Habsburg Bourbon Wedding in Austria

On Saturday, Prince Henri of Bourbon-Parma and Archduchess Gabriella of Austria were married on the grounds of Schloss Tratzberg in Jenbach, Austria following a three year engagement. Archduchess Gabriella might be familiar to some of you- she is the daughter of Archduke Carl Christian and Archduchess Marie-Astrid of Austria (thus niece of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg). There is a comprehensive explanation of the couple’s familial roots here.

Gabriella wore an ivory silk strapless gown with fitted bodice that extended to an A-line skirt with short train. A cropped overlay jacket of appliqued lace with three-quarter length sleeves and an embellished boat neckline topped the gown.

Gabriella completed her bridal look with full length lace veil and the Grand Duchess Adelaide Tiara with diamond leaf and berry motif and center sapphire (you can read more about the tiara over at Luxarazzi or The Court Jeweller). Some reports have suggested that the veil is the same as was worn by the bride’s elder sister Archduchess Marie Christine back in 2008 but as you’ll see here, the veil’s size and lace pattern is different. Whatever the provenance of the lace, it paired beautifully with the gown, lace jacket and delicate bandeau tiara to create a very pretty bridal look for Gabriella.

The wedding took place late afternoon so there were no hats but some lovely royal guest fashion is to be admired, including a sweet pink Austrian folk dress on the couple’s nearly 3-year old daughter, Victoria. At the back of the bottom photo, you’ll also catch wee Prince Charles of Luxembourg, proudly held by his papa.

6 thoughts on “Habsburg Bourbon Wedding in Austria

  1. Thank you for sharing this wedding and all the informative links. I must admit I was not familiar with the Austrian royal family. This couple appears to have overcome some challenges to marry and the bride’s dress, veil and tiara are exquisite. She is a classic beauty and looked very elegant.

    • Well stated Anne. I thought this was a such a beautiful wedding. The bride was gorgeous and I love the tiara. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  2. Bridal tiaras with coloured stones seem to be having a moment don’t they. I like this one as a bridal tiara, the colour isn’t too bright, but provides a bit of interest. It’s such a pretty tiara too. Looks like a very happy wedding, which is a lovely think to see after such a drought.

    • It’s not a particularly Austrian thing – I don’t know about all of Europe but at least in central Europe when the dress code on the invitation says ‘festive’ it means evening dress, preferably floor length (obviously the same goes for white tie/black tie which is pretty rare). Cocktail/smart casual/casual allow for more variations. There are few rules when it comes to color except not wearing white or black.

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