This Week’s Extras

On Wednesday, Empress Emeritus Michiko and Crown Princess Kiko, along with their husbands, visited Meiji Shrine ahead of its 100th anniversary today. The former empress wore a small cream rimmed saucer with white lattice crin underbrim and folded bow. Princess Kiko wore a white bumper hat.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Statement waved saucer percher in orchid purple and magenta by Australian milliner Felicity Northeast
Adore the butterfly trim on this tan felt trilby by British milliner Bundle MacLaren
Large black straw saucer studded with copper velvet leaves by American milliner Laura Del Villaggio
Chic marled grey felt tall brimless hat with patent leather studded bow by Irish milliner Grainne Maher
Wonderful origami ribbon embellishment on this pink halo bandeau by Australian milliner Christine Waring
Elegant navy felt boat boater with subtle bugle bead hatband by British milliner Jane Taylor


Black teardrop with spectacular double helix inspired spiral trim by Australian brand Ana Bella Millinery
Pink and blue plaid trilby with perfect pattern matching
by British milliner Dillon Wallwork
Interesting draped crown on this wide brimmed red felt design by Russian milliner Irina Popilova
Navy satin covered trilby with angular crown by British milliner Stephen Jones
Classic ivory textured straw hat with huge Dior brim by Australian milliner Brenda Lui
Charming lilac straw cloche with hand beaded ivory straw flying bow by American milliner Tiffany Arey


Chic wool embellished hats in a rainbow of colours by British milliner Beverley Edmonson
Purple straw button percher with tall fan of pleated crin by British milliner Kerry Kernan
Spectacular wide brimmed hat in layered slate blue paraisal and sinamay (love the finged edge on the smaller brim!) with wired gold tiger lily flowers by Australian milliner Stephanie Spencer. See a top view here.


Last weekend, King Albert and Queen Paola hosted his daughter, Princess Delphine, at their home Castle Belvédère in Laeken
Embed from Getty Images
The Queen’s cousin, Lady Elizabeth Shakerley (nee Anson) died this morning. She was 79.

Embed from Getty Images
Lovely new photos of the Bhutan royal family released for today’s 12th anniversary of the king’s coronation
And congratulations to Prince Leka and Princess Elia of Albania who welcomed a daughter, Princess Geraldine


Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

6 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. That’s very sad news about Elizabeth Shakerley, 79 isn’t very old these days. I hadn’t known she was such a bold hat wearer, that pleated number is stunning. Very sad.

  2. Thank you, HatQueen, for another dazzling Extras post! So many standout trims on your selection of new designs — those butterflies on the Bundle MacLaren, those beautiful copper velvet leaves on the Laura Del Villaggio, the beaded flying bow on the Tiffany Arey, the gold tiger lilies on the already stunning Stephanie Spencer.

    The Bhutan royal family could hardly be more attractive! Good to see Princess Delphine welcomed into the Belgian royal family. Sad news about Lady Elizabeth, but what a wonderful gallery of her hats. The pleated white slice is fabulous!

    • I agree that the Bhutanese Royal family are so attractive.
      Am I correct in thinking Lady Elizabeth was a party planner? I seem to remember an interview with her around the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. She had a jolly sense of humor and seemed to be a wonderful friend to the Queen. Sad news indeed.

      – The Stephen Jones angular crown trilby caught my eye this week. It’s so funky. I could see Zara Tindall or Princess Charlene on Monaco in that.
      – I love the ivory textured straw hat with huge Dior brim by Brenda Lui. It seems made for Lady Sarah Chatto.
      – such a lovely black felt beret percher with gold windowpane crin twists by Aoife Harrison. It’s such a great style and would look incredible on Princess Beatrice, Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Maxima, Beatrice Borromeo.

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