first

  4. The first time I saw Max in this outfit when she wore it in Japan I wasn’t in love with it. But, this hat raised the whole ensemble to a new level–pardon the pun! ( I admit, at first glance, I pictured a saucer shaped space ship landing on her head. But, as I saw more pictures that picture receded from my mind.) This is a top notch look!

  5. So stylish and dramatic. Maxima has the glow as if she too knows this ensemble is a good one. A wonderful pairing of hat and outfit.

  6. This is perfect proof that you don’t need bright colour for a lively, exciting outfit. This would look great even as a black and white photo (something I guess royal ladies don’t need to bother about like they used to).
    And that hat – spot on.

  7. MrFitzoy heartily seconds HatQueen’s observations and those of the other commenters…..this is really wonderful!

    Truly an ‘ensemble’ in every sense of the word, and it is smashing on every level…..Will admit that in the first photo “The Rings of Saturn” flashed in MrFitzroy’s somewhat addled cranium…..but that went away quickly! The social distancing photo in the theater is also wonderful context to see.

    While we may have fewer royal events to peruse over the upcoming months, let us hope that those that do occur involve fashion and millinery as spectacular as dear Queen Max provided today!

  8. No dissent from me! I wasn’t sure about the levitating feathers at first, but now I find them fun. Great use of neutrals, and the sleek lines work well with the nubby texture of the suit.

  9. I adore everything about this hat and Máxima looks utterly wonderful wearing a perfectly coordinated, classy, elegant and stylish ensemble!

  10. I’m in total agreement with everyone – perhaps one of the best 2020 looks so far.
    Without the addition of black to the tweed, the ensemble could easily fall flat. A friend told me once that black should always be incorporated, if even in a slight way, when decorating any room. I have never been a fan of brown/black combinations, (tan/black, yes) but this is outstanding.
    As for the hat, like JamesB said so perfectly, what a delight to see the hat hover over the Royal head, like a flying saucer gently resting on her hair.
    HatQueen, this post today is just what the doctor ordered to help us get through the midweek. Thanks so much.

  11. Can’t say I’m 100% sold on the feathers floating yet, but my word if this isn’t just stunning! The hat is beautifully finished and pairs perfectly with this outfit without screaming matchy-matchy. A fabulous new look for Máxima that suits her oh so well! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning. 😀

  12. Stunning, gorgeous, chic overall look. The last photo looks like she walked out of a fashion magazine. This is one of her top 5 day looks ever IMHO.
    Please let this be the beginning of many more new hats on Royal heads to come.

  13. This is so fantastic! So thrilled to see a new hat, and especially one so successful. I love the dimensionality the floating feathers bring and the shape is so graceful. I also love that it’s done in muted colors- high contrast and dramatic design, but in brown/black/cream feels perfectly balanced.

  14. So happy to see QM in a new, fantastic hat! I love it with the classic dress/jacket suit. I also love the neutral purse/shoes/golves. My only negative coment is that from the side, having the feathers placed apart seems kind of off, as though they were just stuck there randomly. Overall the look is terific.

  15. Oh this is fabulous! Obviously it’s not going to be a crowded field for 2020, but I’m reckoning this could be our favourite titfer of the year.

    The styling with that fab suit is A+ and I love his it seems to hover over her head, the floating feathers also make this illusion happen.

    She looks absolutely amazing. This is Máx as we love her best!

  16. I’m all in with this look too! Great hat that goes perfectly with the outfit. My only quibble is nothing to do with the hat (and would have been unnoticeable if she had worn the jacket instead of throwing it round her shoulders) is the sundress style of the dress, which seems odd in tweed.

  17. Yes, yes, yes! I love this entire look, including her choice of dramatic earrings and no other jewelry. I thought this might be a Chanel outfit but you note it is OdlR. This screams the best of 1950s glam but updated for 2020. This is the best thing I’ve seen in this grim year!

  18. My only quibble, and it’s a tiny one, is that the feathers seem to be facing in the wrong direction. Shouldn’t they be facing outward? Other than that, I love the whole look.

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