Inventory: Queen Máxima’s Orange Hats

While orange is among the colours we see least on royal millinery, it’s wonderfully fitting that the queen of the House of Orange embraces wearing this hue. Here’s a peek into Queen Máxima’s closet at her orange hats, in order of introduction:

1.     2.
Designer: both are Fabienne Delvigne 
First Worn: September 20, 2005; November 4, 2006

3.      4.
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne; unknown
First Worn: March 1, 2007; October 24, 2007

5.Embed from Getty Images    6.
Designer: both are Fabienne Delvigne
First Worn: November 5, 2009; November 2, 2011

7.Embed from Getty Images 8.9.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne; Fabienne Delvigne; Bettina Thomas
First Worn: September 2, 2013; October 29, 2014May 20, 2015

I have heard Queen Máxima’s style described as bold, fearless, experimental and brave – descriptions that seem well deserved looking at this lineup of millinery. The restrained #5 is the only design here without some unique element, whether it be an unexpected brim fold, a quirky shape, or some vibrant plumage. This is what makes Máxima’s hats so fun to watch- there is an element of surprise in so many of them. It’s not always a successful surprise but it keeps us on our toes. I’m particularly excited about her recent hats from South African-based milliner Bettina Thomas, whose impeccably exectued bold shapes and trimmings suit Máxima so well. I certainly hope this collaboration continues.

What do you think of Queen Máxima’s collection of orange hats?

Photos from Mark CuthbertSandra MuBurak Kara, Raveendran/AFP, Andreas Rentz via Getty; Corbis; The Asahi Shimbun and via Getty

11 thoughts on “Inventory: Queen Máxima’s Orange Hats

  1. #1 is still my absolute favorite of this group, especially as it’s one of my all-time favorite Máxima hats. I also like #5 because slice hats are so good on Máxima, but it’s interesting how this one is made of hemp braid/milan straw/other similar straw that has more texture compared to I think every other slice, which have smoother looks to their materials. I’m not entirely sold on #9, but I do think it is an exquisite hat that is superbly made and features a great color scheme (especially as the rest of these hats are monochome). Finally, I’d be interested to see #2 come out again just for fun.

  2. Max rocks the slice hat, of course, especially with her hair up.
    Although I think brimmed hats are more suited to her, I found #6 quite attractive.

  3. Heavens, that’s a whole lot of orange, and a whole lot going on! Máxima is indeed fearless, though fearlessness can tip into recklessness…

    I love the plain slice hat, and the simple shape of number 6. The headband style of 8 would be winner if it weren’t so badly executed. Afraid the more I see of 9, the less I like it, it’s beautifully made but I’m just not sure about those feathers at a right angle!

  4. Surprisingly, my favourite here is no. 6 – small but quirky. I usually prefer Maxima in big hats and dislike the turban and bagel styles (4,9) and this is verging on a turban, but the floating bow just adds something extra.

  5. I love that Queen Maxima wears orange. It’s such a bright, cheerful color.
    My favorites are 4 & 6 because of the color. Sometimes orange can range from peach to brown tones, so the darker, more pumpkin color is what I love best on QM.
    Stylewise, she can never go wrong with the slice in hat #5. I think that’s become her signature hat style.

  6. Hello again. Love all these orange hats! Wonderful. As for Princess Benedikte’s brimless in the older post: those are glitters! Quite a sparkle for the day.*smile*

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