Monday Multiples: Duchess of Cornwall

Sometimes we see royal hats worn with dramatically different ensembles but other times, the changes between different pairings are more subtle. The latter is true of two outfits we’ll look at today, both worn by the Duchess of Cornwall and both paired with her Philip Treacy designed royal purple felt boater hat with pleated frayed-edge fringe trim and feather spray.

Look #1: With a purple A-line dress and fitted jacket with beaded v-neck collar worn seven times so far (October 27, 2009; October 27, 2009; March 8, 2010; October 26, 2010March 12, 2012; October 27, 2016; and March 13, 2017)

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Look #2: With a  purple dress coat with double fringe trimmed Peter Pan collar purple fringe collar worn five times so far (March 26, 2012December 25, 2012; March 21, 2013; March 3, 2015;  and November 11, 2018

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Which outfit do you prefer most with this hat?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

8 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Duchess of Cornwall

  1. I really like the jeweled collar on #1 but dislike the buttons. The fringe on #2 matches the hat trim and I like the buttons and silhouette better so I’m voting for #2. I also love the two flower brooches.

  2. They’re so similar I had to do a double take to see they were different outfits I think I like the beading on #1 best but there’s not much between them.

    Camilla suits these wintry jewel colours sooooo well, I wish she’d invest jn a few more in rich ruby red and emerald. It’s such a winning look on her.

  3. I prefer the overall look of #2, but the coloring is much better with #1 in my opinion. In the end, I just want to see this hat again since it’s been 2 years since we last saw it.

    Trickymum said safety pins on #1’s jacket; I was thinking staples haha!

  4. I also prefer look number 2. I don’t care for the “blingy” collar on the first jacket or the aptly described “safety pin” buttons; the collar on the longer coat is trimmed to match the hat and the buttons are much nicer.

  5. Great hat and a lovely style and colour on Camilla. It looks to me that she loved the first outfit so much, she had the longer coat made especially as an alternative, colder weather topper – I bet it’s the same dress underneath both. The collar of the coat was trimmed to match the hat, I would say. It’s hard to choose between them; I’m going for the second only because I don’t care for the fastening of the jacket – those buttons look like safety pins, holding it together.

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